Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 177


After the ruckus, the tense atmosphere began to subside.

Soldiers were still cautious because of Jeanne’s presence, and Rozen’s entire group was stunned until Gilles ordered the soldiers to calm down.

After that, Rozen’s group gathered in the main tent where Gilles stayed.

“All right.”

Upon entering the tent, Rozen asked Mashu and Gilles.

“First thing first, tell me the current situation.”

Even though Rozen has already grasped the gist of the situation, he still wanted to hear it from Gilles’ mouth directly.

Of course, that was also to avoid any troubles between Jeanne and Gilles.

Mashu seemed to realize Rozen’s intentions and took the initiative to report the current situation.

“A few days ago, we encountered Archer when we retreated…”

That was something that Roman had also mentioned.

After they rushed out of Orleans, the enemy Archer chased France’s Army and attacked out of nowhere.

Mashu could only block that servant’s attack because Rozen was not with her, so her combat power dropped by a lot.

Through Chaldea’s monitor, it was seen that enemy servant also chased them at an alarming rate, and even the enemy Saber chased them too.

In the middle of such dire situations, one Servant appeared and helped them.

“The one who helped us was the servant of the Lancer Class.”

Mashu explained it earnestly.

“According to that servant’s information, she seemed to be competing with Assassin in Dragon Witch’s group. She didn’t care about us, but when she saw us fought against Dragon Witch too, she helped us.”

When Rozen heard that, he suddenly stopped.

“Ignore us?”

And the rest of them were also stunned.

However, Mashu’s explanation was not over yet.

“She helped us to repel Archer and planned to leave right after, but she talked a bit with us for a while.” Mashu said.

“After that, we managed to get away from the enemy Rider and Saber. And while returning here, I got in touch with Senpai. Now, the enemy Rider and Saber are still chasing us, and the enemy Archer seems to be still somewhere around here. Before Senpai arrives, we are still discussing whether to move or not.”

Mashu’s explanation ended, and she looked toward Rozen.

“Senpai, where the war is gonna be held?”

Mashu asked that out of the blue.


Rozen patted Mashu’s head.

As for the other people, they all reacted differently.

“How should I put it?” Jeanne said, “They seem so close.”

“Yeah.” Marie sincerely smiled, “She is a very cute lady.”

“…tell me, Marie.” Amadeus said, and he whispered, “I don’t know why, but I have a very ominous premonition. I don’t think we should relax.”

Those three Servants showed their thoughts separately, a bitter smile, and one expectation.

“What about now?” Rozen asked, “Where is this Lancer?”

“That…” Mashu was startled.

“Actually, just this morning, we met another Servant.”

Mashu said such amazing news.

“That Servant is Berserker Class, and they didn’t seem to get along.”

Mashu said.

“Now, those two are in the woods…”

Mashu couldn’t finish her words because there was an explosion.


There was an explosion, and the air was slightly shaken because of that.

“How… What happened!?”

“What happened!?”

Everyone was surprised, and shortly afterward, they rushed out.

“What happened!?” Gilles grabbed a soldier who ran over and questioned him.

“…Marshal!” The soldier answered, “It’s the woods!”

Almost all of them looked at the direction of the woods.

The next moment, everyone felt it.

In the center of the woods, they felt a burst of magical power.

“Aaaaaah …!”

A soprano-like sound wave shook there.

“Rooooaaar …!”

A dragon-like cry was also heard along with radiating flame from afar.

The sound waves and the flames were intertwined with each other. 

Listening to the high notes and howls, Amadeus covered his ears and said, “Damn…! Damn…! What a terrible sound…!? Bastard…!”

Amadeus cursed it.

“No swearing, Amadeus!”

Marie said to Amadeus.

“What do you mean by swearing? The shit-like voice simply insults the word Melody! I’m not swearing! I can’t stand it!”

Amadeus screamed.

“I must stop it! Otherwise, I will be crazy! I will be crazy!”

Amadeus rushed into the woods.

“Ah, he’s going crazy…”

Marie sighed as she understood it and apologized to everyone.

“I am very sorry, everyone, as his guardian, I have no way to stop his behavior. For Amadeus, music is unique. Without music, that person doesn’t have anything else, so he can’t stand the noise.” Marie said that.

“Now is not the right time to say that!” Rozen said.

“Hurry up! Something bad is going to happen!”

The entire group rushed into the woods as soon as Rozen’s talked.

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