Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 190


At that moment, the indescribable silence filled the tent.

In particular, Rozen was completely frozen.

What happened?

What was going on?

Where am I?

Am I still alive?

Those questions were filling Rozen’s mind.

However, the wonderful sensation that still remained on his cheeks and the fragrance of the girl who just kissed him lingered at the tip of his nose.

Although it was only a kiss on the cheek, it was undoubtedly Rozen’s first experience.

And not only Rozen, but everyone was also frozen on the spot.

“That… that…”

Jeanne’s charming face blushed.

“Wh… what are you doing!? You are a Queen!”

Elizabeth immediately voiced her concern.

Conversely, Marie herself like didn’t care what happened.

“What happened? Am I doing something wrong?”

It seemed that the Queen herself did not seem to realize the amazing thing she has just done.

Rozen has also heard that in foreign countries, a kiss was a form of greeting.

Is that… the same thing?

However, Rozen learned the truth of that matter from Amadeus, who was unexpectedly calm.

“I am sorry, everyone.” Amadeus sighed.

“For Marie, that was just a way to express her happiness and gratitude to others. In the past, there used to be a lot of commotion in the palace too in the past regarding the same matter.”

In other words, that was something that could be done casually!?

Rozen, who was trembling with fear, looked back.

There were two girls standing behind him.

“… Master.”

Mashu stared at Rozen intensely, her eyes and expressions were more serious than ever when she said such a word.

“I have something to talk to you.”

It sounded like she had something serious to say to Rozen.

Why… why!?

Rozen really wanted to shout such a word.

Too bad there was another girl standing behind him, preventing him from saying anything because he felt chill down his spine.

“Hehe …Hehehehe …”

Kiyohime covered her face with her fan, hiding her charming face. Leaving only a pair of her eyes watched Rozen, followed by a creepy laugh.

That look she gave was as if she was thinking about whether or not to burn a heartless man in front of her.

Why… why!?

There was a second urge to scream in Rozen’s heart. Why that young lady whom he just met today stared at him with that look?

Did that snake-woman fall in love with the young man who helped her?

Ok… So scary!

At that moment, Rozen quickly cleared his throat to draw everyone’s attention.

“A… Anyway, we’ve defeated the enemy Archer and Rider, and now we can consider attacking Orleans directly.”

Although that was only to change the subject, but that was what Rozen planned to say to begin with.

After defeated Archer and Rider, the enemy only had five Servants left, and there were six Servants in Rozen’s group. In terms of quantity, he already had the advantage.

Of course, the enemy also had a large number of wyverns and the pure-blood dragon that guarded the Orleans Castle.

The pure-blood dragon was a legendary divine beast, which was much stronger than Rider’s Tarasque.

In order to deal with that creature, Rozen had to come up with ways to defeat it.

However, only one thing was certain.

“Today is our last break.” Rozen announced that.

“Tomorrow, we will attack Orleans.”

That was not merely recklessness nor hasty, but that was what had to be done.

After all, Holy Grail was in the hands of Jeanne Alter.

Once she used Holy Grail’s power to summon new servants, it will be a pain in the ass.


While thinking of that, Rozen wanted to say something to Jeanne, but after taking several matters into account, he turned to Mashu instead.

“Mashu, inform Marshal Gilles of our decision here and ask him if he wants to join the last fight with us.”

Even though the army just consisted of ordinary people, but they will provide enough help to deal with the wyverns

“Understood, Senpai.” Mashu answered.


Jeanne whispered softly.

The rest of the servants also had their own thought.


Elizabeth clenched the spear in her hand and thought about the opponent she was about to face.

“Will I meet d’Eon again tomorrow?”

“You can’t show mercy anymore, Marie.”

Marie and Amadeus looked at each other, Amadeus gave her encouragement.

Only one person left…

“We still have much time before tomorrow, Master, please allow me to keep you company.”

Kiyohime’s expression hasn’t changed, she was staring at Rozen like preparing to swallow him alive.

“…Please allow me to refuse!”

Rozen pondered for a sec, and then answered cautiously.

“What about the future of this Singularity?”

Through the observation facility of Chaldea, Roman, who was watching the development of the situation murmured.

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