Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 218


As Olga Marie said, after the restoration of the first singularity, several questions came to light related to the incineration of humanity.

Some of them were related to Rozen, which concerned him.

“Why did I resonate with the band of light in the sky?”

“And why did I feel the same vibe coming from the Demon God Pillar?”

“Why is King Solomon the most likely being behind the incineration of humanity?”

These questions have been on Rozen’s mind ever since he returned to Chaldea.

There are other questions that have been weighing Rozen’s mind.

Perhaps these questions were somehow related to the reason he existed.

Perhaps these questions were also crucial to his own existence.

But at least Rozen understood one thing for sure.

“If I don’t even try to get to the bottom of this, solving these mysteries are just a pipe dream.”

To get an answer, relying on Chaldea alone won’t be enough, he must traverse through each of the remaining singularity to get closer to the truth.

However, after what he went through in the first singularity, Rozen understood one thing.

That was…

“I’m not strong enough right now.”

This was the most fundamental problem.

“If I’m strong enough, I would’ve triumphed over Jeanne Alter during my first siege of Orleans, and I would’ve figured out that the one holding the Holy Grail was Jeanne alter and the truth about her identity, I would’ve been able to prevent casualties and if I did, Jeanne Alter wouldn’t die at the hands of Lev.”

“If I’m strong enough, even if the Lev turns into a demon god, I would’ve been able to capture him alive easily and question him later.”

“If only I’m strong enough…”

Rozen kept blaming himself using the pretense “if he was strong enough.”

And finally, he came up with an idea.

“If I already had a hard time to restore the first singularity, what about the remaining six singularities?”

What if he couldn’t persuade a neutral servant in the next singularity.

What if the soldiers refused to help him in the next singularity?

What was more, will he be as lucky as to be aided by his own enemy at the very end in the next singularity?

These are his current tasks to work on.

“I don’t want to rely on luck every time I’m in a pinch.”

Even if he believed in miracles, that didn’t mean Rozen won’t exert all his effort to win.

“The real miracle will only happen if you grasped it with your both hands.”

Therefore, he could consider the restoration of humanity itself was a miracle. In order to realize this miracle, Rozen will go all out.

“Not to mention, this is not the only world I have to save.”

In addition to this world, Rozen still had another problem in Automaton World to deal with.

That was about the demise of the Akabane Family in Automaton World.

To finish his unfinished business in that world, he also must become stronger.

In summary, to solve all these problems, Rozen in the end had one ultimate task at hand.

“Become stronger.”

“Become stronger.”

“Become stronger.”

There was no other way.

In this case, there was only one thing that Rozen could do.

“Open the portal to another world using the power of ‘miracle’ again.”

This time, Rozen must master the technique to summon high-level familiar. In addition, he also had to learn more about the summoning technique and command seal to figure out the way to master Crimson Wing Formation.

In order to become stronger.

To achieve this, Rozen came up with the idea of using ​​the Holy Grail.

“As long as I have the Holy Grail, I can amplify my abilities.”

The artifact which could grant any wish, just how invaluable that was?

Even without putting its ability to grant any wish into account, the endless mana it provided was enough to make Rozen shudder.

What Rozen’s lacked the most at the moment?

Not technology.

Not knowledge.

It was mana.

“If I have bottomless mana, even if I couldn’t summon high-level familiar, I can still summon the intermediate-level familiar indefinitely to swarm the enemy.”

Not to mention, the aspect that Rozen’s servants lacked the most was also mana.

“If I have bottomless mana, I can enhance the strength of the servants who form a contract with me.”

“If I have bottomless mana, I can use body hardening, magic defense, or magic blade on any servants, for as long as I want.”

“If only I have bottomless mana…”

Rozen wondered.

Unfortunately, that was not possible.

“Retrieve the Holy Grail and bring it back to Chaldeans.”

Olga Marie made it very clear where the Holy Grail must be kept.

The reason was simple.

“It is the reason behind the emergence of the singularities. I don’t know its origin. If we managed to analyze the Holy Grail, it may be possible to obtain extremely important information, such as its origin, on what principle it could exert its power, etc. If we’re lucky, we may not even need to go to all seven singularities to find the solution to this problem.”

Not only Olga Marie, but even Da Vinci also mentioned the same thing as well.

“Even if we can’t find another way to stop the incineration of humanity, if we learn more about the Holy Grail, we might be able to perfect Chaldea’s Heroic Spirit Summoning System and summon more servants to aid us in our endeavor. And even if that doesn’t work, we can use it as a power source to sustain Chaldea’s reactor, Fire of Prometheus. After all, Chaldea’s power source was not infinite.”

Da Vinci was serious for a chance.

And there might be other enemies out there other than Solomon and Demon God Pillars who might abuse the power of the Holy Grail if it fell into their hands, so it was for everyone’s best interest to keep the Holy Grail at Chaldea.

So Rozen decided to give up the idea of using other power sources such as Holy Grail and focus on honing his own technique.

That was why Rozen proposed to leave Chaldea for a while.

In order to obtain more means to stand his ground, he must go to another world.

Of course, Rozen did not explain it to others the reason behind his suggestion, but only unilaterally proposed this request.

And unexpectedly, everyone went along with Rozen’s suggestion, including Olga Marie.

“…I don’t know what you are planning, but after seeing your feat at the first singular point. I assume you have a clear idea about what you have to do in your mind, right?”

Olga Marie said while sighing.

No way.

Even if Rozen did not explain anything, as soon as they saw a bunch of techniques that Rozen used in the first singularity to enhance his servant’s combat prowess, everyone had a rough idea that for more that three months during his disappearance, he didn’t just waste those time sitting idly waiting for a miracle to happen, he must’ve honed himself and learned those techniques during that time.

So they believed Rozen was up to something again.

Therefore, everyone accepted Rozen’s suggestion.

“In any case, the next singularity will definitely be more dangerous and probably unstable than France. Chaldea also has to spend more time analyzing and observing the next singularity. Otherwise, you may even fail to Rayshift to that singularity.”

After hearing Rozen’s suggestion, Mashu had only one thing in mind.

“When do you plan to leave, senpai?”

Mashu looked at Rozen intently.

Seeing Mashu’s gaze, after a brief pause, he then said decisively.


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