Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 162


Rozen could feel a creature’s breath.

That creature was taking a nap as if it fell into a deep slumber, lied in the hall while closing his eyes.

And every time that creature breathed, the air seemed to shake.

Rozen held his breath while being cautious.

Because that was a dragon.

Not a two-footed flying dragon, but a pureblood dragon.

Its size was comparable to buildings.

Its muscles were sturdy like rocks.

It had strong claws and sharp fangs.

It breathed as if it will spit out its flames, making the air a bit hot.

The two-footed flying dragon was simply a child’s play.

But something in front of Rozen was a real deal.

A pureblood dragon.

It was so powerful that even the superior servant had to be careful when fighting against it.

Rozen wanted to run away when he saw that dragon.

Even though Rozen already predicted Dragon Witch might summon a pureblood dragon, but he didn’t think it will be a dragon at that level.

Rozen estimated the dragon might be on the same level as the grand servant.

“Fou!” Fou was like urging Rozen to praise him, thanks to that little guy who could find the dragon before it caused trouble for both of them.

“What good is it to show me this monster?” Rozen didn’t want to mess with the dragon.

Not to mention Mashu didn’t accompany him at that time.

“If there is an Assassin with me, then I can try to kill it for future’s sake.” Rozen wondered.

“Really …” When Rozen was tip toeing trying not to wake up the dragon, Fou suddenly moved and surprised Rozen.

“Fou!” Fou suddenly rushed out and ran across the dragon.

“Shit!” Rozen was scared to death.

However, Fou was completely unconcerned and ran around the dragon.

“That’s…” Rozen suddenly looked startled as Fou moved and saw something behind the dragon.



There is a door behind the dragon.

To be more precise, it should be said the door of a passage.

The dragon was just like guarding the door, dozing in the hall in front of the door, hiding the door behind its huge body.

Seeing this, Rozen understood.

“Is there something important behind that door?”

Behind the gate guarded by the dragon must be the most important place in this castle.

That might be Dragon Witch’s room.

That might be the lair of the two-footed flying dragon.

It may even be where the Holy Grail was stored.

In other words …

“Is that where we should check?” Rozen asked.

Even if there were some monsters in there, he must enter no matter what might happen.

“Fou! Fou!” Fou urged Rozen to pass through the dragon.

“… Why should I be afraid of it?” Rozen had some resolve in his heart.

“Forget it, let’s do this little guy.” Rozen gritted his teeth and crept forward.

Rozen was very careful, what if the dragon woke up suddenly?

Therefore, Rozen didn’t even use Telekinesis to reduce his body weight, thus reducing the sound of his footsteps, because he was worried his magical power might wake up the dragon.

The breath from the dragon’s nose was like lava, which caused the temperature to rise, and it was so hot that Rozen’s skin turned red.

Fortunately, there was no danger along the way.

Rozen finally walked past the dragon and reached the door.


Fou nodded with satisfaction and ran into the passage.

Rozen only had one idea in his mind when he looked at that scene.

“This little guy is really something.” Rozen murmured.


“Fou! Fu Fou

Fou and Rozen kept running in some deserted passages.

The bloody smell in the air was not as strong as outside, and even the smell of the two-footed flying dragon was not too strong anymore.

However, even though the bloody smell was gone, and there were no traces of the two-footed dragon anymore. The tension and atmosphere became more intense.

And then …

“Clank!” The sound of clashing iron was heard and attracted Rozen’s attention.

“Someone is fighting?” Rozen startled in surprise.


Fou didn’t pay any attention to it and continued to run.

Rozen quickly followed Fou.

Immediately afterward, Rozen arrived at the end of the passage.

Rozen slowed down, instead of rushing out of the passage directly, he hid in the shadow and observed the situation there first.

And Rozen was shocked.

“Clank!” At that moment, Rozen saw it.

Two people were fighting in a palace like a hall.

One of those two was Dragon Witch with a black a dragon-shaped wicked flag and her scary face.

Rozen did not expect that she did not leave Orleans but stayed in her base instead.

What surprised Rozen the most was the person who was fighting against Dragon Witch.

“Clank!” The girl fought against Dragon Witch using a holy flag with a symbol of an angel and a flower on it.

That was the same weapon as Dragon Witch.

Not only that.

The girl also had the same dress, the same figure, and the same appearance as Dragon Witch.

That’s right.

That was…

“Another… Jeanne…?”

Rozen was completely surprised.

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