Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 206



Mashu was shocked by the scene enveloping in front of her.


Jeanne, who was also shocked, instinctively ran toward Jeanne Alter.

But Rozen held Jeanne back.

“No! You can’t go!”

Even though Rozen stopped Jeanne, but he clenched his fist tightly, gritted his teeth, and tried his best to suppress his anger.


Jeanne Alter coughed up blood.

There was someone standing behind Jeanne.

A man who gave eerie vibe with cold expression on his face.


Jeanne Alter couldn’t finish her sentence due to the excruciating pain.

Meanwhile, the rest of them were shocked after seeing the one behind Jeanne Alter.

Especially Mashu.


Mashu was trembling when she called that person’s name.


It was none other than Lev.

“Lev Lainur …!”

Romani, who watched that scene from Chaldea, was also shocked.

“Professor Lev …!?”

Chaldea’s staffs were also shocked


Even Olga Marie, who has been hiding in the corner, was on the verge of tears.

Meanwhile, Lev just focused on Rozen and Mashu, and the eerie vibe he gave off suddenly disappeared and turned into the familiar feeling as he greeted Mashu and Rozen.

“Hi there, long time no see, Rozen, Mashu, you both seem well.”

However, one of his hands was still in Jeanne Alter’s abdomen, which made him look even more terrifying.

“What is with this abundant magical energy that I feel from him? This is not humanly possible.”

Jeanne finally understood why Rozen stopped her.

Rozen knew if she rushed to save Jeanne Alter, she might end up in the same state as Jeanne Alter.

“A sneaky bastard, as always.”

Rozen stared at Lev.

When Rozen arrived at this Singularity, he felt the familiar eerie feeling and had a hunch that Lev was the mastermind behind this Singularity.

So Rozen always stayed on his toes.

This was the “unpredictable” that Rozen meant, that was the reason why Rozen didn’t want to use his last command seal.

Rozen didn’t know if Lev knew his plan or not, but Lev immediately said,

“You too are as sharp as always. No one should be able to detect my presence, strangely enough, you can.”

Lev was like talking to himself, but that also served as the answer to Rozen’s question.

“Since Seven Singularities has been established, humanity’s extinction was set in stone, the only thing that remains is just a finishing touch. I’m no longer need, and I supposedly can go back to his majesty’s side, or so I thought …”

“His majesty’s side?”

What did he mean by that?

That thought immediately crossed Rozen’s mind, and Lev continued his explanation.

“But, somehow, the band of light in this Singularity suddenly shows fluctuations, and his majesty ordered me to return to this Singularity to make sure everything is fine. His majesty is such a slave driver.”

Lev said.

“Are you the one responsible for the fluctuation in this Singularity, Rozen?”

Rozen was on guard after hearing Lev’s question.

At that time, Rozen understood.

It turned out that Lev arrived at that Singularity after him.

The band of light that Lev mentioned referred to the ring-like thing made of clouds in the sky.

Rozen thought it might have something to do with humanity’s destiny.

Otherwise, Lev will not go through all the trouble to go into this Singularity just because of Rozen’s interference.

As for the so-called fluctuation that Lev said…

Was it because of Rozen?

So, because Lev arrived at that Singularity much later than Rozen, he concluded that the first time he felt that eerie vibe when he arrived at that Singularity came from the band of light in the sky.

“Why did I feel that eerie feeling from the band of light?”

Rozen wondered.


But that raised another question since Lev could also feel the fluctuation in the band of light, which meant he was not the only one who could feel that eerie vibe.

“It’s the same eerie feeling that I got from Lev, is that band of light and Lev related somehow?”

Was it…

Suddenly, Mashu and Jeanne took a stance.

Because Jeanne Alter, who was dying because of Lev’s attack, suddenly swung the black flag in her hand, regardless of the bleeding from her wound, and slammed it toward Lev who was behind her.


The black flag stabbed Lev’s face, blowing a hole on Lev’s cheek.


“I almost forgot about you, imitation.”

Lev said.

Lev pulled his hand out of Jeanne Alter’s body.

Her blood splattered all over the floor.

“Damn …”

Jeanne Alter slowly fell.


In the next second, a glimmer of light was seen inside her body.

That was…

“Holy Grail…!”

Marshal Gilles said.

From Jeanne Alter’s body, the Holy Grail appeared.

However, it was different from the crystal that Rozen saw in Fuyuki City’s Singularity.

At that time, the Holy Grail that came out of Jeanne Alter’s body was a golden chalice, with a dazzling and radiant glow.

That was the true form of Holy Grail.

In Fuyuki City’s Singularity, the one that King Arthur held was the Lesser Grail.

“What a useless bunch, every single one of them. I’ve already given them the Holy Grail, but they can’t even kill you.”

Lev’s smile disappeared.

“Then let me personally handle the work they failed to finish.”

After saying that, Lev immediately raised the Holy Grail in his hand, without giving anyone enough time to react.

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