Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 159


If there were any puppeteers or magus from Narukami’s world saw what Rozen could do, they would be shocked.

Because it was so hard to use Telekinesis, Body Hardening, Magic Defense, and Magic Blade at the same time.

Unlike the magic skill that was commonly used to strengthen the body, the reason why the so-called Body Hardening could enhance physical ability because it could interfere with the magic flow in the human body.

Magical power was something transformed by consumed vitality.

Excessive consumption will affect the body, such as weakening, fatigue, and even it could put someone in a coma.

Like Rozen, his body will become very weak, which proved that magical power and vitality were inseparable things.

In that case, if the excessive use by consumption and transformation of magical power will give a burden on the body, then as long as its flow became smoother, could it also improve the body?

By manipulating the magical power flow in the body, making it became smoother, and gave the short-term improvement of abilities.

That was the principle of Body Hardening.

However, that was very easy to say, but it was extremely difficult to implement it.

For example, blood flowed through blood vessels. If someone wanted to know its flow path, one must clearly know how many blood vessels there were in one body, how bloodstream worked in each blood vessel, the amount of blood, and the capacity of the veins.

How easy was it then?

The human body was a maze, it was so complicated that saying it was like a planet was not an exaggeration.

It was easy to interfere with the magical power flow, but if someone wanted the magical power to flow sufficiently to improve one’s physical capability without causing the side-effect, one must have the correct knowledge about the human body, keen sense, and accurate control.

Magus could do these, but it was difficult to interfere with others’ magical power flow.

Because not only did it mean one needed to have enough magical power to control another person’s body, but also to accurately know the other person’s maze before one could interfere — only a few magus who could do that.

Even a genius such as Akabane Tenzen could only rely on the Crimson Wing Formation to control others’ bodies, to crush it from inside and cause things such as immobilization, suffocation, destruction, and so on.

The first reason why Rozen could do that because his technique was far above Akabane Tenzen, the second was because Rozen has already systematically studied the human body, and the third was that Mashu, who was a servant, did not resist Rozen’s magical interference, so he didn’t need to rely on Crimson Wing Formation and consumed a large amount of magical power to do that.

That was the reason why Mashu was astonished by Body Hardening.

After all, that was not like any ordinary magic, its enhancing power was top-notch.

Body Hardening depended on interfering in the magical power flow of others, that was, interfering in the vitality of others.

The more vigorous the person’s vitality, the better the effect will be.

Rozen’s vitality has been transformed into magical power, his vitality was so weak that it was basically the same as an average person.

But the servant was different.

Although the nature of the servant was a spiritual body, the physical body was formed by magic so they could move freely in the human world.

Mashu was only a demi-servant, her strength was not like a normal servant, but after Rozen cast some buff to her, she will be naturally stronger than a normal servant.

That was why Rozen, who highly valued the eight steps, held his horses to improve his Summoning Technique, and still learned the eight steps.

There may be many more advanced techniques. However, for people like Rozen, who control servant, those techniques were useful and had a lot of potentials.

Rozen almost used all of those techniques on Mashu, and used Spirit Vision and Heavenly Eye for himself, while using Telekinesis to control the weapon. He moved while dodging around and trying the best escape route.

“Sweep five meters ahead!” Rozen instructed Mashu.

So …


Mashu held her shield and, in an instant, rushed five meters ahead.

Mashu was using Magic Blade, which was imbued to her shield, turning it into a huge blade, turning the blunt shield into a sharp weapon, cutting through the air and the iron pillars there, also the torture tools.

All the iron rods and torture tools were cut neatly within five meters in front of Mashu. The shield was swinging like a shuriken.

“Hmm …!”

“Why …!?”

Lancer, who controlled the iron rods, and Assassin, who controlled the torture tools, were surprised at the same time.

That was not over.

“Rush along that road!” Rozen ordered Mashu and provided footholds for Mashu by using Magic Defense.

Mashu immediately stepped on the barrier made from Magic Defense under her feet.

Wherever Mashu swung her shield, the shock wave from the shield spread around, like an explosion, spreading in all directions.

“Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang …!”

All the iron rods and tortures tools blocking the road were crushed.

All the dragons and even the buildings were blasted away and crushed.

Mashu rushed out all the way and opened a path leading directly outside Orleans.

Gilles de Rais understood when he saw Mashu.

“Rush out!”

Gilles de Rais shouted, led remaining France’s army, rushing out of Orleans along the path opened by Mashu.

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