Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 165


“This is the howl of a soul filled with hatred! Le Grondement de la Haine!”
That was the unique noble phantasm of Jeanne Alter, who came as Dragon Witch.
It could transform her grudges and hatred into magical power and burn everything, it could even erase any form of her opponent’s attack, whether it was a slashing technique, a striking technique, or an invisible curse, it can all be transformed into nothingness.
Its attack power was like a dragon’s breath, burning her opponent to the bone.
Therefore, that noble phantasm was an A+ level, and it was extremely powerful.
At that moment, Jeanne Alter had unleashed her noble phantasm, turning grudges and curses into the fire while engulfing Jeanne in all directions.
That was dangerous even for the saint.
“Burn! Burn! Burn!” Dragon Witch shouted with her sinister expression as if venting her hatred, causing the fire to run wild.
As a result, the floor began to melt, the air began to scorch, space began to distort, the temperature was rising.
The entire hall instantly turned into a sea of flames, turning that area into a purgatory completely.
In such a sea of inferno, only one place remained intact.
That was the area where Jeanne was fighting with Jeanne Alter.
In the golden light, as if there was an invisible barrier protected Jeanne, it radiated from the flag and enveloped all things around her.
“Defend my brethren, my banner! God is here with me… Luminosité Eternelle.”
Jeanne closed her eyes tightly, facing the fire that burned herself to death in her lifetime, but she was more powerful than she knew. The saint didn’t show fear. And the flag was shining bright.
That was her noble phantasm.
Through the blessing of God, it protected a certain area centered on the flag, it could directly transform its own magical power into physical defense, blocking all attacks. It was the saint girl who saved the country waving the flag on the battlefield, won every battle, and became a legend.
Its level was A, the highest level.
Although the level was lower than Jeanne Alter, Jeanne’s Magical Power has reached the Ex level beyond the common evaluation.

After being converted into physical defense, how powerful was the attack it could withstand?
Her noble phantasm’s barrier firmly protected Jeanne.
However, the next step was a counter-attack.
Although Jeanne’s noble phantasm had an amazing defensive power, the flag itself will continue to accumulate the damage. Once it hit its limit, it will become unusable.
Looking back at Jeanne Alter, her hatred, resentment, and her magical power were as if they were bottomless.
“Burn! Burn! Burn!” Jeanne Alter’s cry became louder and more violent.
Under such circumstances, resentment and magical power simultaneously increased the power of her noble phantasm and turned the landscape into a volcano.
“Hyaaaaaa!” Jeanne’s expression gradually changed.
The golden light from the flag began to diminish.
If Jeanne Alter kept attacking Jeanne like that, there was no doubt her noble phantasm would definitely be bested.
“Hahahahaha!” Jeanne Alter laughed, letting his voice that was exactly the same as Jeanne echoed around her.
Under such circumstances …
“Boom!” The ground around Jeanne Alter suddenly collapsed.
“What …!?” Jeanne Alter was startled and didn’t have time to respond, and she fell to the ground.
When Jeanne Alter reacted and wanted to leap forward, something happened again.
“Kah …” A giant ant emerged from underground and bit Jeanne Alter’s body at once. It dragged her to the ground.
That was the ant familiar.
“Is this …?” Jeanne was stunned.
And at that time …
“What are you doing!?” Rozen grabbed and snapped Jeanne.
“Are you …?” Jeanne stood up and was surprised.
But Rozen didn’t have so much free time to explain everything to her.
“You will know later, just move your leg for now.”
Rozen couldn’t help pulling Jeanne up and used his magic.
“Summoning Technique, Giant Bird!” The huge eagle spread its wings and flew out of the magic circle.
“Quick! Go up!”
“Um … uh!”
With Rozen’s command, Jeanne couldn’t argue anymore. She quickly rode the eagle and sat on the eagle’s back.
Of course, Rozen also sat on the eagle’s back.
“Rush out!”
Under Rozen’s command, the eagle flew out from the hall.
Almost at the same time, a scream from Jeanne Alter sounded from the ground, “Burn!”
A scorching flame spewed out of the ground and rushed straight out of the ground, burning all the rock.
The ants were burned to ashes by that flames.
Jeanne Alter emerged from the flames and returned to the hall with a somber face.
“How many mice are there today.” Jeanne Alter screamed, but she let them go.
Because …
“Please leave it to me, Jeanne.” Caster appeared while holding the magic book next to Jeanne Alter, as if he had been there from the beginning, sincerely speaking to Jeanne Alter.
“Whether it’s a saint or a human, you don’t need to worry.” Caster said with a sinister smile.
“I will help you to kill all the enemies, even if the opponent is a God.” Caster said.
Jeanne Alter was feeling better, “I will leave it to you.”

As if Jeanne Alter had trusted the magician completely.
“I won’t let you down.” Caster answered without hesitation.
“Of course.”
That was something that has not changed in the past or the present.
“As long as it is your order.” Caster bowed down.
“That’s good.” Jeanne Alter said, “Then I leave it to you. My most trusted marshal, general, and friend. Gilles de Rais.”
Caster, Gilles de Rais laughed. That smile, so dark and evil, also full of cruelty and ruthlessness.

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