Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 182


“Breakthrough Dragon Witch’s castle!”

Rozen’s words raised the servant’s morale.

Even Gilles reacted and looked toward Rozen.

Rozen smiled saying such positive respon.

“Since everyone is here, in order to prevent the enemy from using Holy Grail against us, we should use our time well and breakthrough Orleans.”

That was Rozen’s thought.

It was just…

“Compared with the enemy, our combat power was still insufficient. This is a problem that cannot be ignored.”

All the servants frowned when they heard Rozen said that.

That was indeed a problem.

Even though Rozen already had additional servants in his rank.

But Jeanne Alter had seven servants, hundreds of wyverns, and a pure-blood dragon.

Even with France’s Army led by Gilles, but that Army had lost more than half of its soldiers in the last battle at Orleans. It was just a group of ordinary people. In terms of combat power, it was basically very hard to look forward to.

In addition, Rozen has not forgotten, the hand behind the scenes was still looking in the dark, waiting for an opportunity to strike.

“But, I believe quality beat quantity.” Rozen said.

“If there are extremely powerful servants here, then one servant is equal to a thousand of soldiers, it’s not surprising to stop the enemy soldiers with just four servants.”

For example, King Arthur in Fuyuki City, with her ability, if she was in the current singularity, and fought for Rozen, then at least Rozen’s group could stop the enemy servants.

Unfortunately, there was no one there that rivaled King Arthur.

Rozen has already carefully observed the servant’s ability there using his authority as Master.

Marie could be regarded as a first-tier servant.

Amadeus was able to use magic, but it was hard to say that he could match the enemy’s Caster.

Elizabeth had an unexpected strength. However, since her target was the enemy’s Assassin, the enemy’s Assassin will likely deal with her.

Based on Kiyohime’s words, her Ability Value was almost the lowest among the rest. Rozen really didn’t know if she could stop the enemy’s servant.

As for Jeanne, as the Ruler, she could be said to be the highest among the rest.

It was a pity that Jeanne lost most of her power, and it was very likely that among the rest, she was the weakest at that time.

On the other hand, the Dragon Witch’s party.

According to Rozen’s reconnaissance, the enemy’s seven servants were basically first-tier.

From that perspective, the gap between those two sides could be said to be surprisingly large.

Fortunately, the combat power of the servants was not only the winning factor, but it was often decided by the noble phantasm.

Jeanne supported Rozen’s thought in front of the rest of the servants.

“Senpai is unexpectedly a very cautious person. If there is no chance of winning, then he will not order us to break through the Dragon Witch’s castle with the current lineup.”

Mashu said to everyone, and they gathered their eyes on Rozen.

“Do you have any way for us to make up for the gap, Master?”

“Please listen to me carefully.”

Marie and Amadeus were shocked, and Rozen smiled lightly.

As Mashu said, Rozen will not let them die in vain.

“Although the enemy has an advantage, that doesn’t mean we’re at a disadvantage.”

Rozen raised his three fingers.

“Compared with the enemy, we also have three advantages.”

What advantage?

“First, we have me.” Rozen said calmly, “With my support, your strength can at least improve several times. Even if it wasn’t enough power to overpower the enemy, but we can close the gap.”

“Second, the enemy has an abnormality.” Rozen said, “The enemy’s behavior was not normal.”

Being reminded by Rozen, everyone thought about it.

Especially Mashu.

“Senpai is right.” Mashu said, “The enemy Archer almost completely lost her senses.”

Not only Archer, but the rest of them also showed a very bloodthirsty, cruel, and ruthless side that they were so indifferent when killing people.

“This is obviously an abnormal condition.” Rozen said, “Not all of them is Berserker. But their spirit is not normal.”

“I’m afraid the Dragon Witch has already used Holy Grail’s power and added the attribute of Berserker to the servants she summoned to manipulate and control them?”

After thinking of various possibilities, Rozen arrived at that conclusion.

“In that way, we could grasp the weakness of the enemy’s servants with rationality and carry out effective actions.”

That was exactly why Mashu could retreat from Orleans back then.

“The enemy is not united now. Those three servants Archer, Rider, and Saber are chasing us here.”

“You’re thinking…”

Jeanne somewhat looked awkward toward Rozen.


Rozen nodded.

“I have to take down the enemy’s servants one by one, weaken the enemy’s combat power, and lay the victory for us!”

That was Rozen’s First Step strategy.

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