Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 171


Later, Rozen and Jeanne had a very quick rest.

Although they wanted to take a good rest, the current situation could change in a matter of a minute. If they did not manage the time effectively, it was very likely that something bad will happen. When his magical power was not effectively restored, even Rozen couldn’t do anything if the enemies arrived.

Therefore, Rozen took a quick rest while Jeanne guarding him, and waited for his magical power to recover slightly before setting off.

Rozen took advantage of that free time, Rozen also turned on the communicator and contacted Chaldea.

“It scared me when I detected a lot of magical reactions around you. I thought you would not be able to escape. It’s great to be able to see you again.” On the projection screen, Roman was greatly relieved.

“In other words, I didn’t expect you to be able to get away safely in that situation. Even if you have been very good at actual combat from the past with miraculous results, but this time it is too unpredictable. By the way, since when did you that strong?”

Not to mention that Rozen was able to utilize the feature of command seal that no one had discovered, by unleashing the crystalized magical power, he filled his magic circuit and conducted a large-scale summoning.

Just as in the battle on the city square, Rozen also used unknown magic, strengthening Mashu by several times, not to mention he could also avoid all the incoming attacks, providing Mashu an accurate instruction, and even calculated the situation precisely. All kinds of abilities and characters that Rozen did not have.

Roman was really surprised when his brother had grown to that point.

“Even the director was frightened while secretly watching the situation here, and was almost seen by the staff. I guess that because you are still angry that you are hiding it?” Roman said.

Rozen was speechless on the spot.

However, Rozen did not explain much.

“Don’t say that.” Rozen asked Roman, “How is Mashu over there?”

“Mashu is okay,” Roman answered him without hesitation.

“Although Archer caught up and we fought hard. Later we found, even the Rider chased us by a dragon. Chaldea’s radar also detected that the enemy’s Saber was approaching. Fortunately, we finally met a noble who helped us.”

“Noble?” Rozen guessed in his heart, “Is it a servant?”

“You know?” Roman was surprised, and then he said, “Could it be, you also met a servant without a master?”

“Yes.” Rozen nodded, glanced at Jeanne, who was guarding outside the cave, and immediately said, ” It seems there are more servants in this singularity point besides Dragon Witch’s group.”

Moreover, none of those servants had a master.

Because …

“They are either the servants summoned by Dragon Witch, who held the Holy Grail, or the servants summoned by the Holy Grail itself.”

Roman told Rozen that information.

“According to the director’s speculation, this should be a reaction caused by Dragon Witch using the Holy Grail to summon servants.”

Normally, the wishing artifact named Holy Grail should appear in the holy grail war. In the hands of the winner.

The seven servants and the seven masters were divided into seven groups and fought each other until there was only one life standing. A wishing artifact named Holy Grail will appear, thus fulfilling the desire of the winner. That was Holy Grail.

However, at that singularity point, the enemy obtained the Holy Grail wishing artifact and used it to summon servants only for killing.

Faced with such a situation, the Holy Grail of the singularity point took countermeasures and thus summoned other servants on its own.

“Even if we don’t know about the Holy Grail in the singularity point, its mechanism should be the same.” Roman said.

Rozen suddenly thought about it and concluded.

“In other words, did the Holy Grail conduct a ritual called the Holy Grail War by itself?”

Rozen asked.

“That probably the case.” Roman answered and said, “Back in Fuyuki City, Professor Lev sent Fuyuki’s Holy Grail that was once in Saber’s hands to another singularity.”

At the current singularity, Jeanne used the Holy Grail to summon the servants, which led to the activation of that mechanism.

The result was not only the Holy Grail fell to Dragon Witch’s hands, but even all servants who were summoned by the Holy Grail to have no master.

Such an abnormal situation led to the incomplete summoning of Jeanne, the Ruler.

“It’s an unexpected situation.”

Rozen sighed.

Roman smiled.

“However, this is at least good news for us.”

That was also true.

Knowing that there were other servants in that singularity point, it meant that Rozen could form an alliance with those servants and fought against Dragon Witch’s forces.

To fight against the seven servants, Rozen needed as much help as he could get.

At that time, Rozen made a decision.

“I will temporarily act with the servants I met here and form an alliance with her companions.”

Rozen spoke to Roman.

“Brother, you need to take care of Mashu’s side. Without me, that girl will panic easily.”

Roman smiled.

“Got it, for the time being, I will focus on assisting Mashu. I will also follow every movement of the servants and France’s army there.” Roman said to Rozen, “You must take care of things there as soon as possible. Then join Mashu.”

“Okay.” Rozen nodded.

The communication ended there.

Jeanne came in after that.

“How is it?” Jeanne smiled slightly and asked, “Have you fully recovered your magical power?”

“Of course not.” Rozen reluctantly said, “It’s not even 20% yet from the maximum of my magical power.”

“Only 20%?” Jeanne was surprised.

“It seems that your magic circuit is so extraordinary. Even if you are a first-class magus, you should be able to restore about 70% of your magical power by now.”

That showed that Rozen’s magic circuit was outstanding, and it could be said to be an extraordinary one.

Although, thanks to that, Rozen was fragile as a bean sprout.

“Okay, let’s go.” Rozen said to Jeanne, “Let’s see your friend first.”

“Okay.” Jeanne nodded.

Among his three command seals, only half was restored, the huge eagle then flew out of the cave again in the other direction.

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