Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 213



In that half crumbling hall, Rozen, Mashu, and Jeanne watched as Jeanne Alter completely disappeared without saying anything.

Jeanne was focused on her praying to the Lord she believed in.

Rozen and Mashu stood side by side and looked at each other.

“Senpai…” Mashu asked some involuntarily, “Jeanne Alter-san, she…”

Before Mashu could finish her sentence.

Rozen beat her to it.

“…she will never show up again.”

Rozen said softly.

“This time she’s gone for good.”

Hearing the words, Mashu once again fell into a silent, and she had some mixed up feelings welling up inside her.

Jeanne Alter has a fundamental difference compared to normal servants.

The servants that were summoned to that world were just an avatar. Meanwhile, their body remained in the Throne of Heroes, even if they died, they simply returned to the Throne of Heroes, they didn’t actually die.

However, that was not the case for Jeanne Alter.

She was just an artificial servant created by the power of the Holy Grail.

In other words, she didn’t belong in the Throne of Heroes. In other words, she was basically the same as other humans. Once she died, that was the end.

Now, Jeanne Alter was gone for good.

And there was no way they’ll ever see her again


“This is only theoretical.”

Rozen suddenly added such a sentence.

“What do you mean, senpai?”

Mashu was slightly stunned.

In this regard, Rozen nodded.

“Although under normal circumstances, the so-called Dragon Witch shouldn’t be able to return to the world, there are also many situations that cannot be explained by logic alone.”

That sentence felt right to Rozen.

After all…

“There’s no salvation in this world, but the world doesn’t lack miracles.”

Rozen was suddenly reminded of Jeanne Alter’s cold and sarcastic expression.

“It is her we’re talking about, it won’t be surprised if she still exists somewhere out there, silently waiting for the opportunity to come out once again.”

At least, Rozen chose to believe so.

Even though she was once his enemy.

Even though she was the reason behind the emergence of that singularity which caused the incineration of humanity.

Even though she has committed many sins, killing many innocent French.

But during the last moment, Rozen was willing to forgive her.

“Don’t you think so too, Mashu?”

Rozen asked the servant beside him.

“Yes, senpai.”

Mashu finally cheered up again.

And suddenly, another person joined the conversation.

“Please don’t forget how we feel at this moment.”

The saintess who just finished praying gently said.

Jeanne stood up and looked at the two teenagers standing side by side in front of her and smiled radiantly toward them.

“As long as you did not forget how you feel right now, then I believe that you will be able to get through anything, including restoring all the singularities, and save humanity.”

The saintess encouraged Mashu and Rozen.

“Go ahead and retrieve the Holy Grail.”

Jeanne said while smiling.

Rozen and Mashu both nodded at the same time.

Then Rozen looked toward the floating golden chalice in front of him.


It was shining radiantly.

Rozen glanced at Mashu, and Mashu nodded in response.

So Rozen walked straight toward the Holy Grail and grabbed it with his hand.

The root of this singularity was safely recovered by Rozen

Just in this moment…


They were suddenly surprised by the sudden quake, it was so strong that it looked like the whole world was shaking.

This surprised Rozen and the rest of them.

“How… what’s happening…!?”

Mashu slightly panicked.

“This is…!”

Jeanne also suddenly became cautious.

“Is this the same as what happened in Fuyuki City…!?”

Rozen’s expression suddenly changed too.

He still remembered that in Fuyuki City, the moment the Holy Grail, which was the root of that singularity, was taken away by Lev, the whole singularity instantly distorted and then destroyed without any trace.

Will things go the same as last time?

When Rozen thought so, suddenly he heard a transmission from Chaldea.

“Don’t… don’t worry! This is not the sign that singularity is collapsing! It’s just that the era has begun to restore itself!”

Roman immediately popped up on the projection screen to inform them.

“However, if the singularity is restored, you will be considered a foreign element in that era. In order to avoid accidents, I’m preparing for your Rayshift back to Chaldea as we speak!”

Roman then ended the transmission thereafter announcing that Rozen could return soon.

It seemed that Roman was in a hurry to prepare for the Rayshift.

And that also means…

“Are you going back?”

Jeanne asked with slightly lonely-looking eyes.


Mashu looked at Jeanne.

Of course, Rozen too.

“…Thank you, Jeanne.”

Rozen looked straight at Jeanne. After a slight pause, he then said.

“If it weren’t for you, I must’ve…”

Jeanne interrupted Rozen’s sentence and quickly said.

“Even without us, you will still be able to restore this singularity.”

Jeanne was convinced that Rozen could pull it off even without her help.


“I have seen all kinds of possibilities inside you, it rivals even the saviors and all the heroes I have ever seen.”

Jeanne voiced her hones opinion.

“If it weren’t for you, I, who was weakened, would not be able to fight up to this point.”

“If it weren’t for you, the rogue servants will not be able to unite in this era.”

“If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t be able to defeat the Dragon Witch ourselves, she has the Holy Grail after all.”

“If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t be able to defeat a creature like the Demon God Pillar, and it will eventually ravage this land until there’s nothing left.”

Jeanne’s beautiful eyes are full of brilliance, and his face is smiling.

“I believe in you, humanity’s strongest master.”

“If it is you, you will be able to pull off various heroic deeds that surprise even God himself.”

“If one day you need my strength, please don’t hesitate to summon me.”

“If that time comes, I will do my best to help you.”

Jeanne once again offered a prayer for Rozen.

“May the Lord bless you, heroes from the future.”

This is the last words the saintess left for Rozen and Mashu.

“Thank you, Jeanne-san.”

Mashu earnestly thanked her.

Rozen’s eyes were slightly teary, he then smiled toward Jeanne.

“I’ll be sure to remember that.”

That sentence is enough to bid their farewell.

It didn’t take long for the dazzling light to envelop Rozen and Mashu.

The two slowly disappeared as the light fully enveloped their body.

Jeanne watched this scene.

What a long day that was.

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