Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 211



Jeanne Alter was in a really bad condition, blood was flowing out of her abdomen and her mouth.

Jeanne Alter leaned could barely stand, she used her dark flag to support herself.

Her mana was already weak enough that they could barely feel anything from her.

“… Jeanne Alter-san…?”

Mashu’s tiny eyes were wide open.


Jeanne looked at Jeanne Alter’s eyes and was also shocked.

Rozen also used Spirit Vision to check Jeanne Alter’s condition.

Jeanne Alter was not a heroic spirit, she was an artificial servant created by Holy Grail. Her life force was very weak. After losing the only source of her mana, plus the fatal injury in her abdomen. That artificial servant could disappear at any moment.

She stared at the Demon God Pillar and even asked Rozen for help to exact her revenge as her life force gradually depleted.

“You… are you sure?”

Rozen asked.


“You don’t have to worry about it.”

Jeanne Alter grinned.

“You just need to give me your mana, and leave the rest to me.”

Jeanne Alter couldn’t unleash her Noble Phantasm at her current state, that was why she asked Rozen to give her enough mana to use it

Once she used her, she will indeed be able to deal the finishing blow to Demon God Pillar.

Rozen did not say anything else, but he did look towards Mashu and Jeanne.

“Senpai …”

Mashu looked at Rozen.

“… It’s up to you.”

Jeanne also believed Rozen’s decision.

Rozen took a deep breath, he nodded.

“Then, we will bet everything on her!”

Rozen already made his decision.

“Mashu, Jeanne, please wait for my command!”

Rozen commanded, shortly afterward he got on to the eagle’s back and flew toward Jeanne Alter

The Demon God Pillar, who still let out screeching scream, released more and more dark smoke.

It may be concentrating all its power and planned to release it in one go, no doubt it will be catastrophic.

However, for some reason, there was not even a shred of fear in Rozen’s heart.

“…” Jeanne Alter looked at Rozen and said, “I never expect that I will have to rely on you, human master.”

When Rozen heard that sentence, he grinned.

“Enemies, who join hands in order to defeat the final Boss, isn’t that a good story?”

Rozen’s tone restored the mood between them.

“Don’t get me wrong.” Jeanne Alter answered as coldly as usual, “We simply use each other.”

When he heard that, Rozen just nodded.

“That’s fine with me.”

Jeanne Alter still looked as cold as ever, but she smiled slightly this time.

 “We only have one shot! I’ll let you handle the timing!”

Jeanne Alter explained to Rozen.

“I know!”

Rozen shouted to Mashu and Jeanne.

“Let’s go! Mashu! Jeanne!”

And those girls responded at the same time.


Once again, Rozen created barriers in mid-air for their footings as they rushed toward Demon God Pillar.

That move seemed to get on the enemy’s nerves.


Lev’s roar was heard from the Demon God Pillar’s body, and the dark smoke around the Demon God Pillar finally burst up.

The sky’s color seemed to change for a brief moment.

The dark smoke, which seemed even more destructive than before, rushed toward Mashu and Jeanne’s direction.

The momentum of its attack this time was enough to overwhelm the power of the Anti-Army Noble Phantasm.

If Jeanne Alter unleashed her noble phantasm directly, Will it be able to overpower the dark smoke and still burned the entire Demon God’s Pillar at the same time?

Rozen knew that was not possible, that was why he asked Mashu and Jeanne to lead the charge.

In other words, Jeanne Alter alone couldn’t beat Demon God Pillar.

Even if he knew how to defeat the enemy, he must rely on everyone to overcome this situation.


“Deploying Noble Phantasm!”

Mashu screamed.

“Lord Chaldeas!”

“Light Barrier materialized from within Mashu’s shield and gradually grew bigger, forming a huge round barrier in front of her.

“My Flag, Protect all my compatriots!”

Jeanne also activated her Noble Phantasm.

“Luminosite Eternelle!”

The golden light illuminated the holy flag and the area around Jeanne.

With a strong barrier and golden light protecting them, Mashu and Jeanne stood their ground against the dark smoke.


At last…


The dark smoke was dispelled by the white light barrier and golden light.


Demon God Pillar was shocked.

Those two exhausted themselves, but they completed their task perfectly.



Those girls gave a sign to Rozen.

“Good job!”

Without any hesitation, Rozen channeled all his mana to Jeanne Alter through a temporary contract.

Jeanne Alter opened her eyes.

“Burn it all, my anger!”

“Burn it all, my hatred!”

“Even if I have to squeeze out the last drop of my life force, burn the enemy!”

Jeanne Alter screamed with excitement.

“La Grondement De La Haine!”

Crimson Lotus Fire blazed up in the entire hall.

The huge Demon God Pillar’s body was engulfed in the fire.


Lev’s dying scream was the only sound heard across the hall engulfed by Crimson Lotus Fire.

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