Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 191


The night has arrived.

d’Eon has escaped and reported the whole situation to Orleans. On that day, fewer and fewer wyverns were seen flying over the sky of France.

After all, as the saying goes, it was the calm before the storm.

At that time, the silence brought by the disappearance of wyvern was like telling others that France’s biggest storm was coming.

Gilles has already announced their participation to attack Orleans tomorrow.

The entire army was worried.

But the swift attack was necessary.

The atmosphere became heavy.

“Tomorrow, I am ready to put everything I got, so we should have fun tonight, we have no time to be all gloomy.”

The Queen, who was determined to face everything with a smile, naturally couldn’t bear to watch everyone being all depressed in the upcoming final battle.

And Marie’s tactic was very simple.

Prepare foods and drinks to enjoy their last moment.

In front of the bonfire in the camp, Marie was cheering all the soldiers who were sitting around the campfire with a beautiful smile and a soothing voice.

“Vive la France!” (Long live France!”)

“Vive la France!” The soldiers responded.

The cheers went straight to the sky.

Marie cheered up the soldiers, like a concert, the soldiers gave a warm cheer one after another while enjoying the laughter.

In the process, all the food and drinks in the camp were taken out and provided to everyone, so that everyone could have a good time.

Wonderful music echoed in the camp.

That was Amadeus’ masterpiece.

He was like trying to help Marie to shine on the stage, Amadeus closed his eyes, with a chuckle, and kept singing his famous song.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth and Kiyohime were at it again.

“Let me go! Let me go! Let! Go!”

Elizabeth kept groaning, like a sloppy rich ojou-sama.

“You dumb! No one would welcome you!”

Kiyohime was firmly dragging Elizabeth, stopping her from going out.

“There’s a concert! With such a beautiful stage! How can I let that woman have it for herself!”

Elizabeth struggled hard, but unfortunately, Kiyohime still couldn’t compromise.

“Are you planning to sing? If you do, I won’t let you go!”

Kiyohime entangled Elizabeth like a snake.

Kiyohime did that for the Rozen’s sake.

“I can’t let Master hear your terrifying Dragon Breath!”

“It’s not a dragon breath! It’s singing!”

Kiyohime and Elizabeth kept arguing.

When Rozen saw those two, he sighed.

If he let Elizabeth sang, he will die for sure.

If he anger Kiyohime, he will also die.

Based on that, he’d rather let those two girls playing with themselves.


“Is it ok to let them fight Senpai?”

Mashu was preparing food for Rozen and asked worriedly.

“Forget about them.” Rozen shook his head and said, “They actually enjoy it, let them be.”

After that, Rozen looked around.

“Right.” Rozen asked, “Where is Jeanne?”

“Jeanne-san?” Mashu also looked around and saw no trace of Jeanne. “I don’t know, but when the banquet started, Jeanne-san seemed to go to the woods.”

“The woods…” Rozen pondered for a moment, then nodded, and he said, “Then I will go looking for her, keep an eye on those guys, don’t let them get into trouble.”

“Understood, Senpai.” Mashu nodded.

Rozen quietly left the banquet and went to the woods.

Rozen walked in a while following Jeanne’s trace.

When Rozen arrived, the scene that appeared in front of his eyes made him slightly startled.

“Marshal Gilles?”

In the depths of the woods, in an open space, Gilles appeared in front of Rozen.

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