Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 209


The hall that was dyed black suddenly had an additional color.

That was an ominous purple.

The source of that purple color was fire.

Sinister purple flame incinerated everything around it, then cause an immediate explosion afterwards, raising the temperature, even the dark smoke earlier instantly disappeared after the explosion.


Rozen groaned slightly.

Although Rozen realized he was targeted and evaded it almost immediately, yet he was still affected by the aftermath because it was such a huge explosion. Even though Rozen has already activated Magic Defense, but he still couldn’t fully protect himself from the impact of the explosion.


Mashu panicked.


Jeanne was also surprised.

“Don’t mind me!”

Rozen did not let those Servants came to protect him, but instead, he rushed to them.

“Push forward!”

Rozen’s straightforward order brushed off doubts in their hearts. Those girls gritted their teeth, as they focused themselves on the target in front of them, Rozen once again formed the barrier made of Magic Defense, which acted as their footing, and they rushed once again toward the Demon God Pillar.

Lev knew it, but he did not care.

“You’re the first human who manages to evade that attack on the first try, let’s see if you can dodge this one.”

Lev sneered, the Demon God Pillar eyeball turned and staring at Rozen’s direction.


Once again, Rozen felt that eerie vibe, he quickly used his technique to survive the current predicament.

“Giant Bird Summoning!”

Rozen summoned the huge eagle, it flew out of a magic circle that suddenly appeared, and after a beautiful arc in the air, it fetches Rozen, who jumped onto its back, and then it flew upward.


The purple flame suddenly appeared with an explosion followed right after once again and spread to all directions.

Rozen managed to avoid the second attack thanks to the eagle, but the impact still reached him.

The eagle wailed in pain.

Obviously, since his eagle was just a Middle-Class Familiar, it couldn’t withstand the impact of the explosion and injured its wings.

“I will fix you up quickly with my mana.”

Rozen injected his mana on the eagle’s back, Rozen’s magical power finally restored the eagle’s wings, and it flew back again.

“Let’s see how long you can keep this up!”

Lev said.

And then the countless eyeballs on Demon God Pillar’s body began to move around.




Suddenly, a chain of explosions sounded in the hall.

The explosion will happen at the point where the eyeball stared, then swept the hall with a purple flame, shaking the whole space.

Each of those explosions was enough to injure even a servant with the highest defense power mortally.

Rozen was able to avoid all attacks, because of his sharp sense and because of his technique.

Demon God Pillar attacked without warning, it could set any point its eye locked onto ablaze.

Even if Rozen was using Heavenly Eye, it was impossible to detect it.

The only way Rozen could detect the incoming attack was from the same eerie vibe that he usually felt from Lev.

Of course, he wouldn’t be able to avoid such a huge scale attack without precise control.

So, that was thanks to his sense and his skill.

He managed to avoid all of the attacks.

“Stop dodging already!”

Lev began to lose his patience.

He thought it was impossible to defeat Rozen, Lev gradually became anxious.

But Rozen was also anxious.

“I’ve used up too much mana…”

He also has to provide mana to the Servants he was in contract with, then use the Puppet Technique to support them in combat as well. He also had to use the Summoning Technique earlier.

Thanks to the command seal, Rozen even had enough magical power to do anything he needed.

“I have about less than 30% mana.”

Rozen took a deep breath and bit his lip.

“There’s no other way but forward!”

Rozen made a bold decision.


The eagle flew across the hall that almost crumbled due to their fierce battle.

The eagle flew straight toward the Demon God Pillar.

“You want to die that bad, huh?”

Lev smiled.

In the next moment, all the eyes on the Demon God Pillar locked onto Rozen, looking at the boy who rushed towards him on the back of the eagle.

“You fool!”

The biggest explosion so far enveloped Rozen.


In point blank, it shouldn’t be possible for him to survive from that attack.



A teenager who was riding on the back of the eagle emerged from the purple fire.


Demon God Pillar was surprised.

He did not see that coming.

On top of Rozen’s shoulder, there was a cute red mouse.

It was the mouse that was immune to fire.

However, the fire mouse was only immune to fire, but it did not protect Rozen from the impact of the explosion.

That was why he cast several techniques to bolster his defense like Body Hardening on his body.

But the fact remained that Rozen caught Demon God Pillar off guard.

“A chance!”

Rozen’s Magical Power was rising.

“Wolf Summoning!”

He suddenly summoned the wolves familiar, and they leaped in midair, then they were rushing to Demon God Pillar’s direction.

The wolves familiar jumped to Demon God Pillar’s body, and they tried to block Demon God Pillar’s eyes.

“That is useless…!”

Demon God Pillar said in a condescending tone.


Rozen signaled to Mahu and Jeanne who was already running toward Demon God Pillar from the beginning, Rozen was just buying some time for them.

“Yes! ”

Rozen’s used Magic Blade on Mashu’s shield and Jeanne’s flag. So the shield and the holy flag could deal more damage to the Demon God Pillar.


Those girls shouted, then the shield and the holy flag enhanced with Magic Blade pierced Demon God Pillar’s body.


Demon God Pillar screeched in pain.

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