Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 176


France’s Army was armed with weapons, they were encircling the Rozen’s group from the eagle’s back.

Even Fou, who jumped from the eagle’s back into Rozen, was surrounded by France’s Army.

The reason was simple.

“That… that’s Dragon Witch…!?”

“She killed our compatriots… How dare she come here…!?”

The soldiers uttered a hateful language, and even if their hands trembled, they still surrounded Rozen’s group.

And those soldiers also surrounded Jeanne.


In the face of that unreasonable treatment, Jeanne chose to remain silent.

That was because Jeanne knew that she could not explain the current situation.

France’s Army only knew the witch who looked exactly like Jeanne.

So, when Jeanne appeared there, she naturally will receive such treatment.

Even though she came with Rozen, it wouldn’t change anything.

And since Jeanne decided to remain silent, Marie and Amadeus naturally couldn’t say anything, only worried and calmly watching.

Even Rozen did not say anything at that time.

It was not that Rozen didn’t care about Jeanne, but he knew that someone would stand for her.


Gilles stopped the Army.



The soldiers suddenly turned their attention to Gilles.

“Jeanne…” Gilles was hesitant and excited at the same time. “Are you really a Jeanne?”

Obviously, Gilles also wanted to confirm what.

“Gilles…” Jeanne could only raise her head and said, “Long time no see.”

A familiar smile.

Familiar sound.

Familiar feeling.

All those feelings poured into Gilles’s heart that his excitement finally exploded.

“I know it…! I know it…! Jeanne…!”

Gilles’ tears rained down.

“I know you are not dead yet!”

It seemed that Gilles had misunderstood something.

“No, I am indeed already dead.” Jeanne looked directly at Gilles and said, “Now what is in front of you is the illusion, the memories of the past, Gilles, please don’t be so sad. My destiny cannot be reversed.”

Without explaining the principles of the servants, Jeanne explained her existence to Gilles in that way.


Gilles became more excited and even somewhat uncontrollable.

Recalling Caster whom they met at Orleans, he also recalled the madness of that servant, and then looked at the marshal who will turn out like that sooner or later. Rozen suddenly understood.

“In the heart of this marshal, Jeanne is enough to influence this person’s life.” Rozen thought.

Obviously, at the time in Orleans, he saw Jeanne Alter, who became a witch. He also saw her cruelty and hatred.

The marshal still did not hide his excitement and expectation when he saw the same person.

It was no wonder that after accepting Jeanne’s death, the marshal would be completely mad and become a homicidal maniac.

At that time, the marshal has not yet reached such a point, but at this rate, wasn’t it just a matter of time?

However, the saint still did not intend to give Gilles too much expectation but told him to look at reality.

“Sorry, Gilles.”

Jeanne said that in a complicated way.

“Now, I still have to find a way to deal with the Dragon Witch. You will understand everything later after you have defeated Dragon Witch.”

Jeanne said that.


Gilles opened the mouth and wanted to say something, but he couldn’t even say a word.



France’s soldiers who surrounded Jeanne called out Gilles.

Presumably, those Soldiers were also very confused. Why didn’t Gilles order them to attack the witch?

Gilles, who regained his sense thanks to the soldiers, took a deep breath and seemed to force himself to calm down and raise his hand.

“Lay down your weapon.”

Gilles made such an order.


The soldiers suddenly got upset.

In response, Gilles just coldly said.

“The situation doesn’t seem as simple as we think. Listen to my orders first.”

Gilles’ words made the soldiers looked at each other confusedly.

Finally, the soldiers put away their weapons.

However, their eyes were still full of hatred and fear.

Those eyes were staring at Jeanne’s eyes, and no one will not understand what Jeanne felt at that time.

After all, since those soldiers obeyed Gilles’ order, they must have obeyed Jeanne’s command too in the past.

In other words, that France’s Army used to fight alongside Jeanne in the past and rushed into the battlefield.

That was the reason why the soldiers were angry that Jeanne became a witch to avenge France.

But Jeanne was innocent.

She was innocent from beginning to end.

It was too unreasonable to bear such hatred.

Even though she was betrayed by France, but she still stood for friends when France was in danger, ready to fight against the threat of Dragon Witch, it was actually less reasonable that she didn’t bear any hatred.

Marie was a bit uncomfortable.


Marie talked to Jeanne.

Unfortunately, Jeanne shook his head.

“It doesn’t matter, Marie.” Jeanne lightly smiled and said, “We are already a spirit and belong to the past. Whether it is hatred or grateful, we can’t take it, so we only need to complete our mission. Master will take care of the rest.”

Whether it was hatred or evil thoughts, the saint seemed to be prepared to bear it alone.

At that point, Rozen really began to admire that saint.

“Can I accept everything so calmly if I’m in the same shoe?”

Rozen was a bit confused and thought about such a thing.

“Mashu, are you okay?”

When she heard that, Mashu was smiling.

“Yes, Senpai.”

Mashu just gave a short answer.

Rozen did not know how the girl who was afraid of fighting changed during the period when she was not with him.

However, there was one thing that Rozen could be sure of.

“You can count on me.”

Rozen touched Mashu’s head.

Mashu was startled, and then her pretty face was completely relaxed.

Mashu nodded.

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