Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 180


It must be said that there were certainly quite a few problems with that lineup.

If Jeanne, Marie, and Amadeus have shown a fairly cooperative attitude so far, then Elizabeth and Kiyohime were the opposite.

If nothing else, the quarrel between those two servants had never stopped.

Even if their fight stopped, but the bickering of those two almost never stopped, leaving Amadeus on the spot.

“This is hell! I can’t stay here any longer!”

After saying such a sentence, Amadeus was just about to leave but was stopped by Marie.

“We can’t fall behind, Amadeus, now is the time when we need your strength, how can we leave when our Master needs our power?”

Marie persuaded Amadeus and turned to Elizabeth and Kiyohime.

“Les belles, Mademoiselles, can you please listen to what I said?”

Marie smiled toward Elizabeth and Kiyohime.

At that moment, the queen looked so dazzling. The smile on the charming face was like a white lily, showing an indescribable noble dignity.

That noble made Elizabeth and Kiyohime shocked on the spot.

“God… so dazzling…!” Elizabeth was staring at Marie.

“What… what the hell, I am definitely cute, that’s not a big deal, um, yes, I am cute, right?”

It seemed that Marie’s performance shocked Elizabeth.

Kiyohime seemed to feel the same.

“…that kind of affinity is simply a foul.”

Kiyohime’s expression changed.

The snake girl has lost her will to fight.

“Yes, that’s it. Peace and love are the most important.”

Marie, who did not realize that her smile was extremely effective, thought that her persuasion worked, and she was quite happy.

Mashu and Jeanne also wanted to voice their opinion.

“How should I put it? Marie-san is an incredible person…”

“That just how Marie is.”

Mashu and Jeanne exchanged such opinions, and they all smiled bitterly.

“…I didn’t expect that.”

Even Amadeus sighed.

In the end, those people finally ended the quarrel and returned to the main tent.

“Well, it’s all good.”

Rozen seemed satisfied.

“Since it has been settled, let’s talk about how to deal with Dragon Witch now.” Rozen said, and the atmosphere finally changed.

Especially Jeanne, Marie, Amadeus, Mashu, and the entire group, their expression became serious.

Conversely, Gilles has been looking at Jeanne, with a careless look.

Elizabeth and Kiyohime reacted.

“What? Do you want to deal with Dragon Witch?”

Elizabeth showed a strong interest.

“Does everyone gather here to deal with Dragon Witch? No wonder there are so many servants here.”

Kiyohime was also somewhat awkward.

Unlike Jeanne, Marie, and Amadeus, those two servants’ intentions could be different.

Elizabeth had nothing to do with France. She was not a hero. In fact, she was an anti-hero, why would she help to save humanity in the first place?

Ordinary heroes may also stand on the side of Rozen based on their sense of justice, but that was not the case for her.

Elizabeth was such a type, not only she had no reason to save France, but with her legendary reputation, it was hard to think that she will help Chaldea to save the world.

In fact, based on Elizabeth’s reputation, that Bloody Witch was more likely to stand on the side of the enemy.

So, will Elizabeth help Rozen?

The same was true for Kiyohime.

Even if that ridiculous Berserker showed a very sensible appearance, she should be mentally abnormal in some aspects, but she did not lose her intellectuality. According to her legend, she did have a sense of justice.

In addition, Kiyohime was also not directly related to France. Whether the servant will stand on the side of Rozen was difficult to say.

One of those two servants met Mashu, and the other one met Mashu that day. They were so unpredictable. It made everyone uneasy.

So, Rozen wanted to test those two.

“Let me ask first, are you going to join us?”

Rozen went straight to the point.

“It’s not impossible to help you.” Elizabeth answered.

However, the girl’s expression was more tense and harsh than ever.

That Bloody Witch just said that.

“However, the enemy I want to deal with is Assassin. You have to hand that servant to me, or I will kill you first.”

Elizabeth said that idea without saying anything.

Rozen thought about that.

“It is true that Mashu told me that you are choosing to stand here because you are against the Assassin. Will you help?” Rozen said, “Can I ask why?”

“Of course… no!” Elizabeth raised her eyebrows and said, “In short, just let me handle that Assassin. You just need to cheer me up from the back.”

“I have no problem.” Kiyohime said.

Kiyohime raised the paper fan in her hand while covering her mouth. She watched Rozen, her eyes flashed with lights that others could not understand.

“That means that you need me, you need me, right?”

Kiyohime’s tone suddenly changed.

“It’s just as you see, I need you…”

After hearing those words, Rozen did not have time to say anything.

He saw that Kiyohime put away the paper fan, and agreed to it.

“Then let’s form a contract! Master!”

Kiyohime shocked everyone.

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