Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 175


The next day, early in the morning.

When Rozen woke up, he immediately felt a backache.

“Is this the result of sleeping in the wild?”

Last night, Rozen was sleeping on the trunk, couldn’t help but gritted his teeth, feeling that his body was going to fall apart.

Considering Rozen’s fragile physique, his Magical Power was already fully restored, telling how good his Magic Circuit was.

Even others could see the current situation of Rozen.

“Although camping in the wild is not ideal, at least your magical power is completely restored. Congratulations, Master.”

Jeanne, who has been guarding him alongside, turned around and showed Rozen a peaceful and gentle smile like yesterday.

The servants do not need to eat, nor do they need to sleep, as long as they were provided with magical power.

Of course, looking at Jeanne’s peaceful smile like yesterday, Rozen felt that his heart was about to explode.

Rozen remembered when Jeanne held his arms in the sunset, that’s why Rozen was nervous and tried to find a new topic.

“What about Rider and Caster?”

It referred to Marie and Amadeus.

In the next second…

“I am here, Master.”

Marie just jumped out with a happy look.

“Please don’t mind me, love birds.”

It seemed that an innocent and romantic queen had a great interest between Rozen and Jeanne.

“Don’t say something weird, Marie.”

Jeanne immediately refuted, but there was a little blush on her pretty face. She was making it worth it for Marie to tease her.

In response, Amadeus spoke.

“Please forgive her, Jeanne.”

Amadeus, who came out from the woods, didn’t look at the scene and seemed to understand what it was all about.

“If she lost her curiosity, Marie is not Marie anymore.”

No one knew whether that was praise or an insult.

Those Servants were still as unique as always.

Rozen got up from the ground.

“I won’t sleep in the wild again next time.” Rozen complained.

“Since everyone is here, my magic and Jeanne’s injuries have recovered, so let’s go to my Contracted Servant.”

When everyone heard that, someone was quite active and happy.

“What kind of Contracted Servant is she?” Marie looked forward to meeting Mashu, “It’s wonderful to be able to see my new besties!”

The Queen was very curious.

“Then let’s go.” Rozen said.

“If my hunch is correct, it might be dangerous there.”

After that, Rozen activated the Magic Circuit and released his magical power.

“Giant Bird Summoning!”

The magic surged from the corner of the forest.

Not long after that, four giant eagles flew out of the forest.


Fou stood on the back of one of the eagle and led the leader of the eagle while making a cute sound.

Those four eagles swept across the sky in one direction.



The dragons didn’t see Rozen’s group left, and they continued to wreak havoc on France’s land.

Rozen commanded the eagle to fly and hid between the clouds while heading to the rendezvous point.

Along the way, they encountered a lot of Wyvern wandering in the air below and saw a ruined city.

And everyone also saw Wyvern’s Legion dived into several other cities, killing the citizens with the army in the city.

The entire situation in France was presented by the dragon’s legion, who was destroying everything.

“…Why do you want to do this kind of thing?”

Marie riding on the back of an eagle looked at the scene below, and her smile could no longer be maintained but was replaced by sadness and grief.

“This so-called Dragon Witch really hates France.”

Amadeus who was also riding on the back of an eagle, calmly told a piece of his mind.


Jeanne was silent, but she was firmly staring at the ground below as if she wanted to engrave that scene in her heart. Her beautiful eyes were full of emotions.

“Just bring down Dragon Witch.” Rozen said.

That was the most straightforward conclusion.

If they didn’t knock down Dragon Witch, then the chaos won’t stop.

Those three Servants nodded, and Rozen urged the eagle to fly to the rendezvous place.

Thanks to the fact that France’s current territory was less than half of it’s original, there were not that many places that Dragon Witch’s enemy defenses forces could use to hide, and Rozen’s group quickly arrived at the rendezvous place.

It was the woods where Rozen, Mashu, and France’s Army were stationed.

After coming there, Rozen discovered that France’s Army was camping near the edge of the woods.

“That is…”

Jeanne felt so nostalgic when she saw that army from above.

At that time, the girl who held the shield at the camp below felt something, she raised her head and looked toward the sky.


Mashu’s eyes were glittering.

“That… what is that!?”

France’s army, which had never seen such a giant eagle was in commotion. They thought it was an enemy attack, and everyone panicked.

However, at that moment, Gilles looked at the sky and saw the Saint was on the back of an eagle. His skinny face was full of excitement.


Gilles shouted loudly.


Jeanne was at lost for words.

At that point, that pair of friends who had fought side by side in that era had finally reunited.

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