Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 185


The servants who emerged from one after another eventually surrounded the camps.

D’Eon, Martha & Atalanta covered their ears, even Tarasque, the dragon was in pain.

“Is this Amadeus-san’s Noble Phantasm?”

Mashu was serious and set up her shield.


Jeanne held the holy flag, raising her brow slightly.

“Why are we unaffected by the song?.”

Kiyohime raised her arm and looked straight ahead.

“I’ve decided, I’ll form an orchestra with him, he’ll be my drummer!”

It seemed that Bloody Witch, who aimed to be an idol, was quite satisfied with Amadeus’s performance.


“Shut up …!”


D’Eon, Martha, and Atalanta glared at each other, all of them cursed Amadeus.

The effect of Amadeus’ Noble Phantasm effect on those three servants varied.

Because the effect of Amadeus’ Noble Phantasm was decided based on the opponent’s mana and luck.

The higher the mana and luck of the opponent, the more resistant they were to Amadeus’ Noble Phantasm effect.

On the contrary, the lower their mana and luck, the lower their resistance was.

Depending on the enemy servants’ mana and luck, Amadeus’ Noble Phantasm had a different effect.

Atalanta’s mana was B Rank, and her luck was C Rank. Both her mana was not bad.

Martha’s mana was an A Rank. And A+ Rank on luck. Both her mana and luck were high, so outstanding.

D’Eon’s mana was C Rank, and his luck was A Rank. As a Saber Rank with outstanding Physical Ability, that was very high.

Those three servants’ mana and luck were very high, and their resistance to Amadeus’ Noble Phantasm was not weak at all.

Unfortunately, Amadeus’ Noble Phantasm was a B Rank Anti-Army Noble Phantasm.

If one wanted to completely resist that Noble Phantasm, then one’s mana and luck must be at least B Rank.

In other words, among those three servants, only Martha could completely resist Amadeus’ Noble Phantasm effect, Atalanta and D’Eon were still struggling to endure Amadeus’ Noble Phantasm effect.

Under such circumstances, D’Eon and Atalanta’s strength, durability, agility parameters were reduced Rank, even Martha’s was reduced by a Rank, and constantly suffered various degrees of damage.

The damage done by Amadeus’ Noble Phantasm ignored mana and armor.

As a result, the damage suffered by those three servants was beyond imagination.

“At this rate …!”

D’Eon realized that he was in a dire situation, he bit his lips and raised his Rapier.

“In that case, we must also use noble phantasm…!”

Using Noble Phantasm to deal with the enemy’s Noble Phantasm was a wise move.

Martha’s Noble Phantasm was summoning Tarasque, but it did not have any resistance to Amadeus’ Noble Phantasm.

And Atalanta needless to say, she was in berserk-state like that, it was still unknown whether she could use her noble phantasm or not.

D’Eon was the only one who could use Noble Phantasm in that situation.


“Do you think I will allow you to use noble phantasm?”

When he heard that voice coming from beside Amadeus, D’Eon finally realized…

Near Amadeus, who was playing the music, a human being appeared.

“It’s time to settle this.”

Rozen grinned.

“Let’s start the party.”

After that, Rozen’s mana burst out.

The huge mana was divided into several lines, entering Mashu, Jeanne, Kiyohime, and Elizabeth’s body.





The sound of the explosion was heard from those four servants’ body.


At that moment, except for Mashu, the other three servants let out some shocking and awkward voices.

The first time they received their Master’s mana, those three servants’ power skyrocketed, and their feeling was even more indescribable.

“Is this Master’s mana …?”

Jeanne was shocked.

“That man is quite capable!”

Elizabeth even cried due to happiness and pleasure. She completely forgot that she rejected the contract with Rozen before, but she accepted Rozen’s mana. Obviously, she has already formed a temporary contract.

“Ah… Master’s … is entering me… within my body…”

And Kiyohime was like a soul that was intoxicated and looked toward Rozen.

Rozen didn’t pay attention to those servants’ reaction at all.

“Let’s go!”

Under Rozen’s command, those four servants ran together.


At that moment, those four servants attacked.

“Kill…! Kill…! Kill…!”

Atalanta completely ignored her downgraded Physical Ability and the continuous damage she received, and did not want to use her noble phantasm to fight the enemy, she only used the longbow and shot the arrow toward Jeanne.

“Vwooom …!”

The arrow imbued with magic was unleashed like a whirlwind in the sky.


Jeanne waved the holy flag to block the incoming arrow.


The powerful arrow was bounced off and flew into the sky.

At the same time, Mashu went past Jeanne and rushed toward D’Eon.


D’Eon immediately swung the Rapier in his hand and struck Mashu with chain attack, it looked so elegant that he seemed like he was dancing on the battlefield.

“Clang clang clang clang clang …!”

Metal collision sounded on the surface of the shield, causing the spark each time their respective weapon clashed.

Mashu took all of D’Eon’s attacks and charged toward him again.

Elizabeth and Kiyohime took on Tarasque.

“Don’t get in my way!”

Both of them screamed at the same time in an attempt to assert their dominance toward each other and rushed toward Tarasque.


Tarasque immediately cried and accepted their challenge.

That cry signaled the upcoming fierce battle.

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