Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 179


Mashu knew Lancer and Berserker were not ignorant.

Not to mention that Lancer did help Mashu once when she was in danger. Lancer fought alongside her.

Both Servants had a certain understanding of Mashu’s combat power.

And when those two saw Mashu’s body emitted a powerful magical power and felt that Rozen’s Magic Power continuously was channeled into Mashu’s body, how could those two women not be surprised?

“Are you the Master mentioned by this Little Squirrel?”

Lancer was looking at Rozen while asking him curiously.

“Master …?”

Berserker also glanced at Rozen.

Not only those two Servants, but even Jeanne, Marie, and Amadeus were amazed.


“I can feel that Mashu’s power has improved a lot.”

“Is this the difference between a servant who has Master and those who don’t?”

Jeanne, Marie, and Amadeus recognized Rozen’s ability. After they felt horror, they became excited and amazed by him.

Rozen, who successfully attracted the attention of some people at that place, emitted a bit of magical power.

“Have you finally calmed down?” Rozen bluntly questioned.

“Then tell me, why are you arguing like that?” Rozen asked.

“Not me, it’s because of her!“

Those two girls pointed at each other.

Rozen suddenly had a headache.

“You explain first.” Rozen pointed to Elizabeth and said, “Why are you so noisy?”

“It is because she insults me, saying that I am dragon imposter.” Lancer said.

Lancer was very angry.


“You…” Berserker said, “You must be have done something to make yourself look like a dragon! Elizabeth Báthory!”

The name that Berserker said made everyone at present on the scene shocked.


“You are the Countess?”

Jeanne and Marie were horrified and looked to Lancer.

“What?” Lancer suddenly said, “Am I famous?”


Of course, she was!

Elizabeth Báthory.

The name didn’t sound very familiar, but if they mentioned her second name, then most people should know.


Countess Dracula, Csejte’s Bloody Lady, and so on.

She was the famous Earl of the Báthory family. The family has been a well-known aristocrat who defended Hungary from the Turks’ aggression for generations. They achieved the title of Countess, and their power was considered top-notch, and even the law couldn’t touch them.

The Countess was convinced that the girl’s blood could keep her young and beautiful, so she killed the 650 young girls cruelly, and she used the blood to drink and bathe. She even tortured innocent people to death. She became the female serial killer with the largest number of murders in history and was finally sentenced to life imprisonment and died in her own castle.

Because of too many cruel behaviors during her lifetime, the people of later generations often described the Countess as Vampire and a dragon.

That fabrication finally became the world’s cognition of the Countess, and it was mentioned by many biographies and operas, which turned into fact, and caused the Countess’ existing form to change and become a real dragon.

Unfortunately, Elizabeth became a low-rank dragon. Could other dragons recognize her as their family?

And Berserker was also a dragon.

It was just…

“You can’t even prove that you are a real dragon yourself. What’s your problem? Kiyohime!”

Elizabeth said Berserker‘s real name.

That name was from Far East Island Country.

Because Kiyohime was not a well-known figure in world history, not a Legendary hero in mythology, but Enenra, which Rozen has already seen once, was a Japanese monster.

Legend said that she was a kind of half-snake and half-human monster. The source came from Doujouji Tower. The story itself was from Konjaku Hyakki Shūi – Cloud by Toriyama Shiyan.

According to “Konjaku Monogatari,” in ancient times, there was an old hermit in the Kumano, and the local mistress that allowed him to stay there was Kiyohime.

She fell in love with the young monk.

The name of the monk was Anchin.

The mistress used all kinds of methods and wanted Anchin to stay there with her but was rejected, that monk only promised her to return in the future.

However, that agreement was made because Kiyohime’s father didn’t give their relationship a blessing.

Kiyohime, who did not realize that, felt so desperate and angry at Anchin.

Those accumulated feelings transformed Kiyohime into a wonderful creature.

In order to catch up with Anchin, Kiyohime grew her tail, her legs disappeared, and his anger turned her into a snake, and finally turned her into a huge dragon, swallowed the flame, and killed Anchin, then she committed suicide.

If Berserker really was Kiyohime, it was just as Elizabeth said, she was not a dragon, compared to Elizabeth the legend, she was nothing. At least Kiyohime had a dragon attribute, once she transformed into the dragon.

Therefore, Kiyohime laughed.

“That’s better than a useless dragon, am I right?” Kiyohime said.

“You…!” Elizabeth was angry.

“Okay! Easy, easy!”

Rozen rolled his eyes.

“You two try to kill each other just because of that, are you kids?” Rozen said.

“Who is a kid!?”

“I am a dignified lady!”

Elizabeth and Kiyohime suddenly shouted to Rozen.

Rozen raised his brow and was about to attack those two until Mashu calmed him down.

“Please calm down, Senpai.”

Mashu and Jeanne calmed down those three.

“As long as you can calm down.” Amadeus said.

Gilles, who has been watching the developments alongside said, “In short, let’s go back to the camp first.”

And everyone returned to the camp.

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