Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 181


“Let’s form the contract.”

When Kiyohime said that everyone was shocked.

“Are we really going to form a contract?”

Rozen asked.

He never thought about that. Rozen never expected that Kiyohime could easily agree to join the front line and fought Dragon Witch.

At that moment, things were beyond Rozen’s expectations.

Even Elizabeth couldn’t believe it.

“You… are you ready to form a contract with that man?” Elizabeth couldn’t understand and shouted, “Are you going to form a contract just like that? This is an important matter!”

The contract between Master and Servant was not something that should be formed on a whim.

It was not that difficult to form a contract.

Not to mention Servants had to obey Masters and gave Masters full authority.

That was how command seal worked, it bound the Servant to the Master.

If Marie, Amadeus, Jeanne formed a contract with Rozen too, then their privilege to use Rozen’s power decreased.

Kiyohime made such a decision, no wonder others would be surprised.

“How can you be reluctant to refuse the travelers in need?”

Kiyohime smiled and said these unclear words.

Rozen understood.

“Speaking of it, in the legend, that was how Kiyohime welcomed Anchin, allowed Anchin to stay and fell in love with him overnight?”

Kiyohime only accepted Rozen’s invitation as something of the same degree?

That… can’t be… true… right…?

Rozen suddenly felt a chill.

However, at that time, Kiyohime was like adding fuel to the fire.

“Of course, for the time being, I only formed a temporary contract. After I have seen through Master’s character myself, I will decide whether or not to form a formal contract.”

Kiyohime smiled and said that.

“I can’t lie. I can’t break my promise. If I do this, I will be able to offer this strength and body to Master.”

Having said that, the tone of Kiyohime suddenly became low.

Rozen couldn’t help but recalled the legend of that Servant.

Desperate and angry about Anchin who broke his promises, those accumulated feelings will transform Kiyohime into a wonderful figure, like a snake who was obsessed with Anchin, and her tail grew her legs disappeared, turned into a snake and finally turned into a huge dragon, swallowed the flame, and burned Anzhen.

“……I understand.”

Rozen became silent for a sec then nodded.

“Setting the formal contract aside, during our temporary contract, I can promise that I won’t lie to you.” Rozen promised.

Kiyohime just smiled and opened up.

“That settled it, please treat me well, Master ♥.”

The sweet tone and the flattering words drove Rozen’s imagination wild, but he shook his head and erased the delusions in his brain.

With that settled, Rozen added one more Servant into his team.

The crowd suddenly stared at Elizabeth.

“Wh… what are you doing?”

Staring by everyone like that, Elizabeth seemed to feel a bit pressured but was still aware of the situation.

“I don’t want to form a contract with you! My Master must be a good soul mate! That’s right! He like a dedicated soldier!”

What was she talking about?

Didn’t she want to be an idol?

“Aren’t you supposed to be a cruel and bloody Countess?”

Rozen couldn’t help but remind her.


“Ah, don’t you realize I have already grown up?”

Elizabeth looked up and said that.

The crowd immediately reacted.

“Grown up…?”

Hearing that, some people’s gaze instantly shifted to Elizabeth’s flat chest.

“That’s not what I mean!” Elizabeth was angry.

“It means age! Age!”

As a result, Rozen remembered something.

“Speaking of it, Elizabeth’s behavior changed after she was married at the age of fifteen, and started to be a killer.”

In other words, before the age of fifteen, Elizabeth was just an arrogant, ignorant person, and an Ojou-sama.

Elizabeth, in front of everyone, looked like only 13-14 years old.

In other words, that Elizabeth hasn’t married yet, she has not committed the crime yet, and she was not obsessed with the girl’s blood yet, nor the idea of preserving her beauty.

Of course, even then, Elizabeth was still a pampered Ojou-sama. She did not understand the suffering of others. It was better to say that when she saw others suffering, did she realize that person was also a human?

“Then why do you want to be an idol?” Rozen asked.

“Because I’m a true idol! Idol!” Elizabeth answered.

“You don’t need to do anything. As long as you are cute, you will be embraced and sought after by everyone. Don’t you think that matches the definition of cute?”

Everyone couldn’t say anything when they heard that.

Kiyohime secretly snorted. “Although she is really cute, is she the female main character here?”

“Forget it. If you have confidence, the contract will continue.”

Rozen shrugged and looked toward someone.

“With the current lineup, let’s break through the castle of Dragon Witch!”

The real war was just about to begin.

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