Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 210


aA lot of blood was gushing out from the Demon God Pillar’s body, dying the entire floor crimson red.

Screeching scream was heard from various parts of the Demon God Pillar’s body, the countless eyes in its body were disorganized, it was constantly moving around due to the immense pain.

“You … Inferior creatures…!”

The sound of pain and rage from Lev filled the air, and the magical power inside the Demon God Pillar’s body once again showed an abnormal amount of magical energy.


The dark smoke suddenly covered the Demon God Pillar’s body to protect it.


Rozen, who was covered with a bruise, gasped and hurriedly gave instructions to those girls.

Mashu and Jeanne quickly pulled out their weapon, which pierced the Demon God Pillar’s body and immediately gained altitude as they stepped on the barrier made of Magic Defense that Rozen controlled under their feet.

But the aftereffect of the smoke attack knocked them away.

Luckily Rozen, who was quick enough, created other Magic Defense Barriers as a cushion so they didn’t hit the wall.

Those girls then took that chance to catch their breath.

It seemed that the attack they just launched consumed too much magical power.

Demon God Pillar sustained heavy damage after taking their attacks, which was enhanced with Magic Blade head-on, but it still managed to swarm its surrounding with dark smoke.

It looked like a wounded wild beast. Although it has been weakened, it also became fiercer at the same time.

The Demon God Pillar amassed more and more mana.

“Is there no way to defeat it…!?”

Mashu was drenched in a cold sweat.

“He was the one behind the incineration of Humanity…”

Jeanne stared at the Demon God Pillar.

Rozen, who was riding on the back of the eagle, was already out of breath.

“Compared to that monster, King Arthur and Jeanne Alter were like a walk in the park.”

Rozen was almost out of mana, he felt so powerless.

“I’m down to the last 20% of my mana…”

How will he defeat such monsters in his current state?

Rozen desperately racked his brain.

At that time…

“Hello? Can you hear me?”

A voice suddenly sounded loud and clear, and not only Rozen, but even Mashu and Jeanne were completely shocked.

That was a very mature and calm voice, sounded smart and a bit cheerful female voice.

The female voice was heard from Rozen’s wrist.

More precisely, it should be said from the communication device Rozen wore on his wrist.

In other words …


Mashu was a bit shocked.

Since it was a communication from Chaldea, it should be Roman’s voice. But they pretty sure they heard a female voice.

Mashu thought it was Olga Marie at first, but then almost immediately, she heard a chuckle from the communication device.

“Since Lev became Demon God Pillar, Roman and Olga were in a panic state already, and all the Chaldea’s staff was also shocked, it’s chaos here. You’ve done well to hold your own up until now against the Demon God Pillar.”

The self-proclaimed Big Sister immediately explained.

“Demon God Pillar is not a servant, nor is it a Phantasmal. And of course, it wasn’t human either, but its whole body is formed by magical energy. In Chaldea’s terms, It materialized its body using the Holy Grail.”

So the way to defeat it is no different than defeating a servant, either deal enough damage and destroy its spirit core or destroy its whole body.

Demon God Pillar was certainly not a servant. But they could destroy its Spirit Core, they will be able to defeat it.

The problem was …

“If Rozen was in his top condition, he could use Magic Blade to enhance Mashu and Jeanne’s attack.”

The female voice from Chaldea said so.

“But now, Rozen almost exhausted all his mana, so this method won’t work.”

In his current condition, even if Rozen used Magic Blade, he could at most create up to one meter long Magic Blade.

That won’t be enough to destroy the Demon God Pillar’s Spirit Core.

“Then, is there another way?”

“Of course, there is.”

The female voice immediately answered Mashu’s question.

“An Anti-Army Noble Phantasm enough to cover a large area will do, it will perish if you destroy its whole body.”

That was actually harder than the first method.

Anti-Army Noble Phantasm that destroys the entire body of Demon God Pillar?

And at least it must be A-Rank Anti-Army Noble Phantasm?

It was a pity that none of Rozen’s servants had such a thing.

Even Marie’s Noble Phantasm, which was A+ rank level Anti-Army Noble Phantasm couldn’t do the job solely because it didn’t provide enough damage to destroy the enemy’s entire body.

So what should he do?

Rozen thought about it.

And then…

“…what the hell, you can’t even kill that disgusting shit?”

A weak sarcastic voice sounded.

“It’s not even that hard.”

The girl who struggled to stand up from the ground stared at Demon God Pillar.

“You, unsightly human over there.”

The one she meant was obviously Rozen.

“Give me your mana.”

Losing Holy Grail caused her to lose all her mana.

“Let me burn that ugly demon.”

“Use my hatred for it.”

The dark saintess gave them a hand.

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