Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 194


Legend said that he decorated Wallachia’s border with up to 20,000 of impaled enemy soldiers. The stakes that he used to impale the enemy was made from woods, bones, flesh, shadows, hair, etc.

The Vlad III’s Noble Phantasm was Kazikli Bey.

It was C+ Rank Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm.

In the above case, the range is overwhelmingly wide, and it was even possible to combine and manipulate countless spikes.

Although this Noble Phantasm does not go that far, it still has enough destructive power to destroy a single Servant.

Of course, Assassin also had her own noble phantasm.

Phantom Maiden. A torture tool that could kill someone instantly.

The tool will float on Assassin’s head as it entraps the enemy inside it, and along with the screams of the victim, the tool will absorb the victim’s blood, allowing Assassin to regain her strength. If the opponent was a woman and a formidable one, the effects, and damage will also rise.

Her noble phantasm was C Rank, she had a lower rank of Noble Phantasm compared to Vlad III, but their Noble Phantasm was the same type, which was Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm.

“If that is the case…”

“There is no way…”

Those two vampires were looking at each other with killing intent in their eyes.

Obviously, those two were ready to compete with each other when it came to hunting prey.


Jeanne Alter grew impatient with their attitude.

“Stop fussing over such trivial matter. Whether you want to kill, burn, or torture your prey, just do it, I don’t give a damn!”

Those two vampires looked dissatisfied, but they didn’t say anything.

Jeanne Alter was looked toward d’Eon, who has been waiting for her response.

“I don’t know what reason you have, but alright then. I’ll give her to you. In return — kill your opponent.”

Jeanne Alter looked all cold and could care less about d’Eon’s reason, d’Eon then lifted his head slightly, and then he nodded.

“I am sorry, Jeanne.” Caster said, “If I didn’t leave even a single human being, then you wouldn’t have to worry like now, I really …really …!” Caster shed tears when he said that.

Jeanne Alter’s expression gradually returned to normal when she looked at Caster.

“It doesn’t matter, they’re just ants, I don’t need to personally worry about them. Just let them come to meet their end.” Jeanne Alter smiled coldly.

“All you need to do is follow your instinct and slaughter everyone.”

Hearing those words, except for d’Eon, the rest of the servants smiled with satisfaction.


A growl that shook the air echoed in the hall.

“I almost forgot about you.”

Jeanne Alter turned her eyes and looked outside of the gate.

“Do you feel annoyed, little one?”

“Let’s go make some trouble, shall we?”

“Destroy everything!”

As if responding to Jeanne Alter’s words, a more terrifying roar resounded across the whole Orleans.

“Hehe … Haha … Hahahahahaha …!”

Jeanne Alter’s malicious laugh filled the air.

That night was destined to be the last night of peace.

The next day.

Early in the morning, the campfire was already put out, only the leftover after the banquet remained.

France’s soldiers were fully armed, they were guarding in front of the camp.

Gilles was inside the camp, discussing the strategy before it was carried out later.

Jeanne was just watching silently from a distance.

Elizabeth and Kiyohime, who just woke up, came out of their tent.

Amadeus looked at Mary, who was lying in bed and slept with her innocent face.

Rozen was in his own tent.

“Fou!” Fou cried, ran into a tent, and jumped onto Rozen.

“Senpai, are you awake?” Mashu followed behind and stared at the bed with her innocent eyes.

There, Rozen was still asleep until Fou jumped onto him.

“Is it dawn already?” Rozen muttered with a sleepy face.

“Senpai, it’s morning already.” Mashu said helplessly.

“Today’s battle will be a very important one, pull yourself together, Senpai.” Mashu helped Rozen to put on his coat like a caring girlfriend.

“Hoam…” Rozen did not even realize what situation he was in at that time, he was so lazy and just yawned.

Romani muttered while monitoring Rozen on the projection screen.

“I sure envy you every time you this happens, you’re as carefree as ever.”

It wouldn’t hurt to be slightly nervous on the day of the final battle.

At least…

“The director has been so angry lately that she almost explodes.” 

Romani’s words were heard by a mad owl, and it scratched his face.

“Oh, wow! Sorry! Director! My bad! Please forgive me! The staff almost wakes up! Are you sure you should stay here…!?”  Romani screamed and tried to block the attack of the owl, but to no avail.

Romani’s face was covered with a strip of claw marks.

“…Doctor, that’s going too far.” Mashu said.

Meanwhile, Rozen has completely woke up.

“Pull yourself together, brother, we’ll be counting on Chaldea’s technology for today’s battle.” Rozen said.

“Understood…” Romani answered.

Rozen checked Rozen’s status.

“Magic Circuit… check.”

“Magical power… check.”

“Command seal… There are still two strokes left.”

“Everything’s ready.”

Rozen opened his eyes and walked with Mashu together.

“This is the last fight in this Singularity, Senpai.” Mashu said that while smiling.

“Ah, that’s right.” Rozen nodded, responded to Mashu.

The pairs from Chaldea were going to fight together.

“Let’s go, Mashu!”

“Yes, Master!”

Those two left the tent and walked outside.

The final battle in that singularity will finally begin.

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