Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 184


France’s Army Camp.

At that moment, the Soldiers of France’s Army were doing their job, some were patrolling, some were cooking and preparing food, others were checking weapons, and the air was filled with a chill atmosphere.

At first glance, that seemed to be a very ordinary camp.

However, if one looked closely, one will find that in that camp, the soldiers’ expression was so stiff, as if they were nervous, they seemed abnormally quiet.

Such anomalies were noticed by those three Servants.

Especially D’Eon, who used to be a spy, it was so obvious for him.

“What happened?”

D’Eon stopped, and he frowned.

“Kill!” Atalanta, stepped on the camp with murderous steps, like a green shadow.


Before D’Eon could stop Atalanta, he suddenly heard a voice coming from behind.

“What are you standing around for? Execute your mission!”

Martha rode in Tarasque’s body and rushed to the camp.

That saintess was quite impulsive.

D’Eon came to a conclusion.

“Just forget it.”

If he was not in berserk-state, D’Eon, who used to be a spy, will certainly not ignore such obvious anomalies and will not act rashly.

“I must execute the mission.”

There was only one reasoning left in D’Eon’s heart.

D’Eon also rushed into the camp.

That action sealed the future of those three Servants.


Tarasque was as repressive as it was, and it rushed into the camp, it immediately screamed out.

“They’re coming!”

“The enemy is here!”

“Go to the marshal!”

The soldiers of France’s Army, who have been doing their job in an orderly manner, suddenly got up and shouted, and they did the action with the slightest hesitation.

They did not rush to the enemy, nor did they show any fear, but yelled at each other and began to spread.

Just at that moment…


Gilles came out of the main tent and could not help but say it.

“Everyone, retreat!”

The retreat instructions without a trace of hesitation were given by Gilles.



In France’s Army Camp, all the soldiers suddenly retreated and ignored the three maniacs that came in and spread all around.

Under such circumstances, the soldiers withdrew with amazing efficiency.

In that situation, those three servants were confused.


Martha started the action, ordered Tarasque to chase the Soldiers.

“Don’t run!”

D’Eon was holding a rapier and started to sprint.


Atalanta was the most frightening among them, she murmured while holding the longbow in her hand.

The surging magical power came out from those three.

“Listen to this magical melody!”

Such words sounded throughout the camp.

The amazing magic surged through the sound waves and penetrated the ears of those three servants.


The most violent Atalanta immediately stopped, covering her ears and groaned.


Tarasque also cried wildly.

“Evil voice…!”

Martha also covered her ears and seemed to be in pain.

Only D’Eon who could maintain his composure.


That was the song that no one knew in their lifetime.

Although in the past, many people have written such songs as Requiem, such as Laso, Palestrina, Victoria, mainly used for the special burial.


D’Eon shouted a name.

After all, he was a genius musician with contemporary music, and there was a dispute once between Mozart and the royal family he served. How can D’Eon not know him?

“…I didn’t expect that the enemy’s Saber was actually you.”

Responding to D’Eon’s shout from a tent in the camp, holding a baton, his face showed a sympathetic and ironic expression.

“This is really a fate, at least let me sing you the ultimate requiem.”

After that, the magical power surged and became eviler.


D’Eon finally covered his ear.

At that moment, those three servants’ power became unstable.

That was the effect of Amadeus’ Noble Phantasm.

It was said that before he died, Mozart was requested by the God of Death to compose the magic Requiem.

In other words, unlike many of the Requiems used for mass, Mozart’s Requiem was a tune that called a merciless God of Death.

That legend was sublimated for Amadeus’ Noble Phantasm.

During the activation of his noble phantasm, those who heard the Requiem played by Amadeus will activate magic resistance.

If the resistance failed, the Ability Value will be dropped by two levels and will continue to suffer from the degraded magic, ability, and armor defense.

Even if the resistance was successful, their Ability Value would drop one level, and the sustained damage will be halved, but its effect will remain.

Amadeus activated his noble phantasm and affected D’Eon, Martha, and Atalanta’s Ability Value.


Along with Amadeus’ shout, a Servant hidden in the surroundings appeared.

Seeing he was being surrounded by Servants, D’Eon understood.



They have planned that ambush all along.

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