Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 217


If one peeked the scene outside of Chaldea, will they be able to see the dark sky of the night?

After the first singularity was successfully restored, the whole Chaldea was relieved as if all weight was lifted off their shoulders, making them felt that time flew before they realized it.

It was a pity that the world outside Chaldea had been completely burned down. Like Fuyuki City, which was ravaged by fire, leaving only ruins.

Therefore, even if one looked outside of Chaldea, they will only see a gray sky and empty space.

This easily confused people’s sense of time, they could barely tell the difference between day or night if they simply looked at the sky.

Fortunately, Chaldea’s working hours were the same as before, there was no particular change in it, they will work during the day and rest at night.

Of course, if pushes came to shove, an owl will force them to work overtime, of course, they were dissatisfied with it sometimes, Roman was the target of their dissatisfaction.

“I am innocent!”

Roman often burst into tears and screamed out.

However, at least that day, Chaldea’s personnel had no plans to work overtime and stay up late.

In order to celebrate their success in restoring the first singularity, Olga Marie showed her once in forever compassion and arranged a celebration feast.

Of course, everyone in Chaldea was invited.

Even Leonardo da Vinci was invited to let me say, “It can’t be helped. If you really need a beautiful big sister to liven things up, then i don’t mind to consider it.” Then he happily agreed.

Of course, Rozen and Mashu, as the star of the show, had to attend as well.

However, it did not take long for Rozen to escape the celebration venue.

“That kind of lively atmosphere doesn’t suit me at all.”

He complained while scratching his head and walking back to the room.

“Fu! Fu!”

Fou strolled Rozen from behind casually.

Looking at this little guy, Rozen grinned.

“You are getting snobbish, aren’t you little guy? I thought you’re an aloof and shy creature. If they suddenly see a creature like you, our female personnel might chase you around. Where’s the old shy Fou?”

Rozen kept calling for that little beast.

“Fu! Fu!”

It was a pity that Fufu did not even care about it. He just passed by Rozen as if he didn’t hear him.

“Hey! Where are you going?”

Rozen then followed Fou.


Fou suddenly sprinted ahead as if finding something that caught its eye.

Rozen’s eyes naturally followed Fou’s little figure.

Then Rozen saw a young girl standing in front of a large glass window, looking out at the scene outside.

“Fou-san? Are you here too?”

It was Mashu, she wondered why Fou was also there, and when she was about to hold him, she happened to see Rozen.


Mashu was no longer in her Demi-Servant form, she was back to her casual clothes, giving off a refreshing and soothing vibe around her.

Rozen had this nostalgic feeling as he approached Mashu.

“I thought you were staying at the venue. Did you sneak out too?”

Mashu just nodded as a reply.

“Everyone is very enthusiastic, they thanked and praised me, but I’m just not used to it, so I don’t know what to say…” Mashu said embarrassedly.

Even though she seemed friendly and had no problem to befriend anyone, the only one she was close with was Rozen, she was not particularly close with anyone else including Rozen and Olga Mary.

Now, suddenly she was surrounded by so many people thanking and praising, no wonder she felt kind of awkward.

“Did you sneak out for the same reason, senpai?”

Mashu said it because she thought they were in the same boat.

Rozen refuted.

“In my case, I’m just not a very sociable person to begin with.”

Compared to Mashu, Rozen was more experienced as a loner, he used to be despised by a bunch of people too in fact.

But then those’s people attitude drastically changed toward him all of a sudden.

It was not that Rozen couldn’t deal with compliments.

Or am I…?

Rozen convinced himself that was not the case.

Whether Mashu has seen through Rozen, or simply chose to believe in Rozen, that girl just smiled slightly, and looked back at the window while hugging Fou.

Rozen also looked outside.

He saw nothing but a gray sky and a hollow place.

“I’m very happy.”

Mashu suddenly said such a thing.

“Although we went through a lot of things in France, I can still see the blue sky there.”

Blue sky.

This is the scene that Mashu has always wanted to see with her own eyes.

Mashu never left the Chaldea because she was the experiment subject for the fusion of human and heroic spirit.

Chaldea was located on a snowy mountain at an altitude of 6,000 meters. All they see was snow all year round without a trace of blue sky.

That was why Mashu was so happy when she looked at the blue sky in France since it was basically her lifelong wish?

It was just…

“There is something on the sky that makes me feel uneasy.”

Rozen casually mentioned this.

Mashu looked worried when he heard Rozen’s words.

“My brother said he had not obtained any information yet about the “band of light” in the sky of the first singularity. It can only be observed that the magic and heat different from ordinary people are gathering, and the rest are still not found. Even with Da Vinci joining the investigation, the director is almost powerless. ”

Mashu asked a question to Rozen.

“But you no longer feel that eerie feeling, right?”

Rozen shook his head.

“Yeah I don’t feel it anymore, maybe it’s thanks to this little guy.” Rozen patted Fou who was lying in Mashu’s arm, and then he added: “But the moment I see that band of light in the sky, I already had a feeling that it won’t be that easy to figure out. We have no choice but to consistently looked for the information about it. ”

Even though he seemed good at covering it, but Mashu knew that that Rozen had something in mind, otherwise Rozen would never say such idea in Olga Mary’s room.

“I plan to leave Chaldea for a while like I did last time.”

Another surprising word coming from Rozen’s mouth echoed in Olga Mary’s room.

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