Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 207


That chalice named Holy Grail radiated a dazzling light.

At that moment, everyone in that place could feel it.

They felt the terrifying magical power from the Holy Grail, which then enveloped Lev’s body.

Rozen’s entire group could only watch the scene without being able to react.

Then Lev looked at everyone and said.

“I’ll make an exception and let you watch from the front seat as i massacre the humans and servants here.”

Lev smiled sinisterly while holding the Holy Grail

“Behold the power of our king who gave me this power.”


The abundant magical power shrouded Lev trembled.

The dazzling rays of light enveloped Lev’s body.

Rozen took a deep breath.

Because in an instant, he felt an eerie vibe from Lev once again, but it was more dreadful.

“Not good…!”

“Not good…!”

“It’s not good…!”

“That thing is not good…!”

Mashu and Jeanne shuddered and understood how bad things were.

Even people from Chaldea also had the same feeling.

“The Lev Lainur’s life force readings suddenly changed dramatically…!”

Romani screamed in surprise.

Even Olga Marie’s voice, which has been hiding in the corner, was heard by everyone.

“This… what is this amount of magical power? It’s not …! It’s not Divine Beast…! This… What is this!?”

Olga Marie screamed.

Then rays of light fully enveloped Lev’s body, and by the next second, a monstrous creature emerged from the light.

Looking at that monstrous creature, Rozen, Mashu, and Jeanne were shocked.

“What is that…?”

Mashu murmured.

“What is that…?”

Jeanne was shocked.

“What is that…?”

Romani couldn’t believe his eyes.

“What is that…?”

Olga Marie was shuddered in fear.

“What is that…?”

Even all the staff in Chaldea trembled.

Even Rozen bit his lip, and he said, “What the hell is that thing…!?”

It can’t be helped, considering the size and the amount of magical energy he felt from that creature…

That was the only words they could use to describe the monster in front of them.

It was as big as a hill.

It looked like a pillar.

It had black flesh and blood, there were countless eyes on its body.


That was the first word that popped up on everyone’s mind.

“Let me introduce myself to you in a way that even you incompetent fools can understand.”

Lev’s voice was heard from that creature.

“I am Lev Lainur Flauros. I can look into the past and the present, and foresee the future, I am the most perfect life form above humanity, one of the 72 Demon God Pillars— Flauos.”

He was not just a monster.

He was the Legendary Demon… Demon God Pillar.

“You see?”

“This is my real form!”

“Consider yourself honored!”

“You will perish here by the name of our King!”

The endless magical power was emitted from the Demon God Pillar’s body.

“Senpai …!”

“Master …!”

Mashu and Jeanne shouted.

Rozen, who has already used Spirit Vision to see that Demon God’s power shouted…


Even though they had a high defensive ability, Rozen didn’t choose to defend, but to retreat.

Mashu and Jeanne did as Rozen commanded without the slightest hesitation

As for Rozen, he used Telekinesis to wrap his whole body to retreat.

At that moment…

Dark smoke came out from Demon God Pillar’s body chased them, luckily they managed to back off in time.

The smoke did have not only amazing magical power but also terrifyingly high temperature and pressure, just like an avalanche, it crushed everything on its path.

“…!?” Seeing that, Mashu and Jeanne’s expression changed because it was impossible to defend such an attack even though they were servants.

After all, Mashu hasn’t completely awakened her Noble Phantasm. And Jeanne used way too much mana after repetitively using her Noble Phantasm in her battle with Jeanne Alter earlier, how could they fight that kind of enemy?

“Cease your futile struggle.”

Lev Lainur Flauros, who turned into Demon God Pillar, sneered at those two.

In the next second, that dark smoke came out again. Heading toward them Like a dark tsunami.

“No! It’s too strong!”

Romani shouted from the Chaldea.

“In terms of magical power and life force readings, Lev… No, Demon God Pillar is much more powerful than most servants, even Fafnir is no match for him, you can’t fight it!”

Romani shouted.

“No! If we let this monster run rampant, this world will be doomed for sure!”

Rozen was floating in midair while facing the dark smoke.

“I must end it here!”

“By Command Spells, I order you.”

Rozen raised his hand.

“My Servants, defeat the enemy in front of you.“

He used his last Command Spell. He was giving tremendous magical power to Mashu and Jeanne.

Mashu and Jeanne immediately felt power welling up within their body.

As a result, those two seemed full of spirit once again.

“Lev Lainur Flauros!”

Mashu called out the enemy’s name.

“Let’s settle this here!”

Jeanne held the Holy Flag in her hand while declaring her will to fight.

One was holding a shield, and the other one was holding a flag.

Shortly afterward, as if to challenge the impossible, they rushed to the frontline.

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