Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 216


Roman then said that they would hold a celebration party in the evening while leading Rozen, Mashu, and Da Vinci to a certain room.

It was Olga Marie’s room.

“After you successfully retrieved the Holy Grail, the director quickly returned to her room and asked me to bring you all there later.”

“Good work out there.”

An owl welcomed them while perching on a bar in the room.

That bar seemed like Olga Mary’s nest.

After all, owls didn’t sleep on a bed, give them a branch to perch on, and that was all they needed, right? That was what Rozen thought at least.

“She looks more and more like a bird each day…” Rozen murmured.

Normally, Olga Marie will be furious, but this time, Olga Marie did not say anything, she just murmured.

“With this, the first of the seven singularities was successfully restored, and that traitor was no more…”

When they heard this, everyone was silent.

Rozen can’t imagine how Olga Marie felt when she said that, she must have mixed up feelings about it since Lev was the one he trusted the most this whole time and now he was dead.

It was just…

“Although the first singularity has been successfully restored, an additional mystery rises.”

Olga Marie put her feelings aside and expressed it calmly.

“For example, Leif Lainur Flauros.”

This was indeed a huge mystery.

“Remember what he proclaimed himself as?”

Roman suddenly remembered what Lev said in Orleans.

“One of the seventy-two Demon God Pillars, that’s what he called himself. ”

Seventy-two pillars of the devil.

This may sound familiar for those who knew about history or played a bunch of games.

They were also known as Solomon’s seventy-two Demon God Pillars. They were the seventy-two demons recorded in his grimoire. They had their own hierarchical positions, such as dukes, marquis, earl, baron and so on, and will grant the summoner different power based on which one they summoned.

Why those Demon Gods were called the seventy-two pillars of King Solomon’s Demon Gods pretty much gave away the answer.

Solomon, he ruled as the third king of ancient Israel, and was said to be a great king who made the country enormously prosper, he lived from around 1011 BC to 931 BC.

He was the first individual to build the Temple of Israel and known for making many excellent political measures in his position as king, but also left behind many anecdotes as a magus.

Among them, the most famous magic that Solomon ever invented was…

“The summoning magic…”

Rozen whispered the magic that they all were familiar with, silencing everyone in the room.

Roman was the only one not surprised by Rozen’s word and further elaborated about Solomon.

“Yes, in the legend, one of the most famous stories of King Solomon is his ability to summon and manipulate the seventy-two Demon God Pillars, and gained abundant knowledge and magic proficiency from them, thus becoming famous as Demon summoner.”


“There is a slight mistake in this information.”

Roman then explained the correct version of the story of Solomon.

“Before he was able to summon the 72 Demon God Pillars, King Solomon was already a magus, which was rare in that era.”

That’s right.

Solomon was already known as a magus even before he could summon the seventy-two Demon God Pillars.

Legend had it that the king once saw God in his dreams.

God then said to him.

“You are qualified, speak your wishes, and I shall grant them.”

God recognized his talent.

And Solomon’s wish is to seek more wisdom.

The answer satisfied God, the answer being proof that Solomon possessed the qualifications to obtain true wisdom.

Solomon awoke with ten rings upon both hands, the proof of a wise man recognized by God.

Those rings came to be recognized as the Ring of Solomon, the source of the magecraft that employs angels and demons.

The Rings also told people that received God’s protection and granted him the ability to use magecraft.

His reputation spread throughout the neighbouring countries because of that.

In other words, Solomon has was already recognized as King of Magecraft after receiving the ten rings that God gave to him. The so-called seventy-two pillars Demon God Pillar was just one of his magic, the most famous one indeed, but not the only one.

Rozen understood that summoning the seventy-two Demon God Pillars was basically a miracle.

The reason was simple.

“That is one of the most advanced magics that can summon the highest-level familiar…”

Rozen sighed secretly in his heart.

As a person who has acquired all the knowledge of summoning magic from ancient times to the present, Rozen was aware of this magic.

It was one of the most advanced magics that could summon the highest level familiar, it was on par with Heroic Spirit Summoning and Divine Spirit Summoning.

And Rozen still had ways to go before he could achieve such a feat.

But Solomon could easily do it, the name of King of Magecraft was not just for show.

However, that was not the most important issue at the moment.

The most important question is…

“Since Professor Lev claimed to be one of the seventy-two Demon God Pillars, does that mean the one behind the incineration of humanity right now is the King of Magecraft?”

Da Vinci said it casually, filling the whole room with tension.

There was no other explanation, right?

“Is this all King Solomon’s doing?”

Mashu took it right out of everyone’s mouth.

In this regard, Olga Marie Da Vinci and even Roman fell into silence, no one said even a word.


“If the one behind the incineration of humanity is really King Solomon, and Lev is only one of the so-called Demon God Pillars, it means…”

Rozen looked at everyone’s eyes and said one word at a time.

“Our enemy is not just Lev, we should consider the rest of the Demon God Pillars and the King of Magecraft as our adversaries as well.”

This was what everyone thought subconsciously.

Recalling the power of the Demon Pillars displayed in Orleans, if the rest of the Demon God Pillars were as powerful if not more, not to mention a King of Magecraft who could freely manipulate, summon, and command them stood as the last boss. It couldn’t be helped if they got discouraged.

At the same time, Rozen also made a decision.


Rozen said all of a sudden.

“I have an idea.”

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