Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 204


“Cough …”

The blazing flames which burned the entire hall slowly disappeared.

“Gilles …”

Jeanne Alter deactivated her noble phantasm and stared into Caster’s eyes.

Even Mashu didn’t say a word, she just looked at Caster silently.

The same goes for Rozen.

As for Jeanne, she was just looking at Caster, who was lying with so much blood flowing out from his back.

“Cough… Cough… Cough…!”

Caster still struggled to reach out Jeanne Alter, and his face was full of satisfaction instead of regret and pain.

“Ah… Jeanne…”

As always, Caster called the name of the saint in a fanatical tone.

She got some mixed up feelings when she heard Caster called her with such expression.

But Jeanne Alter decided to suppress her emotion and pretend to be cold instead.

“Why did you do something so stupid?”

She called protecting her life by taking the attack in her place, stupid.

However, at that moment, be it Rozen, Mashu, or Jeanne, none of them could bring themselves to yell at Jeanne Alter for her remarks.

Because, even though she pretended to be cold by saying something harsh, her eyes couldn’t hide her sadness,

No one knew why Caster would go that far to protect Jeanne.

That was because this whole time he has been looking only at Jeanne, and trying to chase her back, he thought about Jeanne all the time even after death.

So in his last moment, he smiled and said, “I failed to save you back then… I’m powerless…”

That was the greatest regret of a man named Gilles de Rais in his life.

Gilles de Rais could only witness his saint being burned alive without being able to save her.

That was why he avoided any contact with himself in that era since he knew what awaited him in the future.

The marshal who lived in that era has not yet stained with madness.

However, that future has been set in stone, the man named Gilles de Rais will eventually fall into madness.

That was something that couldn’t be changed.

And Caster Gilles De Rais had already experienced all of that, he brought the regret of his life into his grave.

That day, that man was finally able to accomplish what failed to do back then before his death.

“I just want to stay by your side, my saint…”

Caster said that while struggling to reach out to Jeanne Alter.

“I hope you don’t mind…”

That was Caster’s last word.

The servant named Gilles de Rais finally turned into a light particle and disappeared from that world.


Jeanne Alter just watched as the light particle eventually disappeared without saying anything.


Jeanne also didn’t say anything.

“Jeanne-san …”

Mashu was somewhat concerned about Jeanne’s feelings.

“I’m fine.” Jeanne whispered, “This is his own choice, I will respect him.”

In short, it described just how deep the bond between Jeanne and Gilles was.

It was just …

“Why are you so calm even after what just happened? Are you really a saint? Or are you simply a cold-blooded girl?”

Jeanne Alter snapped all of a sudden.

Obviously, it was not like Caster’s death meant nothing to Jeanne Alter.

In fact, it fueled Jeanne Alter’s hatred even more.

“Do you know?” Jeanne said, “Gilles dies because of you, not because of me.”

When she said that, both Mashu and Rozen was somewhat shocked.

“Not because of you?”

Rozen was somewhat puzzled.

What did she mean by that?

Caster blocked Rozen’s attack in her place.

How come she said that?

Rozen didn’t understand.

But Jeanne seemed to understand something while looking straight at Jeanne Alter.


Jeanne affirmed.

“You’re not really me, are you?”

Jeanne suddenly uttered such a shocking word.

“What did you say?”

At that moment, even Rozen was surprised.

“She’s not? Then who…”

Mashu was also shocked.

Only Jeanne Alter listened intently to what Jeanne said while looking at her coldly.

Under such circumstances, only Jeanne’s voice echoed in the hall.

“Even if you say that you are my dark side, I can hardly imagine that I have this kind of personality in me.”

Jeanne was so sad.

“As I said, I never want to get revenge, and I have never held any grudge.”

She came into that conclusion not just because she felt the absence of order and goodness in Jeanne Alter, but also because her body in the Throne of Heroes didn’t approve Jeanne Alter’s existence as an Avenger.

“So, I can’t believe that I would have the idea to ​​exact my revenge to France, my own  motherland, and even the whole world.”

Jeanne was very sure of what she said.

“Since I’m convinced that I don’t have that kind of side, it proves that you are not me.”

If Jeanne really has such side, if there was hatred in her heart, however small it was, then it will be enough to cause her class to change to Avenger.

But if Jeanne did not have such side, then her class won’t change just like that for no reason.

Well, the problem was coming.

But since there was an abnormality in her class, what did it mean then?

Rozen guessed it easily.

“You must be an artificial servant created in this singularity.”

That was the truth about Jeanne Alter.

Jeanne nodded and then explained.

“Everyone was under the misconception that the other me, or Dragon Witch, was the one holding the Holy Grail, and then summoned many servants including Gilles de Rais, my sworn comrades when I was alive.”

“But actually, the one holding the Holy Grail was not her, but Caster Gilles.”

“Gilles got the Holy Grail and made a wish to create another me, her version of me as Dragon Witch.”

“That is the real reason why this country, this era, and this Singularity has turned to this point.”

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