Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 164


Based on their conversation, both of them were indeed Jeanne D’ Arc.

Was that kind of thing possible?

Were there two identical beings in that world?

The answer was, yes.

At least, that was true for servants.

“Because all servants were vessels of the Heroic Spirit. The spirit itself will not be summoned into the world. Only Gaia can do that.”

Humans could only summon servants that were vessels of the Heroic Spirit.

That was the rule of the world.

So …

“Since it is a vessel, is it okay to have two vessels at the same time?”

That was the law.

Although that was a rare occasion, if a Heroic Spirit was being summoned twice, two identical servants might appear.

Of course, the so-called identical there was just roughly speaking, that was, two people at the same time, but it did not necessarily mean they were exactly the same.

Take Cú Chulainn as an example. He was both Lancer and Caster. Both of them were the same existence but had different classes and different attributes.

The time axis was also not the same for various reasons.

Those two may also be different on issues such as values, ideas, and personality.

After all, there was no concept of time in the Throne of Heroes.

People could summon the servants from different time periods, like a servant in their youth, in adulthood, and the old version of that servant, all of them was from the same existence, but due to different events, the powers, skills, noble phantasm, and their class may be different. For that reason, it was also possible to bare hostility or even kill each other.

Heroes of the same existence were summoned twice in the same era, in the same place, on the same stage, but by different summoner.

Although that was an extremely rare situation, that was not impossible to happen.

Now, in front of Rozen, such a rare event may have happened.

The servant named Jeanne was likely to be summoned twice.

Moreover, those two were fighting because of the attribute.

Like King Arthur in Fuyuki City, the legendary knight was supposed to have a holy attribute, with a high spirit and a loyal and upright personality, but that Saber had darkness attribute. Ruthless, but also have the consciousness of being a king, but they do different things because of the attribute.

Even though her purpose and ideals have not changed, the usual King Arthur could control her emotions for the sake of his goal, but that didn’t apply to the alter-ego of King Arthur. That was the difference.

Now, in front of Rozen, such a case has likely happened once again.

The usual Jeanne possessed holy attribute, just like the legendary saint, full of integrity and compassion.

However, another Jeanne D’ Arc possessed darkness attribute. Because of the attribute’s effect, she no longer had compassion and love and even fell into the abyss of hatred because she was betrayed during her lifetime, longing for revenge on the whole of France.

In other words, both of them were Jeanne D’ Arc, but different attributes caused different results.

“I never thought about revenge.” Jeanne D’ Arc said.

“Even if I was tortured, even if I was betrayed by the world, I have never resented anyone, because I have already accepted that ending, and I think that I am not worthy of the title of Saint.”

Jeanne said sincerely.

“I have died, I became a heroic spirit, and engraved on the Throne of Heroes, that fact will never change.”

“… That is to say, you don’t admit that I am Jeanne D’ Arc, right?”

The smile on Dragon Witch’s face disappeared.

Replaced by a terrifying, violent expression and killing intent.

“That’s fine, I’ve had enough.” The witch raised the flag in her hand and said that.

“I just can’t understand why you don’t want to get revenge.”

“You deny me, then I will deny you too.”

“Even if I lose the title, fame, memory, but this hatred alone will never be lost.”

“Since that is all I need.”

“You will perish together with this country.”

After that, Dragon Witch waved the flag in her hand.

At that moment …


“…!?” Jeanne was surprised.

From that flame, Jeanne felt strong grudges and negative feelings.

That was something that was the complete opposite of the saint.

“How do you not have such power?”

Dragon Witch was smiling and said, “This is the power I gain to exact my revenge and determined to get revenge.”

The martyr was the crystallization of an ideology, the existence of people’s beliefs, whether it was a hero in myth or a hero in history, will be recorded based on that.

Thanks to that, some heroes didn’t have any power in their lifetime. If they were added to the legends and stories after death, then based on the history and popularity, the hero or the servant will get power.

Since the Dragon Witch was the alter-ego of Jeanne, who felt resentment because of betrayal, she wanted to retaliate against those who sat idly as she was being burned alive, to gain new power and new noble phantasm.

“Only I alone who can use this fire, I will burn everything before me.” Dragon Witch was angry while shouting.

“You will experience this flame full of hatred and die in the torture!”

When she stopped talking, the fire engulfed her.

” …!”

Jeanne stood up and raised the holy flag in her hand.

The bright lights immediately lit up from the unfolding flag, letting a golden light shone brightly.

At that time, both of them used their own noble phantasm at the same time.

“This is the howl of a soul filled with hatred!” Jeanne Alter loudly shouted her noble phantasm’s name, “Le Grondement de la Haine!”

The fire was suddenly rising up, instantly burning the floor and evaporating the air, like a wave, like a dragon’s breath.

“Defend my brethren, my banner! God is here with me…” Jeanne D’ Arc also unleashed her noble phantasm, “Luminosité Eternelle.”

The bright golden light radiated from the holy flag.

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