Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 205


The hall fell silent.

Everybody was speechless when they heard Jeanne’s words, including Mashu and Rozen.

Rozen believed that Jeanne Alter existed due to the Holy Grail’s will this whole time, just like what happened to King Arthur in Fuyuki City Singularity.

Rozen understood that thought was wrong in itself.

It was not the Holy Grail that caused the change in Jeanne’s class. But Caster.

He was the perpetrator behind that Singularity.

And Jeanne Alter existed because of the wish Caster made using Holy Grail.

Which meant she was fake.

Rozen suddenly thought about that word.

In other words…

“Yeah, I am a fake, just an imitation of Saintess-sama, I’m not betrayed by France, and I’ve never fought for France, even this hatred and resentment is fake, it exists because of Gilles’ desire to exact his revenge to this country.”

Jeanne Alter told the truth about herself.

The pretty face that looked exactly the same as Jeanne showed a twisted smile.

“You said that you’ve never wanted revenge? You never hated anyone? But do you think others feel the same way?”

It was Gilles de Rais, who wanted revenge for Jeanne.

Therefore, that lunatic used Holy Grail to create his own version of saintess, another Jeanne that desired revenge on France.

Jeanne Alter was born for that purpose.

“Gilles thought that I didn’t know anything. After I was summoned, he said that he was glad that he could finally see me again. He gave me the Holy Grail, telling me to use it in my revenge to France because I have the right to do so.”

Jeanne Alter said that in a self-deprecating manner.

“At the beginning, I thought that I was the real Jeanne. Gilles didn’t tell me anything, he just gave me the Holy Grail.”

Maybe that was hard to believe, but Rozen understood.

Jeanne Alter knew that because of Holy Grail.

After all, the thing called Holy Grail was the wishing artifact.

“Two days ago, when I saw you here, didn’t you say that you’ve never thought of getting revenge?”

Jeanne Alter said that in a mocking tone.

It was around two days ago that Jeanne Alter started to have doubt about Gilles’ story, so she used the Holy Grail to dispel the doubt in her heart

“Gilles really wants to save your life. You! You are the one he has ever thought about, not me, who is just a fake. I am nothing but your substitute in his eyes!”

Jeanne Alter yelled out the voice of her heart.

“And even after what he has done for you, you didn’t even shed a tear for him!?”

Jeanne Alter swung the flag in her hand.


Blazing fire headed straight toward Rozen.

But Mashu and Jeanne activated their Noble Phantasm, forming the strongest defense. Once again, it blocked Jeanne Alter’s ​​Noble Phantasm.

However …

“Is it just me or her fire is hotter than earlier…!?”

Mashu tried her best to defend and gripped her shield as hard as she could.

Rozen just smiled behind them.

“No, it really is hotter.”

Rozen used the Heavenly Eye, and he could clearly see that the power of his opponent has indeed risen by a lot.

“Jeanne Alter’s Noble Phantasm turned her and her surrounding’s sorrow and resentment into magical power. Losing Caster obviously amplifies her Noble Phantasm’s power.”

Plus the power from Holy Grail…

“This is a bit troublesome…”

Rozen clenched his fist, and he was hesitating.

Should he use his last command seal?

No, not yet.

If he used the last command seal in that situation, then if something unpredictable happened, they will be wiped out for sure.

“I can only use Magic Defense!”

When Rozen was about to use the technique.


“… Do you really think Gilles did all of these for my sake?”

Jeanne, who was silently supporting Mashu, suddenly said something.

“If you think so, then you’re wrong.”

Jeanne’s words confused Jeanne Alter.

Jeanne quickly added.

“The one Gilles reached out to in his last moment was you! Not me!”

Jeanne’s words made Jeanne Alter’s expression slightly changed.

Jeanne Alter thought that might be because Caster thought her as Jeanne?


“If Gilles was really thinking about me, then he will not summon you in the first place, he would’ve summoned me. He chose you from beginning to end, not me!”

And then Jeanne said everything in her mind.

“Maybe, you are not me.”

“Maybe, Gilles created you to replacing me out of his selfishness.”

“But for Gilles, you are definitely not just a substitute.”

“Did he not say that in his last moment?”

“I can say that much because I’m his closest comrade!”

As if representing Jeanne Alter’s state of mind itself, the sea of ​​fire that engulfed the entire hall began to disappear.


Jeanne Alter looked like she had a hard time accepting Jeanne’s words even though she knew that was the truth.

Rozen understood that Jeanne Alter was born because Caster wanted to meet Jeanne once again.

Jeanne Alter was innocent.

After realizing that, and recalling the scene when Caster’s final moment, Rozen did not hesitate to say.

“Let’s stop this.”

That sentence became the last blow to put out the fire of hatred Jeanne Alter’s heart.


Jeanne Alter bit her lip.

The fire around them gradually disappeared.

That made both Mashu and Jeanne looked happy.

However, Rozen suddenly held his breath and shouted.

“Watch out!”

The next moment…

“In the end, she really is useless.”

As the cold and ruthless voice sounded.

A hand pierced Jeanne Alter’s abdomen.

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