Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 170


France, over a mountain peak.

There, the two-footed flying dragons also were also spotted from time to time, they were patrolling in the sky, as if looking for prey, intimidating anyone who saw them.

At a certain moment, a huge eagle flew from a distance, landed on the mountainside, and entered a cave.

“Let’s settle here first.”

Rozen said such a sentence on the back of the eagle, his tone was weak because of his fatigue.

His effort back there had already worn down Rozen’s magical power.

As if the giant eagle had fulfilled his mission, after rubbing Rozen, it turned into pure magic residue and disappeared.


Fou immediately landed and acted as if the thrilling experience from before was nothing, so calm that Rozen couldn’t help but wanted to grit his teeth.

“Are you okay?”

Jeanne looked at Rozen was lying on a rock worriedly.

“I’m okay …”

Rozen only said that to Jeanne, and then he lied down.

Beside him was the most famous saint in the world, the hero of France, the person that thousands of people have longed for and admired, but Rozen was completely indifferent.

But Jeanne didn’t care about Rozen’s attitude at all, she was so relaxed at that time.

“Thank you very much for your help.”

Jeanne thanked Rozen solemnly, and then said,

“I am a servant of the Ruler Class. You must have known my real name.” After Rozen heard Jeanne’s introduction, Rozen reacted a bit.

“Ruler …?”

Rozen looked at Jeanne.

Ruler, Heroic Spirit of Arbitration.

That was the same as Mashu’s class, Non-Standart Servant Class.

The criteria to be summoned for the Ruler Class is impartiality and possessing no desire for the Holy Grail. Those who qualify are most often Saints, and any Ruler summoned to preside over a Holy Grail will be a Saint under normal conditions.

There were roughly two situations where the Ruler could be summoned.

One: When a holy grail war was held somewhere in the world, and an external force was needed to intervene in it, then the Holy Grail will automatically summon the Ruler Class, as a judge, Ruler maintained the balance of the Holy Grail War and eliminated anomalies during the Holy Grail War.

Two: When the influence of Holy Grail War may distort the world. Then the Holy Grail will also summon the Ruler to intervene.

Based on that, the Ruler will not only retain the memory of participating in the Holy Grail War but will be different from ordinary servants. Once they returned to the Throne of Heroes, the memory will be recovered by the body, and will not be inherited when they were summoned again. That memory could also have multiple privileges and obtained various abilities.

After reading Chaldea’s records, Rozen also knew a few of Ruler’s abilities.

For example, even Assassin’s Presence Concealment could be detected by Ruler.

As another example, Ruler could know at first glance the real name of servants, except for special circumstances.

What’s more, Ruler also possessed a spell that could recover the command seal twice for each servant.

It could be said that the emergence of the Ruler itself was a foul.

It should be said that they represented the rules and naturally possessed privileges that other servants didn’t have.

If Jeanne was a Ruler, then she will not only have many abilities that were beneficial in battle but also her combat power will increase dramatically.

The problem was …

“Your ability seems to be weakened a lot.” Rozen said.

Relying on his ability as a master, Rozen could easily see the current value of Jeanne’s ability, which was not only very weak but also had a kind of strange feeling, to put it simply she wasn’t at her best.

If she used her noble phantasm, Jeanne still had a strong defense, but without using it, Jeanne was weak, she might even lose against the ten-headed dragon.

Was that the reason why Jeanne was crushed by Jeanne Alter?

Jeanne could not have known her condition naturally, and it was very complicated.

“Yes, my power has been weakened a lot. Not only that, but my ability as a Ruler is almost gone completely. Not to mention the spells used on the servants, even the detection ability and the ability to see the real name no longer exists.”

That was the current condition of Jeanne.

The reason for that was also very simple.

“Probably because the situation was quite special this time?” Jeanne said solemnly.

“The holy grail holder should be decided by the ritual of the holy grail war. And because it is in the hands of a servant, my summoning becomes incomplete.”

Ruler was a servant of the Holy Grail who summoned itself to maintain the order of the Holy Grail War.

The so-called Holy Grail War that Jeanne wanted to maintain not only did not begin, but also somehow ended, but was still used for evil, and thus affected the world.

Under such circumstances, Jeanne’s summoning will become incomplete due to contradiction, and her ability level will be weakened a lot. Not to mention, she even lost her ability as a Ruler.

“Of course, it is also possible that the Holy Grail fell into the hands of another me, causing incomplete summoning on my end.”

Jeanne smiled bitterly.

According to the saint, she was summoned only yesterday and learned that she was summoned to the time and country where she was alive, and there was another person wracking havoc there.

In that case, Jeanne held doubt and worry while marching toward Orleans, another attempt to find herself, to find out the truth, finally met Rozen, who attacked the current Orleans.

Learning that was a good opportunity with the help of friends she met on her journey, Jeanne went into Orleans and met her other self.

And then she fought with Jeanne Alter and met Rozen there.

Jeanne’s explanations confirmed Rozen’s guess.

“Sure enough, you have a companion.”

When Jeanne told Rozen that the pure-blood dragon was hypnotized by magic, Rozen guessed that Jeanne might have a companion to help.

Otherwise, with Jeanne’s current ability, even if she took advantage of the dragon’s current state, the dragon will not be hypnotized.

Since those companions of Jeanne had such patience, they must be servants.

In other words …

“Besides you, are there other servants who were also summoned but were not part of the Dragon Witch’s group?”

Rozen asked that question.

The answer was yes.

“Yes.” Jeanne nodded and said, “They should all be neutral servants who were summoned because of the reaction of the Holy Grail.”

Jeanne said so.

“I will take you to them.”

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