Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 212


At that moment, red was like the new black as the entire hall was engulfed with fire.

The Red Lotus Fire’s temperature kept rising, that inextinguishable fire engulfed the whole Demon God Pillar’s body.

The Demon God Pillar’s body was scorched black due to the intense heat.

Crimson Lotus Fire continued to burn the Demon God Pillar’s body until it collapsed.

Lev’s screams echoed from the Demon God Pillar’s body.

“Impossible…! Impossible…!”

Lev couldn’t believe what just happened.

“I’m the Demon God Pillars …! There’s no way I can lose to a mere human and servants …? This is impossible…! Impossible Aaaaah …!”

Lev screamed his lung out.

However, even if he denied that fact, the flame that burned his body couldn’t be extinguished.

“To think…… I will be defeated by that imitation…”

Lev’s voice gradually grew weaker.

And Jeanne Alter, who has just released every drop of her remaining mana, began to take the toll on her body.

“Go to hell, this is the fate of my existence that falls into the darkness.”

Lev’s voice disappeared completely with that sentence as his farewell words.


Demon God Pillar, which was scorched in Crimson Lotus Flame, gradually turned into light particles.

Only then Crimson Lotus Fire stopped burning.

A golden cup with a radiant glow appeared.

“…materialization and magical energy readings of the Holy Grail is confirmed.”

Mashu said.

“… Demon God Pillar, defeated.”

Jeanne said weakly.

Even the report from Chaldea came in.

“Demon God Pillar’s both ​​life force and mana signals have disappeared, and Lev Lainur Flauros’ death is confirmed. Congratulations.”

The self-proclaimed big sister suddenly disappeared as if she has never existed.

As for Rozen, he didn’t have time to think about that.


The girl who was holding the black flag fell down to her knees.

“Are you okay…?”

Jeanne Alter was still bleeding, but she still acted tough with her usual cold expression and tone.

Seeing that, Rozen couldn’t just leave her alone, but….

“I don’t need your pity.”

Those were the words that came out of Jeanne Alter’s mouth.

At that time, both Mashu and Jeanne came closer.

Looking at Jeanne Alter, who was bleeding terribly, Mashu almost cried.

Jeanne looked at her without saying anything. After a while, she whispered something to Jeanne Alter.

“It’s all thanks to you, thank you…”

That was the consolation and respect that the saint offered to Jeanne Alter.

Without Jeanne Alter’s noble phantasm, they wouldn’t be able to defeat the Demon God Pillar.

Of course, Jeanne Alter didn’t think so.

“Are you really taking me for a fool?”

Jeanne Alter asked.

“Even without me, you can still use your Second Noble Phantasm to kill that disgusting demon, am I right?”

Jeanne Alter asked, and Mashu was shocked when she heard that.

“Do you have the Second Noble Phantasm?”

Rozen was surprised and looked toward Jeanne.

Noble Phantasm was a Servant’s trump card, and the more Noble Phantasm a servant had, each one obviously bolstered the overall strength of that servant.

Although the rank and type of noble phantasm also mattered but generally speaking, servants who had more than one noble phantasm were first-class servants, with a few exceptions, of course.

Jeanne had a high-rank noble phantasm, and she still had another noble phantasm, how crazy was that?

After all, Jeanne was the most well-known saint in the world and was the ruler-class. She was one of the top servants and having the second noble phantasm actually was not a big deal for a servant of her caliber.

It was just…

“That’s not a noble phantasm that I can use on a whim.”

Jeanne shook her head and said that.

“La Pucelle!”

That was the name of Jeanne’s Second Noble Phantasm.

It was a crystallized Conceptual Weapon that acted as an offensive interpretation of her burning at stake, a subtype of Reality Marble that had the imagined landscape crystallized as a holy sword.

The sword itself was the Heroic Spirit Jeanne D’ Arc herself. It used the Sword of St. Catherine, which she never swung even once in her lifetime, as its catalyst, and manifested the flame which once burned her to death.

It was only a C-Rank Noble Phantasm, but that referred only to its pre-activated state while the sword was still sheathed.

Then it turned into EX-Rank after activation because its pure destructive power could destroy anything she thought must be destroyed. However, there was a certain condition for using that noble phantasm.

That was the death of Jeanne herself.

After all, it was a noble phantasm that materialized from the fire that took Jeanne’s life.

Once used, it will deal unimaginable amounts of damage, and Jeanne will also perish along with the flame.

In other words, that was a special attack that could only be used once, Jeanne’s last resort.

The only reason why Jeanne decided to sneak into the castle back then was because she wanted to know the truth, if she deemed Jeanne Alter was really her, then she planned to use that noble phantasm to eliminate Dragon Witch and saved France.

If Jeanne Alter didn’t stand up for them, Jeanne would’ve used that noble phantasm and died together with Demon God Pillar.

However, in the end, Jeanne gave that opportunity to Jeanne Alter.

Not because she was afraid to lose her life, but to give her life that Gilles wished for a meaning.

Jeanne Alter seemed to be aware of Jeanne’s intention, and her expression changed.

“But even so, I still resent you for what happened.”

With that said, Jeanne Alter no longer bore any resentment and hatred.

“But, this is me…”

Everyone watched as a woman known as the Dragon Witch turned into light particles.

Rozen didn’t say anything.

Mashu closed her eyes.

Jeanne took Jeanne Alter’s hand and prayed.

“May God be with you …”

Hearing such prayers, Jeanne Alter smiled coldly and disappeared.

That was the witch’s end of the reign in France.

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