Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 200



It was the wicked dragon in Nordic Mythology, and the legendary dragon that appeared in works such as Poetic Edda, Prose Edda, Völsunga Saga, and The Ring of the Nibelung.

It was a synonym for the evil that struck fear to humans.

The dragon has murdered countless heroes.

Until the Dragon-slayer Siegfried appeared and killed the dragon using the Holy Sword.

However, even the hero, was experiencing countless dangers and obstacles before he could kill the dragon, and he got an immortal body by bathing in Fafnir’s blood.

Such a legendary dragon was currently in that world.

It was summoned by Jeanne Alter using the Holy Grail.


The dragon’s roar was overwhelming, normal people would’ve lost their will to fight if they were in the vicinity.

Rozen raised his hand so he won’t be blown away.



Fortunately, both Mashu and Jeanne reacted at the same time. One raised her shield and the other one raised her holy flag to defend Rozen from the wind pressure.

Even Mashu and Jeanne had a hard time defending themselves from the Fafnir’s roar.

“It’s Fafnir…!?”

Jeanne’s expression changed, she was shocked when she saw that dragon.

“The Legendary Dragon…!”

Mashu also bit her lips when she saw that dragon.

Even those two girls who were servants felt the indescribable pressure when facing against the Legendary Dragon.

“We can’t take it lightly! Be careful!”

Roman warned them through the transmission.

Jeanne Alter stood in front of the evil dragon, Fafnir, she didn’t even budge when facing such roar.

“Slaughter them all!”

Jeanne Alter seemed to know that her enemies will have a hard time facing that dragon.

Although Mashu has undergone a lot of training, and she has mastered Demi-Servant’s ability, but she was only a normal girl, she was nowhere near the level of a legendary hero. As a servant, she was still immature.

Jeanne was also in a bad state, her magical power has been weakened.

It was almost impossible for those two to survive even if with Rozen’s support.

“We must take the defensive stance to win this fight.”

Both Mashu and Jeanne were good at battle of attrition, so if they stayed on defensive, even if they didn’t win, they wouldn’t lose.

But if they stayed on the defensive, they might win the battle but they will lose the war.

If there was no change whatsoever…


Fafnir, whose ferocious eyes were fixated on Rozen’s group suddenly screamed, and all of a sudden as if losing his will to fight, Fafnir’s eyes looked wistful.

That sudden change shocked everyone.

“This is…?”


Mashu and Jeanne were completely stunned.

“What… what?”

Caster was also stunned.

“Fafnir!? What happened??”

Jeanne Alter quickly approached Fafnir behind her.

However, Fafnir wasn’t even slightly injured, but it barely moved and it didn’t respond to Jeanne Alter’s call whatsoever.

“Fafnir? Fafnir!”

Jeanne Alter thought it was a bad omen, but she kept shouting the dragon’s name.

It was a pity that the wicked dragon named Fafnir seemed to lose its will to fight, and its eyes were completely closed.


Not long after that, that giant dragon just lied on the ground and fell into a deep slumber in the big pit that it created earlier.


Mashu and Jeanne looked at each other confusedly.

Caster was speechless.

Jeanne Alter stared at the sleeping Fafnir and then she turned around, threw a sharp gaze to the only one who didn’t look shocked about what happened.

“Is it working?” Rozen murmured.


From Fafnir’s body, a black shadow suddenly came out and flew to Rozen’s arm.

It was a snake-like creature.

Its whole body has a dark transparent color.

Seeing that scene, they had a rough idea of what happened

It was all Rozen’s doing.

“…… What have you done?”

Jeanne Alter looked irritated when she saw Rozen was grinning.

“I just want to ask you, do you really think that I’m not prepared for this?”

Rozen said.

“I’ve already seen that dragon once, I know it’s a threat, yet I still come here. Do you really think that i didn’t prepare any sort of countermeasure?”

After all…

“You have summoned the pure-blood dragon, but I have understood something two days ago.”

Rozen said.

Two days ago, during his attempt to attack Orleans, Rozen knew that before he could attack Orleans, he must face various dangers.

One of them was the dragon he saw in the underground passage.

The pure-blood dragon that was summoned by the Holy Grail, Fafnir.

That was the legendary dragon, only Siegfried who managed to slay that dragon.

So Rozen had to come up with another solution.

That was something that Rozen has been thinking about.


“Do you think I will do nothing when I know there is a powerful dragon such as Fafnir in your arsenal?”

Rozen lifted the snake that was slithering on his hand and showed it to everyone.

“I have already used this little guy on the dragon.”

That was why Fafnir was falling into a deep slumber.

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