Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 169


Golem. The word derived from Kabbalah, which meant fetus and form.

Kabbalah was a cult, also known as the Hebrew mystical philosophy. It was a cult of mysticism developed within Judaism since the birth of Christianity.

That doctrine eventually evolved into a magic system and became a mystery.

The very basis of the golem can be said to be found in the passage of Genesis reading, “The Lord molded man out of the dust of the ground and breathed life into him through his nostrils.”

Based on this passage, magi attempted to create “humans” in the same way as God created Adam from the earth.

The first makers of golems came about in ancient Israel during the period between the 2nd century and the 9th century, creating the basics of their manufacturing.

These makers felt that the ideal golem was one that matched the human form, hoping to create one in the same manner as God. Each golem is treated as a fetus, “that which is without shape”, and golemancy is treated as the “arcane craft of the Lord to breathe life into Adam and thus mankind.”

While many practitioners shape the earth into their desired form and bring it to life, they go no further into the craft, that of seeking out the creation of Adam himself.

It is the dearest wish of all Kabbalists, one that they do not take lightly.

The more perfected a golem is under that ideal, the more it will become an existence removed from their original design.

While those following the Kabbalist ideal think that the quality increases as they reach closer and closer to the human form, other magi simply focus on the task of “how to make a strong golem.”

The common perception of golems has come to be that of “manmade existences birthed by some thaumaturgical method.”

As a matter of course, only clay statues were made out of the soil, not humans.

Magus was not a god, and could not give the soil life and soul, but they could control it freely.

That was the origin of the Golem.

Puppets made of various materials such as mud, rocks, trees, or machinery were the golems in people’s minds, and they appeared in various myths and legends.

Rozen did not know the technique of making golems, nor did he know the magic of the Kabbalah system, and naturally could not make golems.

However, he didn’t know if there was a relationship between the production technology and manipulation technology of various dolls in Akabane’s library. After reading all the books, Rozen found that he could use it naturally one day. He was summoning the golem.

That magic also became Rozen’s trump card before returning to Chaldea.

Because, according to different production materials and production methods, golems have the same strengths and weaknesses as puppets.

Its weakness was only its level.

The strong point was that it could evolve to reach the highest level.

After Rozen mastered the Summoning Magic, he could only summon lower-level and intermediate-level familiars.

As far as he summoned the intermediate-level familiars, some of them were just a bit stronger than the ordinary beasts and wild beasts.

Rozen’s Summoning Magic could summon the magical creature that was second only to the superior servant and ranked at the top of the intermediate servant.

It could be said the technique to summon golems was his strongest magic before Rozen returned to Chaldea.

At that time, Rozen used the huge magic power of the command seal to use that technique.

“Boom …”

Orleans’ ground began to tremble.

“What’s the matter …?”

Caster, who was standing on the back of a giant sea monster, was stunned.

During that time, the ground in front of him suddenly protruded.

“Boom!” As the earth was shaking, a golem appeared on the street.

It was like a stone giant, with a muscular body, extremely strong physique, short limbs, but at a glance, one could see a strong magical power surging out from it.

“Boom! Boom!”

The ground shook as the Golem landed, making the ground trembled slightly, then immediately started running and rushed to a sea monster.

“Boom!” It clashed with the sea monsters.

“Guru …!”

“Guru …!”

The sea monsters finally reacted and turned around, ready to attack the golem. At that time, more golems appeared.



Followed by the sound of the explosion, golems appeared one after another on the streets.

In order to fight the endless sea monster army, Rozen used all the magical power of the command seal.

He could only summon three golems without the command seal’s magical power.

However, at that moment, with the huge magical power enough thanks to the command seal, Rozen could summon up to hundreds of golems.

Moreover, each one of those golems was so powerful.

Golems were generally categorized into small golems, medium golems, large golems, and super large golems.

Among them, small golems were about the size of beasts, medium-sized golems were about the size of small giants, large golems were about as big as buildings, and super-large golems could even rival skyscrapers, just like monsters. They were enough to destroy a city.

At that time, what Rozen summoned was a medium-sized golem, each of them had a size comparable to that of a several meters high small giant.

Hundreds of medium-sized golems that were at the same level as the mid-level familiar stepped on the battlefield and rushed towards the sea monster’s army.


A golem with a strong physique once again knocked a sea monster.


A golem swung a heavy stone fist and swept away all the sea monsters that were blocking the way.

Hundreds of sea monsters were torn apart, all the sea monsters were flying, crashing and sweeping, and some even pulled the sea demons to their hands, tearing them apart vigorously.


Looking at that scene, Caster seemed to be greatly shocked. He cried with his head in his arms, causing the sea monster’s army to go wild.

It was a pity that Rozen chose to summon the Golem, not only because Summoning Magic was the strongest magic he could use before returning to Chaldea, but also because the characteristics of the golem were advantageous against the sea monsters.

The sea monster attacked the golem, and could only entangle it, that was so useless.

The tentacles of the sea monsters could not hurt the golems because the golems were stone statues, which could not be twisted and will not die.

The venom of the sea monster could only cause smoke on the golem, the venom couldn’t corrode those golems as they were formed by the mud.

As a result, the sea monsters could only be ravaged by the golems.

“No … I won’t forgive you!”

Caster yelled furiously, causing the huge sea monster to attack.

Facing the sea monsters with the size of a building, the golems finally couldn’t do anything. They were strangled by huge tentacles and fell on the ground.

Caster did not see a phantom-like owl suddenly appear and drilled into its body.

“Woo …!?”

Caster made a strange voice, and he fell off the sea monster.

Underneath it, as if foreseeing that would happen, several golems appeared there, rushed to Caster, and trapped him.

Rozen controlled the eagle and flew out of Orleans.

“Oh, ooooooooooooooh…!”

Only Caster’s desperate and frantic cry rang through the sky, and it didn’t stop for a long time.

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