Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 202



Jeanne and Jeanne Alter swung their respective flag toward each other, causing sparks each time it collided.

“Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!”

Such a contrast between them, both of them were fighting at high speed that the naked eyes will have a hard time following it.

“Hah! ”

Jeanne quickly changed her battle style from defensive to offensive mode, thrusting her flag in a circular motion, causing whirlwind in its wake,


Jeanne Alter did the same thing with her flag, summoning fire wave in return.

Those two Servants, who looked so similar, were fighting so fiercely.

The battle was still one-sided like two days ago.

At that time, Jeanne couldn’t hold a candle to Jeanne Alter.

But this time, it was the complete opposite, Jeanne D’Arc was able to corner Jeanne Alter.

Of course, that was thanks to Rozen’s support.

“You think you can win because your master provides you mana, Saintess-sama!?”

Jeanne Alter yelled out, while relentlessly attacking with her dark flag.


Jeanne ignored Jeanne Alter’s provocation. She was so focused on the battle.


The White Flag and the Dark Flag clashed again in mid-air.

Those two servants gave their best on each attack, damaging their surroundings as a result.

Jeanne felt something when she faced Jeanne Alter head-on.

“I can do it!”

Although she was not certain that she could defeat Jeanne Alter with mana that Rozen provided, but her current strength was far above two days ago.

Both Jeanne and Rozen thought so.

“Even if she has Holy Grail’s power, that doesn’t mean she has the upper hand.”

Anyone who witnessed their fight will see clearly that Jeanne had the upper hand even though Jeanne Alter had Holy Grail in her arsenal.

Just like when Rozen faced King Arthur in Fuyuki City, Rozen could win against her, although King Arthur had Holy Grail in her spossession.

That was why Rozen didn’t get discouraged and believed that they could pull this off.

Therefore, Rozen did not only provide Jeanne with a lot of mana from the beginning of the battle, but he also used Body Hardening to improve Jeanne’s Physical Ability, raising her power by a lot of margins compared to two days ago.

Rozen wanted to cast Magic Blade and Magic Defense on her, but he was afraid that it would consume too much mana, so Rozen only used Body Hardening to improve Jeanne’s overall ability. Rozen decided to save Magic Blade or Magic Defense for the crucial moment.

Rozen already calculated all the possibilities.

As he believed his prediction was right, Rozen already activated his Heavenly Eye from the beginning of the battle, allowing him to monitor the castle from a better perspective.

Under such circumstances, Rozen saw through all the enemy’s attacks patterns and has been giving instructions to Jeanne in the battle.


Under Rozen’s instruction, Jeanne moved to the left without hesitation.


Almost at the same time, the ground beneath Jeanne Alter’s feet collapsed.

The ants familiar dug through the ground to make Jeanne Alter lost her balance.

“Do you think the same move will work on me twice!?”

Jeanne Alter, who saw that coming, jumped off from the ground.


“Do you think I’m just a one-trick pony!?”

The part that ants familiar dug earlier suddenly floated, and bombard Jeanne Alter in amazing speed.

It was amazing how Rozen could use his Telekinesis extremely well.


Jeanne Alter’s expression slightly changed, but she had no reason to be afraid. The black flag in her hand unleashed flame to block Rozen’s attack.

The flames burned the stone shards. Then shortly afterward, it melted and disappeared without a trace.

She jumped and turned her body to the left.

But Jeanne, who has been following Rozen’s instruction, was already waiting for her right there.


Rozen, who already predicted Jeanne’s movement, commanded Jeanne.

That way, Jeanne could attack Jeanne Alter from her blind spot.


The holy flag heavily slammed Jeanne Alter’s body.


Jeanne Alter groaned.

Two days ago, it was Jeanne who was on the receiving end.

It was time for payback.

“Jeanne…!” Seeing that scene, Caster’s mana was constantly rising and attacked Rozen, he became more and more like a madman.


Rozen seized the opportunity to activate Body Hardening on Mashu, who has been activating her noble phantasm to defend them from tentacles and venoms from all directions.

“Get him! Mashu!”

“Yes! Master!”

Mashu responded and canceled her noble phantasm.


Mashu rushed toward Caster as fast as she could.

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Mashu blocked the tentacles and the venoms along the way with her shield.


Caster turned around, but it was too late.

Mashu rushed and smashed Caster‘s body as hard as she could.


Mashu got a clean hit and knocked Caster down to the ground.

Under Rozen’s command, the enemy’s servants were losing their ground.

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