Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 214


At the same time.

The restoration of the Singularity has also begun across the battlefield outside of Orleans.



The wolf familiars and wyverns who were fighting until just a moment ago suddenly stopped moving.

“This is…”

Amadeus, who was playing his requiem in the back was stunned.

Then that genius musician understood.

“So it’s finally over, huh?”

Amadeus dropped the baton that he has been waving.

At the same time, other servants who were in the middle of their fight on the battlefield also felt the same thing as Amadeus after seeing the wolf familiars and the wyverns.

All wolf familiars and wyverns turned into a burst of light particles and gradually disappeared, informing everyone that the battle was over.

“… Is it over?”

A group of French soldiers were standing and stared at each other confusedly, did not disappear were holding their weapons and facing each other. They felt somewhat uneasy since they were the only one left on the battlefield.

Gilles was also one of them, after a moment of silence, he suddenly rushed toward Orleans.

Every servant had their own reactions.

“I… I haven’t won yet…! Is it really over…!? You should let me win first, master!”

Her body was covered with claw marks, she was getting out of breath.

“As expected of my beloved master, even the Dragon Witch is no match for him!”

Kiyohime said while smiling even though her kimono was already tattered.

But Vlad III and Carmilla’s response in a way was more unusual compare to those two.

After all, the mad enhancement on them was lifted due to the Holy Grail was already recovered.

“…I didn’t expect that I actually did such a shameful thing.”

Vlad III retained his consciousness and knew what he has been doing this whole time. So after the mand enhancement was lifted, he was angry at himself for stooping that low.

Carmilla was also back to herself, looking all annoyed with wound all over her body.

“How dare that lass use a noble like me for her ridiculous purpose, I will get take her blood for myself sooner or later.”

Even with mad enhancement no longer influencing her, Carmilla’s bloodthirsty nature still ran deep in her vein.

“So, you’re still planning to keep up that stupid behaviour of yours?”

Elizabeth attacked Carmilla.

“Shut up, don’t patronize me, little girl.”

Carmilla refused to be outdone by her little immature self and blocked her attack.

Even after the battle was over and the mad enhancement on Carmilla was lifted, those two were still at each other’s throat.

However, both of them knew that they had hit their limit.

“Don’t ever let me see you again, I won’t let you get off so easily next time.”

Elizabeth was frustrated and threatened Carmilla.

“That’s my line.”

Carmilla returned to this coldly.

The two began to turn into light particles at the same time and dissipated in the air.

Next was the other two servants near them.

“Dragon girl…” Vlad III asked Kiyohime and said, “What is your name?”

“I am Kiyohime.” Although Kiyohime was slightly surprised that her opponent suddenly asked her name, she still replied and added, “Master’s most loyal Servant.”

“Are you?” Vlad III nodded, he looked totally different all of a sudden, he even struck a conversation first, “Your dragon breath is not bad, if we meet again, I’ll be sure to recruit you into my ranks.”

It seemed that King had a sharp eye.


“My body and mind only belong to my master. If you really want me, you should start over from scratch.”

Kiyohime said it without hesitation.

It has only been two days since she was acquainted Rozen, yet she could say that much already.

“Is it?” Vlad III was not angry. Instead, he said, “Then it can’t be helped.”

And then shortly after, Vlad III’s body turned into light particles, and the infamous vampire finally left that era.

Kiyohime was looking toward Orleans while smiling.

“Ah, I really hope that I can see him again…”

Then Kiyohime also disappeared along with Vlad III.

Amadeus witnessed as those four left that world.

“They really are a bunch of weirdos right until the very end, although I am not one to say.”

The genius musician looked at another direction instead of Orlean, like bidding farewell to someone he held dear and smiled.

“I will be going ahead.”

And then Amadeus also disappeared.

Only French soldiers who were overwhelmed by the sudden occurrence on the battlefield remained there.

Somewhere else far from there, swordplay could no longer be seen, and the beautiful song sang by an enchanting voice could no longer be heard.

The knight who was trying his best to kill the queen he once served until a moment ago suddenly kneeled in front of her.

“I am really sorry…! Your Highness…! I…! I…!”

d’Eon kneeled in front of Marie on one knee, with remorse look on his face.

“It’s not your fault, I know that much.”

Marie didn’t care about what just happened a moment ago, even though she was covered with scar all over her body, she still showed her signature smile, patted d’Eon’s head, which changed the expression on d’Eon’s face from remorse to shy.

Marie couldn’t help but thought how cute d’Eon looked, and then looked toward Orleans.

“You did it… as expected.”

At this moment, Marie’s smile was undoubtedly the brightest smile she showed so far.

“I hope you won’t end up like me.”

Leaving those words behind, Marie and d’Eon both turned into light particles and disappeared.

All servants that were summoned to that era have returned to where they belonged.

Except for one.


Jeanne, who was staring into the exact spot where Rozen disappeared, slowly turned around and as she heard her name was called.

Gilles who rushed inside the hall while calling Jeanne gasped as he saw the aftermath of the insane battle that just took place.


Jeanne called out Gilles’ name, stopping him on his track.

Gilles looked at Jeanne, after a brief pause, he realized what will happen.

“…are you leaving?”


Those were the only words those two exchanged with each other.


“We may be able to meet again in the future.”

That was how Jeanne chose to bid her farewell to Gilles, her best friend.

“Take care, Marshal Gilles de Rais.”

Gilles could no longer control his feelings the moment he heard that and shed tears.

Jeanne disappeared in front of Gilles.

“Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh…!”

Gill’s cry reverberated through the hall as the Singularity restored itself to its original state.

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