Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 173


After that, they pondered and decided to rest in the forest and rendezvous with Mashu tomorrow temporarily.

Even if Rozen wanted to meet with Mashu sooner, his magical power has not fully recovered. Secondly, because France’s army should still be exhausted after they march from Orleans. If he acted rashly, the enemy’s servants would likely trace him.

After thinking twice, Rozen unwillingly admitted that it was not the time for urgent action, and he asked Roman to inform Mashu.

And they decided to remind hiding in the forest for that night.

Since Marie and Amadeus had already arrived in the forest beforehand, they knew something about the situation there, and those two volunteered to take care of them.

“Even though the servants do not need to eat, as long as we have a supply of magical power we can survive, but you are human, you must eat something.”

Amadeus said that and went to the depths of the forest to hunt something.

“Then I will go to fetch water. The cute deer I met here told me where the water is safe to drink.”

Marie also left soon after Amedeus left.

Only Rozen and Jeanne left on the spot, one needed to recover the magical power, and the other needed to recover from the damage.

Eventually, the sky became dark.

Rozen, who has been sitting under a tree all the time, said, “My magical power is almost restored.”

“It has recovered about 70% or 80%.”

At that rate, his magical power could be fully restored when he woke up tomorrow.

“I hope that Mashu will be fine on her own.”

Rozen was thinking about his servant and junior.

His murmur seemed to be heard.

“Is she your Contracted Servant?”

Jeanne woke up, and looking at Rozen, she was smiling softly.

Unlike Jeanne Alter, the smile that the saint showed was very peaceful and gentle, and people couldn’t help but be fascinated.

“Yeah… Are you okay?”

“Yes.” Jeanne nodded and said, “Because my Spirit Core is fine, there shouldn’t be a problem in recovering.”

Generally speaking, the servants were just like living Automaton. As long as they had magical power, all injuries will recover at an extreme speed, but that will be a different story if the Spirit Core was damaged.

Fortunately, Jeanne was fine because the Holy Grail itself was the one that summoned her.

Since the magical power provided by Holy Grail was unbelievably huge, it didn’t take too long for her to recover.

And so…

“Even if I can normally fight now, please back me up, Master.”

Jeanne said.

“Master?” Rozen confused.

Jeanne was not Rozen’s Contracted Servant.

However, for the next battle, Rozen also proposed the temporary contract to Jeanne and her party, to enhance their combat power, and use his spells to strengthen them.

As a result, Jeanne called Rozen as a Master, like she should be.


“Since you call me Master, then I will command you in the future.”

“Is that okay with you?”

“Do you intend to fight for France again? Jeanne?”

Rozen finally asked that question.

“Like what Dragon Witch said, France betrayed you. They just watched you being burned to death. Are you sure that you want to do this?”

Rozen looked at Jeanne and said that.

“Don’t you have a bit of hatred in your heart?”

That was what Rozen always wanted to ask about Jeanne.

In that regard, Jeanne became silent.

However, Jeanne answered Rozen with the slightest hesitation.


Jeanne said so.

“There is no trace of hatred in my heart.”

There was no hesitation in those words.

“Why?” Rozen was surprised.

Rozen didn’t understand that.

But Jeanne’s answer was still as simple as that.

“Because I have already accepted this ending.”

Jeanne raised her head, looked toward the setting sun.

“I have known for a long time that I will be sentenced in the end.”

That was not a prophecy but Jeanne’s intuition.

“I am just a country girl who doesn’t know anything about politics. I simply hear god’s words and obey his command.”

Jeanne seemed to be talking to herself.

“As a result, to save the motherland, I have taken the lives of many enemies. My hands have already spilled a lot of blood.”

“So, that’s a normal ending for me.”

Jeanne’s words made Rozen speechless.

“You… Do you think that you are sinful…?”

Rozen’s tone was exceptionally heavy.

“Yes.” Jeanne said that without hesitation.

That was the reason why Jeanne did not hate France at all.

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