Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 203


Group combat was Akabane Clan’s specialty.

Akabane Clan’s Puppet Technique was the result of the accumulation of knowledge in their Puppet Technique, tactics, and academics.

The reason why Rozen paid so much attention to the Puppet Technique was because it consisted of useful techniques that taught him various tactics.

And that technique was flexible to adapt to any kind of situation on the battlefield.

As the Prodigy of Akabane Clan, Rozen was also called Heavenly Child, the title given to those who have mastered the Puppet Technique.

If it wasn’t for the Crimson Wing Technique, Rozen would’ve become the best Puppeteer.

Rozen’s effort in that world came into fruition in this Singularity.

Mashu and Jeanne could unleash their true power thanks to Rozen’s precise instruction and techniques.

“Just because I didn’t do anything flashy, you think you can just ignore me?”

Because Rozen wasn’t even in the enemy’s radar ever since he arrived at this Singularity

Especially Jeanne Alter, ever since their encounter, she didn’t even consider Rozen as a threat to her, even after Rozen anticipated her move to use Fafnir, She was only focused on Jeanne, completely disregarding Rozen and Mashu.

Even Caster paid no heed to Rozen.

That was why Rozen decided to teach them an invaluable lesson.

“That is the price of underestimating me.”

Rozen will send his magical power again to Jeanne and Mashu’s body.

But suddenly…

“La Grondement De La Haine. Roar, O’ Rage of Mine!”

The mana reading in the hall suddenly rose, the temperature suddenly rose as well, and the entire hall was engulfed by hellfire.

 “Is it her noble phantasm?”

Rozen wasn’t surprised.


As soon as he shouted that, Mashu and Jeanne immediately stood in front of Rozen.

Their mana also intensified.

“Lord Chaldeas!”

Mashu embedded her shield on the ground and activated her Noble Phantasm to protect them.

“Luminosite Eternelle!”

The Holy Flag Jeanne’s held in her hand fluttered and shone brightly as she activated her Noble Phantasm.

The combination of Mashu and Jeanne’s Noble Phantasm became the strongest defense that protected Rozen from Jeanne Alter’s Noble Phantasm.

The fire immediately headed straight toward them, engulfed the whole area with fire where those three stood.



Both Mashu and Jeanne shouted to enhance their respective Noble Phantasm.

“Burn! Burn! Burn! Burn! Burn!”

Likewise, Jeanne Alter also enhanced her Noble Phantasm with her hatred.

The burning fire became hotter and more intense as it spread like wildfire.

Mashu and Jeanne focused every nerve on their whole body to stop this attack.

Standing behind those two, Rozen, who was protected by them, was exceptionally calm.

“Can we hold this one out?”

With the Holy Grail’s power in her arsenal, Jeanne Alter’s magical power was bottomless.

Just like King Arthur in Fuyuki City Singularity, she could unleash her noble phantasm countless times.

The same applied to Jeanne Alter too.

“My anger…! My hatred…! My resentment…! Will eliminate everything in this world!”

Jeanne Alter stood in the middle of the sea of ​​fire with a malicious and hateful look written all over her face.

“My revenge will not end before I burn the whole of France to the ground! Absolutely not! So, burn for me!”

Jeanne Alter’s crazy magical power intensified the hellfire, it was basically like as hot as magma at that moment, scraping Mashu and Jeanne’s barrier.

Gradually, the heat of the flame began to affect the surrounding.

The floor, walls, and ceiling of the hall began to melt.

“Senpai …!”

“Master …!”

Mashu and Jeanne were worried about Rozen.

“Use the command seal! Rozen!”

Even Romani was worried, and Olga Marie flew in circle anxiously.

As Romani said, if Rozen used the command seal, he should be able to overcome that crisis.

However, Rozen did not intend to use it.

With only one command seal left, Rozen decided to save it as a last resort.

Moreover, he could still overcome the crisis even without using the command seal.

The reason was simple…

“It’s easy to miss things you normally notice if you’re blinded by hatred.”

Jeanne Alter didn’t understand what Rozen said.

Behind her, a burning piece of stone that was enhanced by Magic Blade was ready to pierce through her body.

In the next second, it streaked toward Jeanne Alter with explosive speed.

She didn’t see that attack coming, she was so focused on her Noble Phantasm to attack Jeanne.

The stone made an impactful sound.


Jeanne Alter’s pupils dilated.


In the sea of ​​fire, Mashu and Jeanne, who was struggling to defend themselves from Jeanne Alter’s noble phantasm, were also shocked.

Even Rozen himself was shocked.



With blood spurted out from his mouth, his grimoire slowly fell down.

“Gilles …!”

Jeanne Alter shouted.

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