Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 201


There was a famous Goddess in Greek Mythology.

Her name was Goddess Hecate, the queen of the underworld, the founder of hell, and the one in charge of it as well, the famous Goddess of Death, was also often associated with witchcraft.

She once helped Zeus, the Father of God in Greek Mythology, to defeat the Cyclops, even Zeus had to be careful when facing Cyclops.

She was in charge of the spirit of the deceased, she often appeared in the cemetery, and only dogs could see her, sometimes dogs would howl out of nowhere, marking Hecate’s arrival.

The Goddess often appeared during the eclipse, along with various underworld creatures.

She was symbolized with the torch, the martyr, the wolf, the mare, the mandala, and the snake.

The snake on Rozen’s arm was not Hecate herself, it was just a Middle-Class Familiar.

However, Rozen had an owl familiar that could travel back and forth to the underworld. The familiar that could swallow other’s spirit. And the snake on Rozen’s arm was not just any snake, but a kind of Demon Spirit.

“Hecate is Goddess of Underworld and is also known as the Goddess of Magic. Her symbol is a snake, which is the same as the symbol of magic, it represents life and death.”

Rozen said.

“My familiar’s magic can’t match her magic, but its magic had a special trait, allowing it to slip through any creature’s body, absorbing their mana, and enhance the magic that was already active on the body. It even can be used to reactivate the magic that was cast once on the target.”

That explanation made both Jeanne and Jeanne Alter realized something important.

“Is it…”

Jeanne wanted to say something, but Jeanne Alter beat her to it.

“You reactivated the hypnosis from before…!”

That was right.

Two days ago, Fafnir was under the influence of Amadeus’ hypnosis, Rozen simply reactivated it again.

Under normal circumstances, the hypnosis wouldn’t work on Fafnir, but two days ago, Fafnir was asleep to begin with, so it worked.

And the reason why the hypnosis magic that Rozen reactivated worked was because Rozen slipped the familiar into Fafnir’s body two days ago, so it could absorb its mana for two days straight.

That magic was enhanced by Rozen’s magical power for two days straight, just imagine how potent the effect will be.

Thus, the effect of the hypnosis magic that reactivated was enhanced by that amazing magical power.

“Although it is impossible to put it to sleep for all eternity, at least, it won’t wake up before the end of the war.”

Rozen de-summoned the snake familiar on his arm and said to his enemy.

“Wyvern’s Legion is fighting outside, and the servants you summon are also fighting outside. We both have two Servants left here. The situation is even for both of us, but this time, it won’t go like last time, am I right?”

Rozen’s words ruined Jeanne Alter’s mood.


Jeanne Alter suddenly raised the flag, calling forth the ravaging fire.

But it was not aimed toward Rozen’s group. She aimed it toward Fafnir, who was in a deep slumber instead.

She thought if she attacked Fafnir, the attack would wake him up from the hypnosis magic.


Rozen seemed to have already predicted even to that point.


The big pit under Fafnir collapsed again.

Several ants familiar were digging the ground where Fafnir lied.

Fafnir fell into the hole and buried with countless rocks.

The hall was ravaged by fire, but because the ground collapsed, the fire stopped to expand. Thus, Fafnir was safe from the fire.

“You …!”

Caster reacted when he saw the current situation.

“Unforgivable…! I won’t forgive…! I won’t forgive, I won’t forgive, I won’t forgive… Aaaaargh…!”

Caster shouted, and the mana in his body was welling up.

He held Prelati’s Spellbook in his hand and began to make a move.

In the next second, sea monsters appeared from all directions of the hall. Various kinds of tentacles mingled in there, big and small tentacles, some of them were so long, and some of them even spewed out deadly venom, all aiming at Rozen.


Rozen shouted.

Mashu immediately responded, instead of retreating, she took the attack head-on.

With only her shield, Mashu had to block all of those attacks at once.

At that moment, Mashu remembered something from Fuyuki City Singularity.

At that time, to respond and to protect her most important master, Mashu successfully activated her Noble Phantasm.

After doing some training, Mashu could activate her Noble Phantasm anytime she needed it.

Although that was not the true power of her Noble Phantasm, for Mashu’s convenience, Olga Marie named that Noble Phantasm as the Chaldea’s director.

“Lord Chaldeas!”

The moment Mashu shouted the name, rays of light illuminated her shield that symbolized the guardian.

The rays of light turned into a strong barrier, which came out from the shield and blocked the attack from all directions.


The venoms that came into contact with the barriers had a corrosive nature.

“Bang bang bang bang bang …!”

The tentacles were also hitting the barriers.

Mashu defended Rozen with her Noble Phantasm.

“You and your petty tricks…!”

Jeanne Alter screamed, and this time it was her turn to attack with the dark flag in her hand.

“Your opponent is me!”

The saintess, Jeanne, waved the holy flag in front of Jeanne Alter to block Jeanne Alter’s attack.


Jeanne Alter yelled and pointed her finger at Jeanne D’Arc.

The war was about to reach its conclusion.

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