Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 189


Even though he lost his mind and became Berserk, d’Eon still remembered…

“I will give you this piece of clothes that should have been worn by you, my finest knight.”

Queen of White Lily gave him a dress along with such a message.

d’Eon only used woman’s clothes when he was on a mission as a spy to complete his task, even though he did not really want to wear women’s clothes.

For a man, wearing women’s clothes should be a shameful thing.

Because of that, his life was shrouded in the fog of the unknown about his gender.

No one knew whether d’Eon was a man or a woman.

The same was also true for the Queen.


“You are so beautiful, it is a pity that you don’t wear this dress.”

At that time, d’Eon would not forget the Queen’s expression when she said that.

That is not to ridicule, not to be patronized, but sincere appreciation.

d’Eon was convinced by the Queen on that day.

Although d’Eon had long been loyal to the royal family, no matter what kind of treatment he faced.

But on that day, they became heroes, but they were facing each other as an enemy.

d’Eon was shaken by that kind of reality, and he struggled to accept it.

Being affected with berserk-state, d’Eon was no longer the Royal Knight, just a cold and ruthless killer.

If Marie insisted on getting in d’Eon way, d’Eon would definitely swing his Rapier.

In that situation…


Marie actually answered that and opened the way with the slightest hesitation.


d’Eon paused.

Who would’ve thought that Marie actually let him escaped?

But that was Marie.

“Although I feel bad for my Master, I feel bad for everyone, I feel bad for you, I really don’t want to be in this situation. Fighting against you.”

Marie was smiling when she said that.

“……Are you sure?”

d’Eon hesitated to ask her.

“I was originally a stupid Queen in everyone’s eyes. I don’t understand the hardships of this world. I only enjoy pleasure. I used our citizen’s hard-earned money on dances, desserts, and meaningless socializing.”

When Marie said that, she did not say that in a self-defense tone, but whispered softly as if she remembered her immature self.

“Master might be angry. Everyone may be disappointed with me. Just thinking about this, I am already very sad, but at least for now, I don’t want to see you being crucified here.”

Marie made a resolve in her heart.

That was Marie Antoinette, the most foolish Queen in France, but in exchange for the heart of countless people.

Amadeus dedicated himself to her.

d’Eon swore his loyalty.

Many others have been captivated by that indescribable personality.

If it weren’t because of berserk-state, d’Eon would’ve trembled, offering his life and loyalty again.

“…I hope you won’t regret your decision.”

d’Eon left those words.

Marie just smiled and answered.

“Pas question, belle cavalière (no, oh, beautiful Miss Knight).”

Marie talked to d’Eon in French.

“J’espère que tout ira bien pour vous (I hope you’ll be at your best when we meet again).”

At the last moment, Marie gave blessings instead of a curse.

In front of such a Queen, d’Eon was silent for a sec, and then he nodded.

“J’espère que tout va bien, noble dame (The same goes for you, my lady).”

That was d’Eon last words.

Give a dress to Knight, who swore allegiance to the Queen, that Knight was running to the distance.

The next time they met, those two will officially be enemies.


Chevalier d’Eon patted Marie’s shoulder and left.

Marie smiled from beginning to end and watched d’Eon left.

Not long after that, a little noise came from the camp.

That was Mashu, Jeanne, Kiyohime, and Elizabeth.

Hearing their voice, Marie was a bit nervous.

“Guess it’s time to go back and apologize to everyone.”

Marie then approached her companions and went back to the camp.

“I am really sorry, Master.”

In the main tent, Marie apologized to Rozen in front of everyone at the place.

Upon seeing it, Rozen did not feel angry but only sighed.

“I roughly know this is how it will turn out.”

With Marie’s personality, Rozen had long felt that the Queen might not be able to keep up with the plan.

“No way…”

Amadeus shrugged as he has already expected this to happen.

“We understand.”

Mashu and Jeanne did not want to discuss that matter any further.

Elizabeth and Kiyohime were still unwilling to let the matter go.

But Rozen ignored them and looked toward Marie.

“Forget it.” Rozen helplessly said, “Will you do it properly next time?”

“What?” Marie was startled, and then quickly said, “Are you saying that you forgive me?”

“What else do you think I’d do?” Rozen said, “punish you?”

Although it was a pity to let the enemy Saber go, they managed to defeat Archer and Rider.

“Thank you! Master!”

Marie suddenly smiled and laughed in the rain.

Not only that.

Marie was so happy, then she approached Rozen and…


She kissed Rozen.

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