Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 208


Boom …!

The dark smoke swept across the entire hall.

The hall that was ravaged with dark smoke gradually eroded.

Demon God Pillar, Flauros, showed his ferocious power.

Those two girls stood firm before that monstrous power.


Mashu’s body was surging with more powerful magical power than usual, she shouted while charging toward the Demon God Pillar with the shield in her hand.


Jeanne also shouted while swinging the holy flag in her hand like a long spear.

Rozen, who floated in midair, also did his best to support them by using his Puppet Techniques.

He used the Body Hardening to enhance Mashu and Jeanne’s physical resistance.

Combined with the power of the commanded seal, both Mashu and Jeanne have enough power to compete with the top servants.

“Push forward!”

Rozen’s instruction gave Mashu and Jeanne the courage they needed.

So, those girls rushed toward to the frontline without the slightest hesitation, leaving a trace of mana in their wake.

“Ignorant Fools!”

Demon God Pillar ridiculed their act and unleashed the dark smoke toward them.

At least from Rozen’s perspective, Mashu and Jeanne were like ants rushing toward waves of dark tsunami.

“Underestimating us will be your undoing!”

The magical power in Rozen’s body was raging turbulently.

“Jump!” When Mashu and Jeanne were about to come into contact with the dark smoke, Rozen gave them a command.


Mashu and Jeanne jumped together and rushed like a sharp arrow in the air.

“It’s useless!”

Demon God Pillar continued to mock them, he then controlled the dark smoke to chase after Jeanne and Mashu.

Could Mashu and Jeanne, who had no place to flee avoid that attack?

Of course, Rozen didn’t just sit idly.


At the same time, the dazzling rays of light flashed, a transparent barrier suddenly materialized under Mashu and Jeanne, serving as their footing.


Mashu and Jeanne immediately followed Rozen’s instruction.


The invisible shield in the air was crushed.

Mashu and Jeanne jumped again, using the barrier formed by Magic Defense to propel themselves closer toward Demon God Pillar.


Demon God Pillar was slightly surprised, and shortly afterward, the dark smoke earlier quickly closed the gap.

But Rozen has already figured out Demon God Pillar’s attack pattern.

“Although he had amazing destructive power, his attack pattern is very simple.”

Rozen easily read Demon God Pillar’s attack pattern.

After all, with his Heavenly Eye, he could easily see through the enemy’s attacks and then analyzed its attack pattern.

Rozen looked toward his two Servants and gave instructions.

“Five meters ahead!”

At the same time, as the order was issued, Rozen used his magical power again to create a barrier using Magic Defense as their footing.

Mashu and Jeanne accurately followed Rozen’s instructions, and they once again propelled themselves using that barrier, but this time, they jumped split up.

The smoke crushed the barrier and followed both of them persistently.

Rozen kept creating one barrier after another, providing those Servants a footing for them to move freely in the air.

And Rozen used Heavenly Eye to predict the incoming attack, combined with a chain of precise instructions, Mashu and Jeanne could consistently close the gap while evading the dark smoke.

But the dark wave kept chasing them dying the entire place black.

In comparison, those girls seemed so much smaller than the dark smoke chasing them that they constantly looked like almost swallowed up by it, but they could accurately propel themselves away using the barrier to avoid the attack every single time.

A feat which was impossible to do without Rozen.

Lev’s voice finally sounded.

“It’s you!”

Back when he was in Chaldea, Lev hated Rozen as a human being, but he also knew how talented Rozen was.

That boy has repeatedly produced amazing results. It was no exaggeration if he was called the best Master in Chaldea, no, the whole world!

So, of course, Lev acknowledges Rozen’s capability.

Even though he despised humans, Lev considered Rozen as the priority to be rid of, but he failed to kill Rozen in the Control Room, he also failed to kill him in Fuyuki City’s Singularity.

Now, not only that Master could find his way to that Singularity, he also managed to track down the source of that Singularity. He believed Rozen still had more tricks up in his sleeve because he always seemed to find the solution to everything. That was why Lev thought he really had to get rid of him first.

“It seems that I have no choice but to finish you off first.”

Lev looked at Rozen’s party.

The towering Demon God Pillar stared at Rozen with its countless eyes.

Rozen could feel it.

The same eerie feeling he felt time and time again.

That was…

“Now, he targets me!?”

Rozen moved away to the side as he realized he would be the next target.

In the next moment…


Rozen managed to evade it safely, but the spot where Rozen floated while giving instructions earlier was blown to smithereens.

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