Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 186


It must be said that Rozen’s ambush was really well-planned.

Although the enemy’s servants were among the best in the world, they could be weakened by Amadeus’ Noble Phantasm. And with the support of Rozen’s mana, the gap between them was no longer the same as before.

The enemies were only three servants, and Rozen’s group had four servants, excluding Amadeus. Once the battle began, the favor immediately shifted to Rozen’s group.

“Swosh swosh swosh …!”

The sword dance sprinkled like a rainstorm cutting the air.

“Clang clang clang clang clang …!”

Mashu raised her shield raised to block the relentless sword dance.

D’Eon was pushed into a corner by Mashu. She was ready to use the Noble Phantasm, Mashu will immediately activate the magic, and rushed up like a chariot, forcing D’Eon to give up.

“Aaah …!”

Atalanta kept murmuring with ignorance, swaying in the camp like the wind while shooting arrows.

“Ha, Ha!”

When facing against Atalanta’s fierce attacks, Jeanne was forced into defensive. The arrows that fired were bounced off because of the holy flag. Atalanta’s attack was completely parried.

Those four Servants were deliberately holding back, they only had to endure the attack of their opponent.

Rozen was assigning Mashu and Jeanne, who were good at defense to keep D’Eon and Atalanta in check, which was one of Rozen’s plans for the battle the night earlier.

Even though Rozen did not know D’Eon and Atalanta’s real name yet, that did not prevent him from formulating countermeasures.

After all…

“According to the information so far, the enemy Archer has the highest degree of berserk-state. If she managed to break through our camp, it would be troublesome. Although I still don’t know the enemy’s specific ability, among the Seven Class, Saber has always been hailed as the strongest class.”

“Facing such servants, the best way to deal with them is to defeat them by ambush. But in terms of threats, I think that the enemy Rider’s dragons are more dangerous. ”

“So, our initial tactics were to use Amadeus’ noble phantasm to reduce the enemy’s power, then Mashu and Jeanne who are good at defense will keep Saber and Archer in check, and the rest of them will deal with the other two.”

That was the tactic that Rozen had laid down.

Based on that, Mashu and Jeanne did need to worry about defeating their enemy, and they both firmly held their opponents.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth and Kiyohime were fired up.

“Raaagh! ”

Tarasque, who didn’t know what it has been staring at, suddenly roared, lifted its heavy legs, and swung its tail fiercely at those two Servants in front of him.

An amazing blow destroyed the ground, but before that, Elizabeth and Kiyohime dodged the attack.

“Don’t let the enemy go! Tarasque!”

Martha, who was riding on the dragon’s back, spoke loudly, her eyes were staring wildly.

Apparently, as soon as the battle began, the saint was also engulfed by the berserk-state and became inhuman.

But that was exactly what Rozen wanted.

“Go crazy…”

“Go crazy…”

“The more you lose control, the more you’ll fall into my trap…”

Rozen looked at that scene and smiled while intensifying the mana in his body.

Elizabeth and Kiyohime immediately felt the mana enhancing their body and smiled.

Those two’s smiles were naive and beautiful, but they weren’t any less dangerous than Tarasque.

Because those two girls were also dragons.

“So… let’s start!”

Elizabeth took the lead.

That only meant one thing.

“Let me sing a song, I will use my Noble Phantasm!”

Elizabeth took a deep breath.

At that moment, the surrounding air was sucked into Elizabeth’s mouth.

That was Elizabeth’s Noble Phantasm.

It could amplify the sound and vibration, and it will release the sound of the devil. Its power could kill 10,000 african elephants in an instant.

At that time, Elizabeth was ready to activate that noble phantasm.


In the next second, a supersonic wave that seemed to distort the air cut through the ground, heading straight to Tarasque.

That Noble Phantasm’s rank was D and was only Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm.

However, Elizabeth did not realize that her Noble Phantasm effect did affect not only Tarasque but also everyone in the vicinity.


Rozen could not withstand Elizabeth’s Noble Phantasm.


“This… this song…!”

Mashu, Jeanne, D’Eon, and Atalanta, who were in the middle of a fierce battle, covered their ears.

Even Amadeus, who was using his Noble Phantasm and playing Requiem, almost collapsed.

“Damn…! What a terrible song…!? It’s the worst voice in the world…! Bastard!”

Amadeus cursed Elizabeth’s Noble Phantasm.

It was a pain in the ass to hear such an ultrasound, at least that was how Martha and Tarasque felt.

“Oh, God…”

Martha prayed in pain.


Tarasque screamed.

Kiyohime, who was the closest to the ultrasound, was also affected by it and suffered.

“If it wasn’t because of the Master’s order, I will never fight with this imposter dragon!”

Kiyohime also covered her ears, her beautiful face changed, but she still dealt a fatal blow according to the plan.


As Noble Phantasm was activated, Kiyohime spun like she was dancing, and her whole lovable body burst into a horrifying flame.


Dragon’s roar, it was suddenly heard in the middle of the flames.

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