Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 187


During her lifetime, in order to trace the man who lied to her, Kiyohime abandoned her flesh, turned it into a giant snake, and eventually became a dragon. She burned her beloved man with her dragon breath.

Therefore, even if her parameter was very low, as a servant of the dragon attribute, Kiyohime could spew dragon breath with amazing attack power.

The strong point of Kiyohime was her noble phantasm.

It was a noble phantasm that could grant Kiyohime a temporary dragon body, then she turned into a flame, and burned the enemy.

That noble phantasm was very effective for Kiyohime, and the same as Elizabeth’s noble phantasm, it was just Anti-Unit noble phantasm.

However, it was EX Rank, which was above A Rank, above the normal parameter.

How terrifying will Kiyohime be when she used her noble phantasm?

That answer will be clear in the next second.


When the dragon’s roar sounded, the temperature of the surrounding suddenly rose.

A dragon formed by a flame appeared in the camp, roaring from the sky.

It was not the dragon with wings and limbs that were commonly seen. Kiyohime turned into a dragon without wings and limb, but could float and move freely in the air.

The dragon formed by the pure flame looked down at Tarasque.


Without waiting for Tarasque to respond, that dragon slithered to Tarasque.


The rumbling sound rang through the clouds.

The snake spewed the dragon breath, engulfing Tarasque in the flame.

Tarasque, who was under the effect of Amadeus’ noble phantasm, couldn’t even react. He instantly suffered the unbearable heat of formidable power.

“Hey… Aaaaaaah …!”

The saint who was riding on Tarasque was also engulfed in flames, and the painful sorrows resounded.

It didn’t take too long for the dragon to disperse and Kiyohime emerged from the flames, fluttering from the sky, spinning slowly as she descended to the ground, like an elegant princess dancing in the middle of the flame.

“Hu …”

After taking a deep breath, Kiyohime returned to her human form, only a few flames left on her body.


Shortly afterward, heavy muffled sounds echoed.

It was the sound of the burned Tarasque falling on the ground.

Martha was kneeling on one knee in front of Tarasque.

However, the madness in her eyes was gone at that moment.

“Well done …”

Martha looked at Kiyohime and looked at Rozen, who provided magical power from the back, and finally smiled.

Immediately, Martha slowly closed her eyes, she and Tarasque began to shine.

One person and one dragon turned into a light particle and disappeared in the air.

The enemy Rider, defeated.

“Yes… We did it!” Mashu was so happy.


Jeanne, who was battling with Atalanta, also sighed in relief.

As for D’Eon and Atalanta, one merely took a glance on what happened meanwhile the other didn’t care at all and still attack the opponent relentlessly.

That was the drawback of the berserk-state. There was not a shred of team fight among them. Once they started to fight, they fought on their own, and they will not pay attention to their comrades.

Putting Atalanta aside, D’Eon at least understood.

“After losing Rider, it is impossible to defeat the enemy here.”

D’Eon was at least aware of that.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth and Kiyohime were quarreling.

“Let me tell you in advance, even without you, I could’ve easily beat the dragon. I let you deal the finishing blow on purpose, for I am generous and tolerant, be grateful.”

“Aiya, Aiya Aiya, the aristocrats really are ugly, so ugly.”

Those two, as always, would quarrel over every trivial matter.


Rozen, who has just recovered from Elizabeth’s noble phantasm, stood up and glared at Elizabeth and Kiyohime.

“If you wanna have a quarrel, take it somewhere else! Let me deal with the enemy!”

“Only… it’s only you! Who dare to order me!”

Elizabeth was very embarrassed, but she no longer quarreled.

“Yes! Master!”

Kiyohime nodded with her face blushed red, she showed an obedient look.

Those two servants shifted their attention to the next target, D’Eon and Atalanta.

The next thing to do was simple.

“Defeat them one by one, defeat Archer first, then kill Saber!”

Rozen’s voice announced the end of D’Eon and Atalanta.

“Aaaaah …!”

Not realizing that she was the next target, Atalanta just madly shot a whirlwind arrow toward Jeanne.

“Clang! Clang! Clang!”

Jeanne still focused on defense. She did not let her guard down because of a victory. She parried all of Atalanta’s arrows, and Atalanta found herself being surrounded by three servants.

At that time, Elizabeth and Kiyohime rushed up.

“The next one to take the lead is me!”

In the hands of Elizabeth, the microphone-like magic spear came out dark lightning, and Atalanta madly chased Jeanne.

“I also want to be praised by master!”

Kiyohime didn’t move an inch from her spot, but she swung the fan in her hand, which summoned scorching flame heading straight toward Atalanta.


Atalanta slightly regained her sanity at the nick of time due to the danger she felt instinctively, she could clearly see the incoming attack and was ready to dodge.


“Don’t even think about it!”

Jeanne, who has been in the defense, suddenly rushed toward Atalanta.


The sacred flag in Jeanne’s hand hit Atalanta and stirred up a gust of wind.

Atalanta groaned because she was taken off guard.

Behind her, the dark magic spear was waiting.

The long sharp spear pierced through Atalanta’s chest.

“Hey… Aaaah…?”

Atalanta’s eyes opened wide.

Shortly afterward, flames burst out around Atalanta’s body.


At the moment of the explosion, the flames burst on Atalanta’s body, turned into an explosion, and swallowed her body.

Atalanta was burned in flames, and the madness on her face gradually disappeared.

Finally, the Greek Heroine turned into a light particle in the flame, vanished from sight.

The enemy Archer was defeated by Rozen’s group.

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