Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 196


The wolf familiar was the same type as the ant familiar. The only difference was that the ant was a power type, meanwhile the wolf was an agility type, and had their own unique traits.

In that aspect, the wolf had the same characteristics as the ant.

That was, both of them didn’t cost that much magical power to summon, and it heavily relied on their numbers to win the battle.

During the last skirmish in Orleans, Rozen also summoned the wolf, but he only used it to flee, not to fight the enemy.

Were the wolf familiars weaker compared to the wyverns?

The situation was no longer the same as last time.

Due to Amadeus’ Noble Phantasm, the wyvern suffered the negative effects of reduced parameters and constantly suffered damage.

Even the servants’ parameter would drop by one rank if they were inflicted with that negative status effect.

Under such circumstances, Rozen used the command seal’s power, using all of his magical power to summon a huge number of wolf familiars, those wolves also had the same power as even rivaled the wyverns in terms of power.

And with Amadeus’ help, the wolves slaughtered the wyverns easily.

The sound of flesh being pierced, torn and bitten filled the air, blood splattered across the battlefield.



The France Army also rushed forward with their weapons, chopping or stabbing the wyverns, the wyverns fell to the ground one after another.

The France Army, who was at a disadvantage in terms of number at first, overwhelmed Wyvern’s Legion with the familiar’s assist.

“Rush into Orleans!”

Gilles also rushed toward Orleans with his long sword while cutting every enemy in his path.

Two days ago, they were so helpless in the mercy of those wyverns, but today they showed a certain level of resistance.

The wyverns, whose power has been greatly reduced, may still be able to deal with the soldiers. But eventually, they were defeated one after another thanks to the sheer number of the wolf familiars that Rozen summoned.


“Kazikli Bey!”

An elegant and low voice resounded across the battlefield, and countless stakes suddenly appeared from the ground and pierced the wolves.

 “Phantom Maiden!”

After the elegant and low voice, another voice resounded on the battlefield.

However, this time it was a torture tool that appeared instead of stakes.

A torture tool called the Iron Maiden appeared on the battlefield, it looked like a huge coffin, swallowing the wolves and the soldiers whole, and entrapped them inside.

In the next moment, their wail was heard loud and clear.

But that didn’t last long, their voice disappeared a few seconds later.

Shortly afterward, blood flowed out of the torture tool.

“Did they finally decide to show themselves…!?”

At the rear, Amadeus, who saw what just happened, shuddered.

At that time, the servants who have just unleashed their noble phantasm gradually showed themselves on the battlefield.

“Too bad it is not a beautiful girl’s blood, but the blood of a strong soldier will do.”

The Assassin came out from behind the torture tool. She sipped the blood that flowed out from the Iron Maiden.

“I got quite a lot just now, but the wolves don’t count.”

Suddenly a bunch of bats grouped up, and Vlad III emerged from them.

The enemy’s servants began to make a move.

“Come on, let’s begin the party.”

Vlad III smiled at the France Army as if inviting them to a feast.

“A feast of blood and sorrow? That’s my fav!”

Assassin smiled satisfiedly.

The most ferocious enemy finally made their entrance.

The France Army trembled in fear and unconsciously stepped back even though there were only two of them.

“Don’t falter!”

Gilles was standing in front of the army and shouted.

Gilles tried to raise their morale.


“Your courage is commendable, in the end, you’re all nothing but trash, how dare a bunch of lowlifes like you to stand before me!”

That voice fell into Gilles’ ear, and his expression instantly changed.

At the same time, a dark shadow approached him like an arrow.

Vlad III emerged from the shadow.

Vlad III’ swung his iron spear toward Gilles.

But the tip of his spear didn’t pierce anything.


“What’re you getting all serious for?”

Someone rushed silently.


Vlad III immediately stopped his attack, and he once again turned into a shadow, avoiding the incoming surprise attack.

It was Kiyohime.

“So that’s how it is, are you the next one who needs to be punished?”

Vlad III reappeared from the shadows, looking at Kiyohime with his elegant gesture.

As for Assassin, when she saw Kiyohime appeared, her thirst for blood escalated.

“Beautiful girl, ah, your blood belongs to me.”

The Assassin was so eager to taste Kiyohime’s blood.

“Give me a break!”

The microphone-like magic spear was heading straight toward Assassin’s back at an unbelievable speed.

But it was blocked perfectly by Assassin using the torture tool in her hand.

Assassin’s expression changed, and she said, “You… are you…!?”

Assassin said with a trembling voice.

“Hmph! ”

Elizabeth held the magic spear and looked at Assassin with a pitiful expression.

“We finally meet!”

Elizabeth shouted Assassin‘s name.


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