Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 174


She thought that she should be punished because she was guilty and have never hated her ending.

Because she thought that she was sinful and her hands were covered with blood, she never thought she could escape the judgment.

“The betrayal of the motherland is the punishment I should bear.”

In that case, why did she not hate her country?

Knowing Jeanne’s reason, Rozen only had a single thought in his head.

“It’s ridiculous.”

Obviously, she did so in order to save the country and repelled the enemy, why would she think that as a crime?

Obviously, fighting for saving her country and beloved was not a sin.

Rozen understood that she was a saint and a devout believer, so he knew he couldn’t say everything in his mind at that time.

In the Catholic Church, there were statements that killing was an unforgivable crime.

Because human’s life was created by God, the main issue was, murder was a betrayal to the God, even suicide should not be allowed, only the master who created All Living Things was allowed to interfere to life, humans had no rights and were not qualified to decide the death of others and themselves.

Even in the Holy Bible, it was written that the soul of man would be judged by the Lord after the end of the world, that the good man will enjoy eternal happiness, that the wicked will suffer eternal suffering, and taking other’s life was an unforgivable sin.

Perhaps, precisely because of that idea, Jeanne never thought that what she was doing was right.

Since she had killed someone, she should bear that sin.

That was Jeanne’s thought.

And because of that, Jeanne wouldn’t complain about her end, and will not have any resentment for her own life journey, as the legendary hero.

Thus, Jeanne became a saint.

Thus, Jeanne was the most famous saint in the world.

And Jeanne once again came for France and without a slightest hesitation.

If she didn’t reach that level, then people wouldn’t call her saint who saved the country.

What could Rozen say?

“You are silly…” Rozen said.

After all…

“If it were me, I absolutely can’t be like you…”

Rozen whispered such a thing.

Recalling the white room.

Recalling the pungent smell.

Recalling the cold tools.

Recalling the unpleasant bed.

Then, Rozen said so.

“I will curse those people…”

“I will hate people and things that cause me all these misfortune…”

Rozen said those words with suppressed emotions.

Jeanne turned her gaze to Rozen as if she had seen everything, showing a smile.

“That is human nature.”

Jeanne did not look down on Rozen but approved instead.

“My words are definitely not normal. You are the normal person.”

Jeanne said with that in mind.

Shortly afterward, Jeanne extended her hand and held Rozen’s hands up, as if praying, wrapping Rozen’s hands in her palm.


Rozen was at a loss.

Jeanne just held Rozen’s hand, looking straight into his eyes and saying such a sentence.

“I only hope that you can see yourself, don’t be swayed by this emotion.”

Jeanne slowly closed his eyes and made a sincere prayer.

“May God bless you.”

Rozen could only look at the girl in front of his eyes and forgot all the hatred.


Fou looked at the scene, rolled up its body, laid aside, and shook its tail continuously.

In the sunset, boy and girl held their hands, a silent voice, a sincere prayer, and a white creature beside them, forming a very beautiful scene.

As everyone knew, two people were watching that scene in the shadow of a distance from there.

Who else besides Marie and Amadeus?

“Awesome!” Marie said with excitement, “Hey, Amadeus, don’t you think that scene is really touching?”

“Although I don’t really want to admit that I have the same taste as you, this time, I will be honest.” Amadeus said with a helpless smile, “The scene of the teenager and the sacred girl, ah, I really want to sing them a little serenade as back sound.”

“It’s a pity that it isn’t love between them.” Marie said, “It’s not appropriate to use music that in such a situation as the background music.”

“Is it?” Amadeus said, “Since Marie, which is the love maiden herself said so, that must be true.”

“I’m not a love maiden!” Marie again said, “I just like to be in love!”

“That was the love maiden…”

That was what Amadeus thought.

If he said it out loud, there would be no end to with.

So, Amadeus changed the topic.

“I also learn the Lord once, then ask you, Marie.” Amadeus looked towards Marie and said, “Are you really a saint too?”

Like Jeanne, Marie was also betrayed by France.

This innocent and romantic queen took on responsibility beyond her ability. He wanted to benefit the people but fell to the victims of the revolution against the kingship. She was put on the guillotine by the people she wanted to save.


“Of course, of course!”

Marie answered.

“Forget the smile, forget the love, what should I do next?”

“Even though that’s how my end was, I don’t want to give up smiling, I want everyone, all countries, and the whole world to smile.”

“This is the decision I made as The White Lily of France.”

Listening to Marie’s answer, Amadeus had only one feeling in his heart.

“Oh, that’s what it is.”

Amadeus knew that Marie was not without a trace of resentment against France.

Amadeus still remembered how bright the glittering ray was in Marie’s eyes when she met Jeanne yesterday.

Also, because of that, Amadeus decided.

“No matter how arrogant you are, let me stay with you this time.”

Amadeus agreed to join Rozen’s team.

The saint who believed she deserved the betrayal.

The queen who chose to forgive the betrayal.

And the artist who was betrayed by his beloved one but still let her go.

Even though the reasons were very sorrowful, those three joined the Rozen’s team.

For tomorrow.

For the future.

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