Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 168


“Guru …”

“Guru …” A loud voice could be heard so loud in the air of Orleans.

And even more uncomfortable scenes were still going on.



From the crack of the ground, the sea monster came out one after another, as if the monster was hatching from the ground, they swung their tentacles while secreting mucus.

Among them, some sea monsters were relatively small, but they were about a human’s height. Some sea monsters were relatively large, and they had a scale like a fish. Every move had caused a big impact. All buildings were pushed down.

Orleans was gradually filled with such monsters. Looking down from above, one could see sea monsters in action on every corner of the city.

In such a situation, it seemed the battles wouldn’t end even though the dragons had retreated.

Orleans was transformed from a dragon’s lair into a sea monster’s paradise.

“There can’t be a more disgusting creature than this!”

Rozen flew with the giant eagle in the sky and observed the sea monsters’ army.

Even a man like Rozen couldn’t stand such a scene, let alone a woman.

Fortunately, Jeanne was not an ordinary woman.

“Be careful of sea monsters!”

Jeanne kept reminding Rozen.

But even without Jeanne’s reminder, Rozen’s Heavenly Eye could see the incoming attack.


“Boo!” The sound of the sea monsters kept coming behind Rozen.

If he looked back, he could find that all the sea monsters on the ground were attacking the giant eagle.

Some of them turned their bodies into shells and attacked Rozen in that form.

Some of them attacked with their long tentacles like a long sticky whip, waving, and chasing Rozen.

Some of them also sprayed venom from their mouth, while corroding the air and turning it into arrows.

Rozen and Jeanne were bathed in that overwhelming attack and could only rely on Rozen’s Heavenly Eye to dodge the attack.

“You have excellent eyes.”

Jeanne seemed to have realized something and praised Rozen.

Unfortunately …

“Save the praises until we escape.” Rozen said.

Caster was still there while holding his magic book, and he continuously summoned the monsters.

“My Saint …! Jeanne …! Don’t leave me again …!”

Caster cried and gave the feeling of madness and bloodthirsty atmosphere.

“Is he alright? Well, despite being like that, he can summon an army of monsters on that scale.”

Rozen was disgusted when he saw Caster, and Jeanne felt the same.

“His noble phantasm can cast magic on its own. Even if Gilles’ magical power is not enough to summon sea monsters of that size, the magic book will complete the summoning.”

Of course, whether the summoning could be completed or not was another matter.

In other words, the more sea monsters summoned, the more likely the legion will be out of control.

However, Caster didn’t care about that fact at all.

“He doesn’t look like the guy who cares if those monsters were in control or not, and that crazy look, he deliberately let the sea monsters go to wreak havoc.”

Rozen was disgusted by Caster’s behavior.

“No wonder you dumped him, he doesn’t have a shred of beauty and dignity in him at all.”

Rozen said to Jeanne.

It seemed that Saint didn’t seem to understand the meaning of dumped, she was innocent.

At that time, the number of sea monsters was still increasing, making the incoming attacks more and more intensive.

The shells, the long tentacles, and the venom arrows were raining toward the direction of the giant eagle.

Rozen has reached the limit, and it was getting harder and harder to dodge.

When he felt the magical power in his body depleted, Rozen thought he was in trouble.

“I barely have any magical power left.”

After all, when he attacked Orleans before, Rozen had used his magical power to enhance Mashu’s power earlier. At that current time, he had summoned the middle-level familiar, and he was continuously using the Heavenly Eye, his magical power was almost exhausted.

Once his magical power was exhausted, Rozen will fall into a weakened state.

Jeanne seemed to understand the situation.

“Please put me down.” Jeanne said with determination, “I will do it myself.”

She thought at least she didn’t need to involve others.

But …

“Could you shut up, please?”

Jeanne’s decision was answered with such a response from Rozen, which made Jeanne shocked.

“You are the most annoying type of people. When you are facing the situation of life and death, all you think was how to sacrifice yourself. Have you ever thought about how your companions feel to be left behind?” Rozen said.

“I have been trying to rescue you this whole time, and suddenly you want me to throw you away?! Now just shut up and watch me!” Rozen said.

His hand began to glow.

Since he discovered an inspiration to master the Crimson Wing Formation, Rozen had conducted research.

Although it was only one day when he returned to Chaldea, and he just played online games and did not study magic, but Rozen still had a better understanding of command seal than he did in the past.

Thanks to that, Rozen discovered the command seal had other functions.

It could be used not only on the servant but also on the master.

“Because the command seal is a magic crystallization integrated with the magic circuit.”

Based on that, the master must open his magic circuit when using the command seal. Using the command seal was the same as removing a nerve from his body.

In other words, when the command seal was engraved on the master, the servant was closely related to the master.

Therefore, the command seal could be used on the master’s body, and the huge crystalized magical power could be used to strengthen himself and enhance his physical ability.

Rozen prepared to strengthen himself with the command seal.

He was ready to use the command seal and turned it into pure magic.

So …


When one of the three rings of the command seal faded, a huge magical power filled the magic circuit integrated with it through the seal.

That was an alternative use of the command seal that Rozen invented after so much research.

Then …

“Summon Golem!”

Rozen activated his hidden weapon.

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