Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 178



When Rozen’s group arrived at the woods, they were welcomed with explosions.

“Cough cough …!”

Under that circumstance, Rozen was not blown away by the blast.

“Senpai …!? Are you okay!?”

Mashu quickly rushed to the front of Rozen even though she was still shocked, raised her shield, and blocked the blast.

“I… I’m fine…”

Rozen waved his hand to dissipate the smoke so he could breathe.

“What is going on?”

“Aiya, it’s so lively.”

Jeanne and Marie were shocked.

Meanwhile, Amadeus was covering his ears.

“Damn…! Damn…!”

Amadeus squatted because he heard uncomfortable noises.


The treble-like sound waves like typhoons swept across the open space while sweeping the dirt on the ground, they raised a cloud of thick dust and bombed them.


Raging Flames turned into huge waves.


The explosion blasted and expanded to all directions.

The source of the disaster was none other than two servants fighting each other while relentlessly throwing insults.

“You useless fire-spitting lizard! Inferior four-legged snake! Die already, aaaaaah!”

It was a young girl who squatted and produced a high-pitched sound.

The girl seemed to be around 13-14 years old, wearing anachronistic gothic lolita ruffled dress with a pair of Evil Dragon’s horn on the head, and a sly tail behind, she had a high-pitched voice. She had a sharp tooth, and there is a long spear-like microphone in her hand. She seemed like a chuuni girl who loved to role-play.

Such sounds from a little girl, but somehow, the high-pitched sound was like a needle that could pierce people’s ears, that was so sharp and terrifying, and the impact was exceptionally fierce.

That girl was Lancer that Mashu mentioned.

“I’m a young girl and the hybrid that even the dragon can’t beat! Love dreaming! I will burn everything!”

There was no trace of politeness from her mouth.

That girl was dressed in a contemporary kimono, and the kimono was covered with a white blouse, there was a pair of horns on her head, her horn looked exceptionally majestic.

That girl also had a pair of golden pupils that resembled snakes or dragons. She had a paper fan in her hand. Her charming and seductive lips were very dignified yet soft. Like an educated Ojou-sama.

However, her mouth was foul, and she gave a terrifying aura around her.

That girl seemed to be Berserker that Mashu mentioned.

However, it was clear that the girl was supposed to be the Berserker. However, her words and moves were like a sane person, which caused everyone to doubt her class was Berserker.

“No, I can’t do it…”

Amadeus said.

“Why does this world allow such a servant to existing? Ah…God of Music…please fixes this…!”

Amadeus had completely lost his mind.

“No bad words, Amadeus.”

Marie was very unhappy.

Amadeus could only ask Rozen for help.

“Master, please help me, then I will swear my loyalty to you, please make that sound stop, I do not want my music and such noises to ring at the same time.”

Amadeus asked Rozen for help.

“Let’s persuade them.” Jeanne said.

“Me! Please let me come!”

Marie eagerly raised her hand and was very happy to take care of that kind of situation.

However, Rozen shook his head.

“I think that is not a good idea.” Rozen was quite decisive.

“Let me come with you.”

After that, Rozen extended and placed his hand on Mashu’s back in front of others.


The magical power passed through Rozen’s palm, along with instructions to Mashu.

“Yes! Master!”

Mashu immediately set up the shield in her hand, and her body was filled with magical power. She stepped on the ground and rushed to the front.

Mashu rushed into the storm of sound waves and flames, she put the shield in the middle to set up a barrier.

The incoming sound waves and the flames collided, but they were separated from each other, and they could no longer fight each other.



Lancer and Berserker were shocked, they finally noticed that someone was approaching, and they could saw clearly.

“What are you doing? Little squirrel!” Lancer was extremely dissatisfied with Mashu, “Don’t get in the way! Let me handle this!”

“Aiya, so many people here.” Berserker was very calm, so dignified with a paper fan covering her mouth, with a little laughter, she said, “We just do some exercise.”

Those two girls squatted together.

“What is wrong with my voice?! I am the most popular idol singer in the future!”

“That is sad, the people in the future had a poorish taste.”

“Maybe perverted lizards know the taste!?”

“The quirky kid who uses blood as a bath is as good as crazy!”

“What did you say!?”

Lancer argued with Berserker, they were so noisy and fierce.


Amadeus couldn’t stand it.

And Rozen launched a direct hit.

“If you two make a ruckus again, and I won’t hold myself anymore!”

Rozen’s temper hit the roof, channeled his magical power into Mashu’s body, and boosting Mashu’s power.

In the next second, the magical power in Mashu’s body skyrocketed.

Lancer and Berserker were surprised and shifted their attention to Rozen.

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