Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 163


Two identical girls were fighting each other in that hall.

“Haha … haha … hahahahahaha!”

As always, Dragon Witch laughed while fighting like crazy, as if provoking her opponent, and more like planning to play with her opponent thoroughly, she swung her flag to her opponent like the devil itself.

“Hmmph …!?”

The expression of Dragon Witch’s opponent changed, her eyebrows were filled with dignity, she raised the holy flag in her hand quickly to block Dragon Witch’s attack.

“Ha!” The flag-to-flag collision burst into flames, making the impact energy appear like a spiral airflow.

“Clang!” “Clang!” “Clang!” “Clang!”

The girl adjusted the angle and successfully blocked the Dragon Witch’s attack, while still maintaining her distance.

However, Dragon Witch relentlessly attacked her by swinging the evil flag in her hand at ridiculous speed toward her opponent.

The fight between those two was so fierce, but Dragon Witch dominated the battle.

“Dragon Witch was in advantage.”

Undoubtedly, the Dragon Witch was powerful.

Rozen knew Dragon Witch was on par, if not even more powerful than Saber in Fuyuki City.

But Rozen still didn’t know what Dragon Witch’s Noble Phantasm was, and about the Holy Grail’s whereabouts.

On the contrary, the girl who fought against the Dragon Witch looked a bit weak. She was always on the defensive.

If one took a closer look, the girl had the same appearance, the same body shape, and the same dress as the witch.

But Dragon Witch’s armor was dark, like a curse and resentment. It was full of ominous air, and even her hair color was ominously pale, she was nothing like the rumored saint.

Meanwhile, the girl, the flag in her hand, was pure white, her costume was more like a saint, a dark blue and white one, her hair color was bright gold, and her expression was magnificent and full of determination.

In that aspect, she looked more like a saint.

If the person in front of him was the saint who saved France, then Rozen will believe it.

“Is she the real Jeanne D’ Arc?”

Rozen thought, he immediately turned his head, looking at Dragon Witch’s direction.

“Who that is that witch?” Rozen asked in his mind.

At that moment, the situation in the battleground changed.


With each of Dragon Witch’s fierce attacks, their weapon clashed each other and sparked, the girl finally couldn’t hold on, and the holy flag in her hand bounced away.

“Ha!” Dragon Witch immediately swung the black flag in her hand and slammed it heavily on the girl’s body while turning her body.

“Bang!”  that sound, the girl took the attack and rolled down on the ground, after a while, she held up her palm, turned over, and got up.

“Huff … Huff … Huff …” The girl was out of breath, and she was kneeling on the ground.

However, the girl’s eyes were still full of spirit, and she still had enough strength to hold the holy flag while staring closely at Dragon Witch.

Seeing her opponent’s pathetic state, Dragon Witch insulted her.

“What’s the matter? Are you alright?”

Dragon Witch mocked the Saint, “I thought you could do something about the chaotic situation outside, but it turns out that you are only at this level, to think that you are also considered a hero. Are you truly the Saint of this country?”

When Rozen heard that, his heart was racing, and he looked at the girl.                                                                     

“I knew it …”

Known as the saint, the world’s most famous saint, she was sentenced to be burned at stake, the saint who has been dead-Jeanne.

“She is really Jeanne …”

And Jeanne was summoned in the form of a servant. Rozen’s previous guess was correct.

“Jeanne was indeed summoned to her current era.”

So in other words, Jeanne was secretly hiding in the dark, looking for opportunities while Rozen was focused on Dragon Witch.

“… Who the hell are you?”

Jeanne bit her lip, staring at another existence that looked like her clone or something, but very different from herself.

“Why did you do this kind of thing?”

The so-called this kind of thing referred to the fact that Dragon Witch ravaged the whole of France.

“If you are really me, then you should know that this is our motherland. Do you really want to destroy this place?”

Jeanne asked.

But …

“… I thought you wanted to say something. But what’s that?” Dragon Witch looked at Jeanne as if she looked at the insignificant bug.

The evil smile of sarcasm, ridicule, and contempt was written all over her face.

“I want to ask you why can’t I do this kind of thing?” Dragon witch spoke loudly.

“Think about what we have done for this country, and then think about what this country has done to us, can you still ask why!?”

To save her motherland, the saint who was just an ordinary village girl who picked up the flag led her army then rescued her country.

How much effort, persistence, and struggle did it take?

But what did France do to that saint?

“They just sat idly and while watching us captured!”

“They just sat idly and while watching us framed!”

“They even just sat idly and while watching us burned to ash at stake!”

“Now, you actually asked me why I did such a thing?” Dragon Witch expressed her feelings.

“Of course, I want to get revenge!”

“Revenge against this country, this country’s citizen, and everything in this cursed country!”

“That’s why I appeared in this world!”

Dragon Witch finally revealed her purpose.

But Jeanne didn’t say anything when she heard that.

There was no hatred or confusion on that delicate and pretty face, there was only endless sadness.

“Enough is enough, please stop.”

Jeanne said that with compassion.

“If you are really me, then stop.”

Because …

“I have never thought about revenge.”

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