Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 188


Frankly speaking, if Martha and Atalanta were not in a berserk state, but were summoned normally, then they would not be so easily defeated.

Not to mention that Martha depended on Tarasque to do the fighting. And Atalanta couldn’t use her noble phantasm in a berserk state.

If those two Servants could fight normally, perhaps Rozen’s ambush plan wouldn’t be a success.

In any case, Martha and Atalanta were defeated without being able to fight all out.

Only D’Eon left.

No need to even think about it, D’Eon realized he had no chance of winning if he must fight all Rozen’s servants.

The rest was just a finishing touch.

At least that was what most of them thought …

“Don’t let your guard down, Master!” Amadeus was playing a Requiem.

“He is the guardian of the France royal family. The Dragon Knight of the Secret Agency, it is not that easy to get rid of him!”

Amadeus reminded Rozen.

Unfortunately, that was a bit late.


D’Eon, who has been fighting with Mashu, suddenly swung his Rapier. The Rapier was not aimed at Mashu but instead to the ground.


The ground was turning into a sea of flames.


Mashu was startled, the dust blurred her vision.

Mashu stopped, and D’Eon was able to pull back.

The Dragon Knight was running into the woods.

“Running away?”

Rozen was surprised when he saw that. He never imagined that the enemy’s servants would run away.

Since the enemy’s servants were in a berserk state and lost their sense of self, Rozen thought they would fight to the end.

But D’Eon’s ran away.

“That man will use any means necessary in order to survive because he’s a spy. Even if he’s in a berserk state, that habit was deeply imprinted in his brain.”

Amadeus told Rozen about that.

That was the essence of D’Eon.

“If it is to protect the France royal family, the Dragon Knight will do anything even if he has to abandon his pride.”

Amadeus explained.

“Wait, wait, wait!”

“Don’t run!”

Elizabeth and Kiyohime chased D’Eon to the woods.


“We will chase him!”

Mashu and Jeanne also chased him down.

Only Rozen and Amadeus left on the spot.

“Dragon Knight in the King’s Room?”

Rozen wondered.

“No wonder she didn’t come out…”

Rozen murmured.

Those two looked at the direction of the woods, as if they knew what would happen next, and watched quietly.

“Swoosh …”

Chevalier D’Eon traveled through the woods at the speed of the wind while heading towards Orleans.

He remained calm even though his group was annihilated.

“The mission has failed. I have to go back and report it.”

That was the only thing in D’Eon’s mind.

Even if the mission failed, he had to find a way to make up for it or what he should do next. That was how Chevalier D’Eon operated.

D’Eon ran between the trees and prepared to return to Orleans.

At that time…

“Hyaaaa…” A voice echoed.

It was a completely different voice from Elizabeth’s demonic sound.

The sound wave turned into magical power, and the magical power condensed into a shell, flying and fell to D’Eon’s body.


D’Eon was shocked and jumped out to avoid the incoming magic bullet.

“Who’s there!?”

D’Eon screamed with a terrifying face.

At that time, he could hear the voice that he had never forgotten, even after his death.

“Sorry, long time no see my knight, I couldn’t help but do some pranks.”

The queen, who has been hiding finally showed herself.

“You… are you…!?”

D’Eon’s face, which was calm and cold, even after being in a berserk state, finally showed horror in his face.

“Long time no see, my finest knight.”

Marie appeared with her bright smile as usual, and she greeted D’Eon.

“Marie…Your Highness…!”

D’Eon stepped back.

Marie was very happy about that.

“Do you remember me? That’s a pleasure!”

Marie’s laughter deeply stimulated D’Eon’s heart.

D’Eon couldn’t attack

“……Step aside.”

D’Eon stared at Marie closely and whispered.

“I don’t want to swing my sword.”

D’Eon said.

Even though he was in a berserk state, but he managed to regain his sense of self before Marie.

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