Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 193


France, Orleans.

A scout saw through binoculars how chaotic the situation in Orleans was. Wyverns covered the whole of Orleans.

At the same time, in the central square of Orleans, Jeanne Alter was standing in the center of the hall, the wicked flag in her hand fluttered as the wind blew.

Until a certain moment, another person showed up.


It was none other than Caster.

After Jeanne’s death, Caster has become a renowned sinner who went down in history, a soldier who drown in madness and slaughtered hundreds of children.

Caster, who was holding the Prelati’s Spellbook, showed up in the hall. He bowed to Jeanne Alter and made his report with a weird tone.

“All wyverns in the whole of France have been called back, and tomorrow our whole army should be gathered in Orleans.”

He came to report this matter.

“Very good.” Jeanne Alter said coldly, “What about the servants?”

As soon as she said that, two figures emerged from the shadows and walked to the hall.

“Of course, we’re already here.”

Lancer said with a dignified tone.

“I haven’t collected enough blood, but since you call me back, I had no choice but to return, you better make this up with more blood.”

Assassin smiled while holding The Iron Maiden in her hand.

Jeanne Alter looked at the two servants with cold and distant eyes.

d’Eon, Martha, and Atalanta were heroes who originally were upright and noble, they weren’t the type of person who will side with Jeanne Alter, but Lancer and Assasins were the exact opposite.

Those two were bloodthirsty and cruel. They didn’t just slaughter people but also took their blood, treating the people of France as prey. They have done a lot of indescribable things.

Jeanne Alter couldn’t even let her guard down for a second in front of those two.

If she did, they may just stab her back and took her blood to sate themselves.

Of course, even if they didn’t, with Caster as exception Jeanne Alter will not trust anyone.

Caster explained the situation.

“Archer and Rider have been defeated.”

A straightforward sentence, Lancer and Assassin raised their brow when they heard that.

Followed by…

“That’s a pity.”

He said that but there was no change whatsoever in his expression, and his tone was as dignified as always.

“I knew that those two were useless, I should’ve drained their blood dry from the beginning.”

Assassin casually expressed her ruthless idea in front of those three.

Jeanne Alter did not expect those two will give such a response with no expression.

“So, only Saber who managed to return….”

As soon as Jeanne Alter said that, Saber rushed in through the gate of the castle.

“The enemy now had a total of six servants in their ranks.”

d’Eon instantly reported what he saw during the pursuit.

“If my hunch is right, the enemy will siege this place again soon.”

Jeanne Alter had a feeling that will happen, that was why he summoned back Lancer and Assassin.

“As long as I have Holy Grail in my hand, I can summon as many as servants I want to. But the Holy Grail seems to have done unnecessary acts, it summoned additional servant after I summon servant. I don’t want to summon more servant unless I have to.”

Jeanne Alter said calmly.

“You will stand by in Orleans and be ready to deal with the incoming enemies.”

“I have a condition.” d’Eon said very suddenly, “Don’t kill enemy Rider, let me deal with her.”

Hearing that, Jeanne Alter frowned.

Lancer and Assassin, as if trying to compete, also stated their own condition.

“I just want blood,” Lancer said without a doubt, “In any case, as I long I can see blood gushing, I’ll be fine.”

“I can’t let that slide.” Assassin immediately retorted, “As I said, the blood of all the beautiful girls is mine.”

“Hmm, that would be troublesome.” Lancer also frowned, and in the next second, he said, “Let’s just use first come first serve rule.”

That sentence made Assassin helpless.

“Well, if you say so, I can’t argue with that, Vlad III.”

Assassin just blurted out Lancer’s name.

Vlad III.

Normal people would be shocked to hear that name.

Because, in Romania, the name was no less famous than the Greek hero Hercules and the British Knight King Arthur.

He was the prince of Wallachia, a famous hero in the history of Romania, fighting for the independence of Wallachia and a Christian believer so that he was known as the shield of Christianity. He was a very noble warrior.

His father, Vlad II, or Vlad Dracul (meaning “dragon” in Romanian) was a member of the Order of the Dragon, founded by the Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund.

His son, Vlad III, received the name Dracula, which meant the son of Dracul or the Dragon, according to Old Church Slavonic, indicating that he will inherit the will of his father and protect Christianity.

In modern Romanian, Dracul meant the devil, which contributed to Vlad III’s reputation.

Vlad III was known as Vlad Țepeș or Vlad the Impaler in Romanian history.

Unfortunately, in today’s world, Vlad III was known as one of the most famous monsters.

Because in order to protect the independence of Wallachia, Vlad III was extremely unscrupulous, and was regarded as a demon-like existence by Turkey, Wallachia’s enemy in that era.

The most famous deed of this Grand Duke was that in the face of the Turkish aggression, he used merely 10.000 troops to confront the 150.000 enemies who were like the raging waves. In the end, they did not only successfully resist the enemy, but also impale 20.000 corpses of the enemies.

This horrifying deed was the reason why the name Dracula was regarded as a monster.

After years of fabrication and circulation, the name Dracula became famous. The name Vampire Earl Dracula was the pioneer of the vampire history, spreading the name Dracula throughout Europe.

Thanks to this, the Grand Duke, who was a Christian believer, was rumored to be a vampire like Elizabeth.

Now, the Grand Duke has been summoned in Lancer Class and was given madness enchantment, due to the fabrication in history, he obtained the power of the vampire, unscrupulously sucking blood in the land of France, as he slaughtered the resident of France.

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