Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 161


Mashu was so powerful that even the seven servants couldn’t stop her.

Hundreds and even thousands of two-legged flying dragons died, leaving only a messy city square.

“If I can keep providing Mashu a huge magical power to maintain that strength, maybe I can consider fighting head-to-head with those seven servants.”

Maybe hard to win the battle, but if Mashu’s enhancement could last a bit longer, she will be undefeated.

Therefore, Rozen will have to consume a lot of his magical power to strengthen Mashu.

If another magus did the same as Rozen did, they would collapse because of the exhaustion.

“But at least we can achieve our goal.” After using Heavenly Eye to observe the surroundings, Rozen was sure that his plan was successful.

“I’m so lucky.” Rozen could not help but smile.

Rozen has already planned everything after he heard Gilles de Rais explained his plan to attack Orleans.

“Taking advantage of the chaotic situation, I will hide in Orleans while the enemies are following the army, and how can they think that I am still here?” Rozen calculated all of that.

“Compared with the many obstacles and dangers brought about by the frontal attack, it is much easier to succeed in a sneak attack like this time, right?”

With that idea in mind, Rozen planned that move, while Mashu and Gilles de Rais were distracting Dragon Witch, he quietly acted and sneaked into the base of Dragon Witch to see if he could find the Holy Grail or destroyed the unknown source to summon the two-footed dragon.

For that reason, after Rozen came in, he immediately communicated with Chaldea and asked Roman to tell Mashu to withdraw with all of France’s army, led the enemy away, and then immediately shut down Chaldea’s communicator, which was the source of the communication, just in case, so he won’t be discovered by the enemy.

“Although the servant was a little uneasy around me …”

However, unlike in the previous world, in the current world, Rozen had some spells to use.

“In case I get caught, I will summon Mashu with the command seal.” Rozen planned that ahead.

“Now, let’s see if I can find it.” Rozen turned his eyes to the city square.

He saw a castle, giving out a heavy atmosphere.

There should be a large number of dragons patrolling there.

But since the battle has just ended, and the army of two-legged dragons has left with the servants, there should be no one guarding that place for a while.

Of course, Rozen could not do such a reckless thing.

“I don’t know how the little guy is here.” Rozen said.

“Fou!” Fou got out of a corner and jumped to Rozen.

“You’re back?” Rozen picked it up quickly and asked, “How is it? Did you find a path into the castle?”

“Fou!” Fou responded and jumped from Rozen’s arms. And drilled into a small path ahead.

“Good job.” Rozen praised and immediately followed it.

Orleans, the castle.

By following Fou, Rozen entered the castle through the abandoned route that would not be discovered easily.

Upon entering the castle, Rozen smelled a very pungent smell.

“Is this the smell of the dragons?” Rozen couldn’t bear to smell that and covered his nose and mouth.

“No wonder the Marshal says this castle is the dragon’s lair. Now I see it my self, it’s true.”

“Little guy, do you know something useful?”

Rozen patted Fou’s body and asked him in a low voice.

After taking Fou into Orleans, Rozen took the opportunity to let Fou investigated the castle.

From the looks of it, Fou should have mastered the terrain and path of the castle to a certain extent, and it should be better for that little guy to lead the way.

“Did you find anything? Take me to see it if there is any.” Rozen asked.

“Fu! Fu!”

Fou yelled a few times, then took another step and ran.

“Are you afraid of something?” Rozen smiled bitterly, but he kept walking.

Rozen has already studied the dragon.

Although there was not that much that he could learn, Rozen still learned some characteristics of the dragon.

For example, those dragons had a high level of vigilance and strong eyesight. Even if they were at high altitudes, they could easily find people’s traces. France’s citizens were almost annihilated because of that.

But the dragons couldn’t find someone hiding in the building.

It was the same reason as the Archer, even if they could see everything from a few kilometers away if someone hid in the sewer the Archer couldn’t find them.

Thanks to that, Rozen didn’t need to be too careful, as long as he didn’t make a move that was too obvious, Rozen will be safe even if there were dragons in that castle.

Under such circumstances, Rozen asked Fou to lead the way.

“This castle is really something else.”

There were blood marks on the walls, and the air was also full of blood’s smell. Even a few scattered bones could be seen on the floor.

The deeper he went, the more terrifying the situation was.

Until Rozen came to the hall.


Fou stopped and showed Rozen what it found.

“This is …?”

Rozen frowned and held his breath when he saw something in the hall.

He only had one thing in his mind.

“This is a big joke …”

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