Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 167


Frankly speaking, Gilles de Rais was not a magician. As a marshal during his lifetime, he has never used magic on the battlefield. He was a warrior through and through.
Even if Gilles was summoned as a servant, his class should be Saber instead of Caster.
However, Jeanne was everything for him.
After Jeanne was captured, the marshal suffered great mental damage, which led him to retreat into the territory of Mashkul and Tivoli, and his personality changed drastically.

A bloodlust to discover the secret of alchemy, he even tortured more than 300 children to death, it could be seen how Gilles de Rais’ condition was after the death of Jeanne.
Gilles fell into darkness and became a murderous devil, cursing his motherland, the world, and even the God he had always believed in from his heart.
If Jeanne was completely framed as a witch and burned to death, then Gilles de Rais could only say that he deserved to be executed like Jeanne.
However, what caused that to happen was undoubtedly the death of Jeanne D Arc, that fact couldn’t be changed.
At that time, Gilles de Rais returned as Caster.
That was exactly how Caster Gilles de Rais was born after falling into the darkness, becoming a madman, cursing the world, cursing the motherland, cursing the God.
Marshal Gilles de Rais, who led France’s army, was at least not a mad man.
But he has fallen into the dark side.
He has tortured more than 300 children to death.
He was seeking blood to discover the secret of alchemy, but unfortunately, his research didn’t bear any results.
Therefore, he killed, he destroyed, he carried the cruelty and bloody path till the end, it was no longer possible to look back.
It was because of Jeanne.
“Gilles …”
Facing Caster’s madness, Jeanne knew that she couldn’t persuade him to change.
The heroic spirit was born in the past and died in the past.
In front of her was Gilles de Rais, who could not be saved anymore.
“Why are you helping Dragon Witch to commit this kind of crime?” Jeanne asked.
Facing a friend in her lifetime, Jeanne could not restrain herself from questioning Caster’s action.
“This is the country that you are trying to protect. Are you going to destroy it?”
That was the only question Jeanne could ask.
But …
“… you are still as kind as before. You have never hated this country even after you died. You deserve to be the most beloved Saint chosen by the Lord.”
The madness in Caster’s tone suddenly disappeared. He became calm again.
But that was nothing but a facade.
The hatred and darkness that burned in Caster’s heart could never be extinguished.
After all …
“It’s not a sin, it’s my right, Jeanne!”
Caster spread his hands and shouted madly.
“It is us who have guarded this country!”
“It is us who have fought for this country!”
“If it weren’t for us, then this country would have already perished!”
“But … but this … but this country betrayed you! Fuck me! Betrayed everything we ever did! “
Caster murmured.
“Because of that …! Because of that …! We should punish this rotten, corrupt, and foolish country!”
“This is punishment! Not a sin! The birth of Dragon Witch proves it!”
“She is your dark side, and should be vengeful for the existence of this country!”
“She is our Noble Saint, who finally wakes up from stupidity and realizes how ugly human is!”
Caster cried out in grief.
“In the end … In the end, in the end, in the end …! Why do you still show up!? And still standing against me!?”
“Is this the curse of God !? Even after you die, you still refuse to let those people die! You fool! Annihilate this country by turning the Saint into a Witch! Then sit high on the throne! Watching us kill each other! To entertain yourself!”
“I hate! I hate! I hate I hate I hate I hate I hate aaaaaaah!”
Caster magical power seemed to lose control.
Under the influence of that magical power, the sea monsters led by Caster also moved, as if the monsters were in the same state as Caster. They popped up from the ground one after another and moved to Rozen and Jeanne’s direction.
“Watch out!”
Jeanne immediately jumped in front of Rozen and raised the holy flag in her hand, ready to block the sea monster’s attack.
Instead, Rozen dragged Jeanne back.
“We don’t need to fight them, our purpose is to retreat, and it will be unfavorable for us if we fight them!” With that said, Rozen used his Heavenly Eye.
Under such circumstances, Rozen saw all the movements and positions of the sea monsters.
Rozen took the giant eagle’s rein and controlled it to evade the attack.
Rozen used Heavenly Eye to see through all of their attacks, and the eagles fled left and right to dodge, creating afterimages while avoiding them one by one.
Looking at the situation, Caster was calm again.
“Jeanne … Saint …” Caster didn’t look at Rozen at all, he just looked at Jeanne, and murmured like that.
“Even if it’s you, I won’t let you stop her …”
After he said that, Caster raised the magic book in his hand.
Caster has studied alchemy after retreating and tried to discover the secret of alchemy, but his research results were not enough to obtain the spiritual foundation of Caster.
The reason why Caster could get his current spiritual foundation was due to Prelati’s Spellbook: Textbook of the Sunken Spiral Castle.
That was the magic book that could summon and controlled the monsters in the deep sea, that was, those sea monsters, which were unleashed by the ancient evil god before the birth of humans.
However, Caster only held a translation of Italian. The original text was found in the Xia Dynasty in China. It was said the earlier original text was written in unknown languages, in 3000 AD years ago.
Therefore, even if it was only a translation of Italian, that book still had the power beyond one could imagine. It not only did not only use to summon and controlled sea monsters, but also served as a magic core, ignoring the magical power of the magus himself, and gave a great amount of magical power.
Its level was A +.
At that time, Caster was using it, and the army of sea monsters was chasing the eagle outside Orleans.

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